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(8) Why biometric security fails at being secure - YouTube
Why biometric security fails at being secure. can't change your finger
on a long enough timescale - your fingerprint of face will be re-created
high resolution photo can replicate fingerprint. can't change fingerprint nor face
don't need to photograph. just steal them. all of them. in an attack.
this will happen eventually.

& The New Attack Surface is Your Life -
- hackers spend millions, you spend 0, = hackers win. if they target you.

& Phone numbers can not be highjacked as well
These 7 Digits May Be More Important Than Your Social Security Number
running your life through one device - you are vulnerable
- have burner phone number for contacts
biometric  fingerprint  security  cyber  IT  identity  theft  2FA  phone  number  sim  jacking  swapping  ransomware  phishing  impersonation  social  engineering 
6 weeks ago by asterisk2a
(1) UNINSTALL This Windows 10 Update RIGHT NOW - YouTube
quiet the amount of energy put in into Bitcoin Scam/Pyramid Schemes - send out to word. Hijack youtube channels through elaborate phishing.
send email impersonating cusomer support or being sponsor.
ask to download an app - eg games streamers asked to download an app to test. for sponsor ship. app then download the youtubers/twitch session cockies. which are then used to high jack the account.
one prominent POE YouTuber, GhazzyTV got his YT account highjacked.
Bitcoin  scam  phishing  cookies  sessions  cyber  IT  security  2FA 
7 weeks ago by asterisk2a

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