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Download Winlogbeat | Ship Windows Event Logs | Elastic | Elastic
Alternative to native windows WEF event log forwarding, for direct delivery to a DB of your choice
elasticsearch  windows  event  log  forwarder  forwarding  security  devops 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
inlets/inlets: Expose your local endpoints to the Internet
So with this you can setup a quick and dirty temporary exit node, connecting back to host node(s) hidden elsewhere.
reverse  proxy  tunnel  software  websocket  VPN  service  load  balancer  kubernetes  operator  ingress  devops 
november 2019 by asteroza
lucky-sideburn/KubeInvaders: Chaos Engineering Tool for Kubernetes and Openshift
Shoot down you your kubernetes pods like in the Space Invaders game! Ostensibly to test failure resistance...
humor  stress  relief  chaos  engineering  joke  game  kubernetes  devops 
november 2019 by asteroza
Theodo-UK/sls-dev-tools: Dev Tools for the Serverless World
like htop for lambda, but it hits the cloudwatch API kinda hard so it might cost you some money
lambda  serverless  monitoring  devops 
november 2019 by asteroza
Dask: Scalable analytics in Python
alternative to spark that is kubernetes native
devops  analytics  kubernetes  python 
november 2019 by asteroza
Trying to reject the docker single process container paradigm by returning to LXC multiprocess containers. Also trying to make devops/kubernetes less complex. Supposed to be open source, but not seeing a github page...
LXC  container  orchestration  devops  multiprocess 
october 2019 by asteroza
Podman |
OCI container daemon, docker API compatible, which is handy since it seems like Docker the company might die...
opensource  docker  container  runtime  alternative  podman  devops  software 
october 2019 by asteroza
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