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Long-term offenders have different brain structure, study says | Science | The Guardian
Prof Huw Williams, a clinical neuropsychologist at the University of Exeter, who was not involved in the study, stressed it was not set in stone that a child with antisocial behaviour would go on to become a persistent offender.

“This [study] reinforces the need to help children and young people who have trouble ‘self-regulating’ to get help at the earliest opportunity to reduce risk of escalation of behaviour,” he said, suggesting one approach would be a boost in support available through schools.
neuroscience  poverty  stress  brain  re-offending  rehabilitation  crime  youth  childhood  trauma  mental  health  cortisol  parenting  parenthood  psychology  sociology 
2 hours ago
Exclusive: 'red wall' voters want fairer not more punitive taxes – study | Politics | The Guardian
Exclusive: 'red wall' voters want fairer not more punitive taxes – study. Survey finds ex-Labour supporters support modest tax hikes and closure of loopholes
The report released on Monday suggested any action by the government to close loopholes at the budget would be positively received. That includes remedying the situation where someone who lives purely off dividends from shares pays a lower rate of income tax than someone who is working.

One of the dozens of new Tory voters surveyed said: “Why should someone who is working hard to stay on the breadline pay more tax than someone who makes all that money from shares.”
tax  evasion  avoidance  UK  EU  Directive  offshore  haven  1%  fairness  inequality  poverty  trap 
2 hours ago
(36) America's Infrastructure Is Crumbling | VICE on HBO - YouTube
DonaldTrump Donald Trump
not keeping promises
US trucking claims 60bn lost due to infrastructure underinvestment
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  infrastructure  productivity  investment  UK  USA  Germany 
6 hours ago
Labour calls for clarity over claims businessman paid for PM's £15,000 holiday - BBC News
Labour has called on Boris Johnson to clarify who paid for his Caribbean holiday over the New Year.
Boris  Johnson 
3 days ago
David Brooks: The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake - The Atlantic
If you want to summarize the changes in family structure over the past century, the truest thing to say is this: We’ve made life freer for individuals and more unstable for families. We’ve made life better for adults but worse for children. We’ve moved from big, interconnected, and extended families, which helped protect the most vulnerable people in society from the shocks of life, to smaller, detached nuclear families (a married couple and their children), which give the most privileged people in society room to maximize their talents and expand their options. The shift from bigger and interconnected extended families to smaller and detached nuclear families ultimately led to a familial system that liberates the rich and ravages the working-class and the poor.
Nuclear  family  sociology  Familie  welfare  state  NHS  support  network  atomisation  DWP  social  mobility  downward  neoliberal  neoliberalism  unemployment  poverty  trap  income  resilience 
6 days ago
HS2: Government to give high-speed rail line the go-ahead - BBC News
January: Govt launches Bill promising to *protect* environment for future generations

Today it greenlights HS2 which will imperil:
108 ancient woodlands
5 wildlife refuges
39 nature reserves
33 *protected* sites

So what happened to joined-up thinking?
6 days ago
A rail network for everyone | New Economics Foundation
Research from NEF finds that #HS2 will deepen regional divide:

40% of benefits will flow to London
18% to the north west
12% to the west midlands
10% to Yorkshire and Humber
HS2  agglomeration 
6 days ago
(17) How an obsession with home ownership can ruin the economy | The Economist - YouTube
UK needs better renters rights.
- rising property prices incentivise policy to buy home.
- fiscal subsidies fuel rising property prices and ground prices/rents.
- UK builds half of what is needed
- also leads to NIMBYism, restricting further devolpment, thus leading to shortage of proerty to build/rend.
- home owners NIMBY fuels Generation Rent
- this leads to loss in productivity because its harder to move
- and this leads to disposable income being eaten up by vested interests (rent) which could be spend on self further education, taxes,
= a housing bubble litteraly stalls/hamper the economy
- there is no evidence of more renting is less better for society. Germany or Switzerland.
- over the long run renting and buying is about the same.
- Help To Buy = increased house prices
home  ownership  housing  bubble  ladder  Generation  Rent  speculation  savings  NIMBY  policy  UK  productivity  unemployment 
9 days ago
(4) Why Finland's schools outperform most others across the developed world | 7.30 - YouTube
no ofsted league table
teacher is a sought out profession - highly qualified
"investment in teachers"
education  policy  teachers  Finland 
9 days ago
Thüringen: Linken-Chefin wirft neuem FDP Ministerpräsident Blumen vor die Füße - YouTube
FDP (5%) regiert nun, weil man mit AfD einen Pakt gemacht hat. selbst die CDU findet das unerhoert.

