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Rotating code seal with 64 combos, for moderately improved security...
Mitsubishi  dialbank  hanko  rotating  code  seal  japan  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
Chinese researchers achieve breakthrough in nuclear energy -
So the main trick behind ADANES is using a tungsten grain based solid neutron spallation target that pumps like a liquid, giving fluid properties but solid heat capabilities (to better survive beam trip transients), and the potential to be a windowless particle beam target (improving lifetime).
china  ADS  ADSR  ADANES  accelerator  driven  subcritical  nuclear  reactor  power  generator  tungsten  grain  neutron  spallation  target  proton  accelerator  particle  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
Buy an NVIDIA GPU Rack Server | Lambda Labs
Load as hell, and suffers from the GTX 0.5RU "hump" due to GTX GPU power connector positions
supermicro  GPGPU  GPU  x8  server  Nvidia  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
ashwin711/proximityhash: Geohashes in proximity
proximity hash using circular/polar reasoning, rather than rectangular, to speed up distance from point calculations for nearness
circular  geospatial  spatial  index  hash  geohash  library  software  opensource  GIS  proximity  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
Solar Power Satellites
From the guy who gave us HESPeruS, a new shape for an SPS that appears to be more flexible in orientation...
CASSIOPeiA  SPS  SSP  microwave  phased  array  solar  power  helix  heliogyro  molniya  orbit  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
Net Room Manboo|All-private-rooms Cafe
hourly net cafe, with nice accommodations, and can stay up to 2 weeks, plus online reservations in english
japan  tokyo  internet  cafe  reservation  hotel  hostel  hourly  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
LAMPRE, a LANL test reactor using molten plutonium-iron fuel and molten sodium for coolant, similar to a dual fluid MSR/LFTR.
PDF  LANL  molten  plutonium  iron  fuel  sodium  coolant  nuclear  reactor  research  MSR  metal  tantalum  rod  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
Snake Oil Salesmen Were on to Something - Scientific American
Huh, so the original snakeoil salesman were selling counterfeit oil, when real snakeoil from china actually had medicinal properties...
snake  oil  snakeoil  medicine  health  research  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
ARcode generator to make hybrid QRcode/ARcode markers so if you scan the QRcode and jump to the link, an AR.js enabled webpage will call out the camera and recognize the AR marker, enabling VR/AR content to jump media types (transmedia advertising, from paper to AR/VR)
ARcode  AR-code  QRcode  generator  service  AR  link  jump  transmedia  advertising  marker  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
jeromeetienne/AR.js: Efficient Augmented Reality for the Web - 60fps on mobile!
With Safari 11 (iOS 11) support for webRTC, now this library covers basically all the major browsers.
AR.js  webRTC  webGL  AR  QRcode  barcode  pattern  recognition  3D  2D  javascript  library  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
Heindl Energy - Gravity Storage
Another one of those engineered natural rock piston type hydraulic energy storage concept. Always figured the accurate cutting/fitting of the cylinder wall and piston sleeve would be a pain.
rock  cylinder  piston  hydraulic  energy  storage  pumped  hydro  hydroelectric  power  generator  Delicious 
june 2017 by asteroza
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