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Single-Cycle Atomic Layer Deposition on Bulk Wood Lumber for Managing Moisture Content, Mold Growth, and Thermal Conductivity | Langmuir
Repurposing atmoic layer deposition techniques to permeate metal oxides THROUGH wood, making it more thermally insulative, fungus resistant, and control water content
lumber  wood  treatment  materials  science  research  technology  metal  oxide  atomic  layer  deposition 
2 days ago
Super-high heat flux removal using sintered metal porous media | Request PDF
Potential extremely high heat absorption via porous metal media boiling embedded water
heat  removal  materials  science  research  technology  porous  metal  foam 
3 days ago
Venture Orbital Systems
New french newspace startup for a very small launcher (40kg payload?)
EU  france  newspace  rocket  launcher  smallsat  cubesat  startup 
3 days ago
Prints - Page 1 - Dead Zebra, Inc Shop
Those android posters that look like vintage USSR propaganda posters
humor  android  propaganda  poster  retro  USSR  russia 
3 days ago
runs autorun hashes and kills unknowns/bad ones
antivirus  cleanup  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
3 days ago
This to That (Glue Advice)
Simple site providing advice on what glues are appropriate for join two different kinds of things
DIY  glue  adhesive  advice  guide  reference  information  crafts 
3 days ago
Session | Send Messages, Not Metadata. | Private Messenger
So some people forked Signal and latched on Loki.Net with it so not sure if this is entirely legit, or attempting to be hardcore...
chat  IM  instant  message  signal  Loki  encrypted  meessaging  security  privacy 
3 days ago
not quite the same as gperftools tcmalloc, and not entirely compatible either, so...
google  C++  malloc  implementation  opensource  software 
3 days ago
Apollo 11 vs USB-C Chargers
Reminder that the USB-C spec is an eldritch horror as well.
humor  hardware  history  comparison  USB-C 
7 days ago
Nanjing Dsee.Lab Digital Technology Co. - Home
Those spinning LED signs that make virtual 3D hologram effects, for use as digital signage
3D  spinning  LED  digital  signage 
7 days ago
A path to practical Solar Pumped Lasers via Radiative Energy Transfer | Scientific Reports
solar illuminated luminescent colloidal nanocrystal reradiating/pumping into a NdYAG laser is 4x better than direct pumping a solar laser, but laser efficiency still sucks at 3.2%
solar  pumped  laser  luminescent  colloidal  nanocrystal  concentrator  frequency  converter  downshift  narrowband  emitter  photoluminescence  materials  science  research  technology 
7 days ago
Inelastic neutron scattering evidence for anomalous H–H distances in metal hydrides | PNAS
Hydrogen contained in a zirconium vanadium hydride have been found to be closer packed than previously predicted, suggesting possible room temperature superconductivity
supconductor  hydrogen  spacing  metal  zirconium  vanadium  hydride  materials  science  research  technology 
7 days ago
Sunrise could come for nuclear-powered submarine tanker | The Independent Barents Observer
A nuclear cargo submarine carrying LNG, sorta similar to old concepts for submarine oil tankers...
civilian  cargo  submarine  tanker  vehicle  transportation  nuclear  LNG 
7 days ago
Use of Russian technology of ship reactors with lead-bismuth ..|INIS
Overview by russian engineers on the trials and tribulations of getting to a working lead-bismuth cooled submarine reactor
lead  bismuth  coolant  nuclear  reactor  russia  research  technology 
10 days ago
Bone-inspired microarchitectures achieve enhanced fatigue life | PNAS
mimicing bone microstructure in artificial materials leads to big gains in cyclic fatigue resistance. Cubic octet structure sorta similar to trabeculae ?
cyclic  fatigue  resistance  materials  science  research  technology  microlattice  microstructure  biomimicry 
10 days ago
Superconductors, orbital magnets and correlated states in magic-angle bilayer graphene | Nature
bilayer graphene layered at the magic angle of 1.1 degrees has weird properties. Possibly superconductor, insulator, and other stuff...
graphene  materials  science  research  technology 
10 days ago
SDA pushing for a generic Optical Intersatellite Link Open Standard
optical  communications  laser  protocol  standard  intersatellite  lasercomm 
10 days ago
Ceph Ceph RBD and iSCSI - Ceph
So apparently LIO with a Ceph-RBD backend is the beesknees now, with all the iSCSI/VAAI/vVol love
ceph  LIO  RBD  iSCSI  target  VAAI  ESXi  VMware  storage  backend  frontend 
10 days ago
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