"Der gewählte Kandidat hat weder eine Koalition noch ein Regierungsprogramm oder eine Regierung. Die Zeichen stehen auf Neuwahl." Der Linkenvorsitzende sprach von einem "bitteren Tag für die Demokratie". -
FDP  AfD  Thüringen 
12 days ago
(35) Why Tech Firms Flock to Expensive Cities | WSJ - YouTube
learning from each other, sharing,
growth higher.
see london growth higher than North
specialised providers, supplychain
left behind
poorly managed agglomeration = house prices, poverty, slums,
agglomeration  economics  of  urbanisation  urban  planning  synergy  London  Brexit  supply  chain  EU  Europe  Germany  commuting  career 
12 days ago
(63) New housing estates 'identical and soulless' - YouTube

The ONLY value in the current houses (en mass, housing stock) being built by the oligopoly (?cartel?) of builders is ... shareholder value.

UK's housing crisis is much more than the lack of new builds. But also what is being built. A nightmare.
housing  crisis  oligopoly  oligopol  UK  development  well  being  estate  NIMBY  urban  planning  urbanisation  architecture  profit  maximisation  shareholder  value  self-regulation  market  failure  society  intangible  tangible  happiness  regulators  ethics  moral  Conservative  Party  nasty 
14 days ago
(42) How to Break YouTube (Copyright Claim your own video) - YouTube
Make a soundtrack via fivver. Original. Eg Outro Music.
Create an album. Upload it to a platform to make it official music. To get copyright protection.
Use the music intro for your video.
Claim The video. Because you own the right to the music used in your own video ...
YouTube  ContentID 
18 days ago
Daily chart - Young Britons are staying in jobs for longer | Graphic detail | The Economist
In the labour market, loyalty does not pay: shifting jobs tends to be a good way of getting a salary boost. In 2017 the average pay rise for a worker staying with the same employer was just 1.1% after inflation compared with 5.4% for someone making a change.
labour  economics  wage  growth 
18 days ago
Worst bricklaying in the world? - YouTube
Housing blocks burn down due to lax inspection etc.
Roger's Rant - Building Control out of Control
- inspection and oversight/control is bought in. it's self-regulation

Dispatches S29E23 Britains Nightmare New Homes
- self-regulation, greed, speed,
- there is more customer protection buying a toaster, than buying a home
- Grenfell is the tipping point
- UK got no tradesman associations no "Meister"
- no insulation
- buyers do not hire an inspector (cheaped out on half a million not hiring a certified independent inspector with guarantees).

The Madness of Housing in the United Kingdom
- half a dozen housing buy schemes
- dysfunctional. market failure.
UK  housing  standard  scandal  greed  bubble  self-regulation  Privatisation  Conservative  Party  Grenfell  architecture  builder  policy  Generation  Rent 
18 days ago
Pittsburgh incremental house: a home that can grow with you - YouTube
need to insulate the concrete slap for more efficiency in winter
Tiny  House  DIY 
19 days ago
Bad Bernie takes: ‘He’s a left-wing Trump’ - Justin Ward - Medium
№2 of a multi-part series deconstructing the worst bad-faith arguments against Sen. Bernie Sanders
In explaining why the Vermont senator didn’t get the nod, the Times sang a familiar refrain: “Three years into the Trump administration, we see little advantage to exchanging one over-promising, divisive figure in Washington for another.”
So according to the Times, Sanders is basically another Trump.
Yeah, sure.
A criminal slumlord is just like a dedicated public servant.
A guy who took out a full-page ad baying for the blood of five wrongfully arrested black teens is the same as someone who spent his youth organizing for racial equality.
A cynical opportunist who changes his mind every other day is the spitting image of a person who has been fighting for the same set of convictions his whole life.
NYT  Bernie  Sanders  NewYorkTimes 
21 days ago
Grenfell survivors consider boycotting inquiry over conflict of interest | UK news | The Guardian
Grenfell survivors consider boycotting inquiry over conflict of interest
Johnson appointed panellist Benita Mehra despite links to cladding manufacturer
24 days ago
HS2 was only ever about politics. And the battle will reach the heart of No 10 | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian
At this point, argument is for the fairies. Every “northern powerhouse” report pleads for improved local connectivity, both by road and rail. Getting from Leeds to Bradford, Sheffield and Manchester is barely faster than in the 19th century. No commuter crammed on a Leeds platform could honestly demand priority for a premium train from Birmingham to London, built to compete with west coast trains currently running at 60% capacity.

HS2’s most vocal northern supporter, Greater Manchester’s mayor, Andy Burnham, expects an extra £39bn for local and regional connectivity. But he must know that HS2 would suck all oxygen out of railway investment for the next two decades. There is no political vanity for Johnson in a trans-Pennine express, nor in that adrenaline rush of construction lobbyists, to be “shovel ready”. Not a train will run before 2031 at the earliest. The rest of the railway can whistle in the wind. You can’t fool the Treasury all the time.
24 days ago
(384) Wie man im Tiny House nicht erfriert: Meine smarte, sparsamere Heizung - YouTube
Wie man im Tiny House nicht erfriert: Meine smarte, sparsamere Heizung
Tiny  House 
24 days ago
HS2 late and billions over budget due to Tory failures, report finds | UK news | The Guardian
Although Johnson has previously been sceptical of the project, some of his allies are concerned over the political cost among northern leaders, who view it as essential to the region’s economic prospects. Meanwhile, his chief special adviser, Dominic Cummings, and transport adviser, Andrew Gilligan, are among those who strongly oppose the project.
24 days ago
(336) Tesla: The Optimization Machine (why Tesla will win) - YouTube
meetings max 6-7 people, if you don't contribute/add value - leave.
communication, no need to talk through managers, talk directly across departments.
the best process is no process. no part is better than a part.
innovation through cross talk, seeing the car as a whole and not one part (optimizing one part).
Tesla  corporate  culture  Elon  Musk 
25 days ago
The Guardian view on the licence fee: the BBC will not be the BBC without it | Editorial | Opinion | The Guardian
It would be morally wrong for a government to hoodwink the over-75s with the idea that when their free television licence ends there will be no damage to the BBC if they don’t pay up
25 days ago
The Germany Shock: The Largest Economy Nobody Understands | Conrad Bastable
Geographic consolidation is an expected outcome of free trade — the efficiency gains from consolidating regional knowledge, workplace culture, education systems, financial networks, transportation networks, distribution networks, and removing duplicative cost centers are far too great to ignore.
economics  of  agglomeration 
26 days ago
Did you know? Organ donation is compulsory for Singaporeans and PRs! - Asia Law Network Blog
You may opt out of HOTA to donate your organs, although this is discouraged
If you are a Singaporean or PR, and you do not wish to allow your organs to be donated to others upon your death, under Section 9 of the HOTA, you may apply to opt-out from the Act by filling up and submitting a form to the MOH.

However, the HOTA disincentivises such behaviour of opting out of the scheme, by inserting a clause under Section 12 (a) – which states that if someone has opted-out of HOTA, that person would be considered a lower priority on an organ transplant waiting list compared to someone who remains on HOTA.

Nevertheless, if you subsequently withdraw your objection, and you do not change your mind again within a two-year window, you will be placed back on the same priority ranking on the organ transplant waiting list as a person who did not choose to opt out of HOTA.
organ  donation 
26 days ago
As a junior doctor in A&E I’m calling on all my colleagues in Britain to go on strike | Andrew Meyerson | Opinion | The Guardian
We need to shine a light on the slow starvation of the NHS: the lack of beds, staff and social care is putting services at risk
NHS  crisis  Privatisation  Austerity  nasty  party  Conservative  sickcare  demand 
26 days ago
Young offenders in 'harmful solitary confinement' in England and Wales - BBC News
10 years in government
Justice minister Wendy Morton said: "It is difficult to read this report and not conclude that we are failing some of the children in our care. That is completely unacceptable and I am determined it will not continue."
UK  Austerity  Nasty  Party  Conservative  human  rights  Prison  Justice  NHS  mental  health 
27 days ago
GPs in revolt over NHS England's plan to increase their workload | Society | The Guardian
The £1.8bn scheme to create PCNs is a key part of the NHS long-term plan and the new GP contract. Under draft specifications for the new duties, GPs would also have to do more to boost early diagnosis of cancer, provide more personalised care and ensure the right treatment at the right time. In return surgeries will get extra money to hire additional staff such as pharmacists and social prescribers.

However, GPs in Humberside have written to the BMA calling the proposals “the single most repressing document for a decade … didactic, central command and control that does nothing to alleviate workforce pressure.”

Some surgeries are likely to withdraw from the PCN scheme altogether unless it is rethought.

In a report (pdf) last week by the NHS Confederation, clinical directors of PCNs expressed serious reservations about the viability of NHS England’s plans for care home visits and drug reviews, which GPs may have to do with as many as 25% of all patients on their list, they said.
NHS  demand  Austerity  GP 
27 days ago
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