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« earlier 120mm Hard drive rack (Black Wrinkle): Computers & Accessories
Now that's neat, direct mounting drive mount plates on fan screws/bolts!
hard  drive  mount  plate  fan  rack 
july 2019 by asteroza
Multi Actuator Technology: A New Performance Breakthrough | Seagate Blog
MACH.2 HDD's uses single pivot dual actuator setups so only one head per platter, but half the heads are independent from the other half. As opposed to those old Conner Chinook drives with twin actuators and dual heads. Dual heads would get more reads, but apparently the heads weren't stiff enough, causing vibration issues and early death.
Seagate  dual  actuator  HDD  hard  disk  storage  performance  hardware  electronics  devices 
march 2019 by asteroza
chaos/scrub: disk overwrite utility
Used by governments. Generally for civilians, DoD 3 pass should be good for conventional HDD's, but maybe not those new shingled/HAMMER drives.
data  erasure  scrub  cleaning  hard  drive  erase  DoD  3  pass  opensource  software  linux  sysadmin  tools  utilities 
february 2018 by asteroza
Transformable topological mechanical metamaterials : Nature Communications
New mechanical metamaterial design, can switch edges from hard to soft by apply strain in certain ways. Applicable as an analog to shear thickening liquid armor?
mechanical  metamaterial  materials  science  research  technology  variable  hardness  soft  hard  Delicious 
january 2017 by asteroza
Dmitriy Primochenko Online - Repartition Bad Drive
Slightly shady tool for partitioning out bad sector blocks, if you have no more spare blocks to map out with
HDD  hard  disk  sector  bad  block  mapping  remapping  remap  partition  hide  hidden  sysadmin  tools  utilities  tips  tricks  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
informare: Survival analysis of hard disk drive failure data: Update to Q1 2016
Backblaze data adjusted shows HGST is still great, but this is historical data, and now that HGST 3.5" is now in Toshiba's hands, it will be interesting to see if new Toshiba's are as good.
hard  disk  reliability  HGST  hitachi  toshiba  Delicious 
may 2016 by asteroza
Macrium Reflect Free
Hrm, don't wanna get it from due to the adware wrappers...
windows  hard  disk  HDD  cloning  clone  software  sysadmin  tips  tricks  freeware  backup  recovery  partition  resize  migration  move  tools  utilities  restore  image  imaging  shadow  copy  Delicious 
february 2016 by asteroza
Simultaneous covalent and noncovalent hybrid polymerizations | Science
Interesting hard/soft hybrid polymer. Allows building composite structures like a hard core with a soft jacket layer.
hybrid  hard  soft  polymer  materials  science  research  technology  biomimicry  Delicious 
february 2016 by asteroza
Locally and Dynamically Controllable Surface Topography Through the Use of Particle-Enhanced Soft Composites - Guttag - 2015 - Advanced Functional Materials - Wiley Online Library
So unstretched/uncompressed elastomer has smooth and flat surface, but by compressing or stretching it, embedded hard particles cause surface deformation. Useful for things like tactile interfaces, surface drag reduction, anything that involves surface features. The tactile interface usage will probably be used for adult toys though...
variable  topography  surface  finish  texture  materials  science  research  technology  3D  printing  fabbing  elastomeric  matrix  hard  particle  composite  reversible  ondemand  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Alternative TrueCrypt Implementations
Yeah, with the TrueCrypt 7.2 fiasco, this is timely advice...
truecrypt  alternative  FDE  full  disk  encryption  hard  software  security  cryptography  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
Exosuit - Nuytco Research Ltd.
Derivative of older hardsuits like JIM, using circular rotary joints. I wonder if that Lasermotive power-over-fiber tech would be suitable for trickle power to the suit over the tether?
EXOSUIT  rotary  joint  hardsuit  underwater  diving  suit  hard  shell  exoskeleton  hardware  ocean  marine  technology  research  Delicious 
march 2014 by asteroza
test_plansjer_Vindskip - plansjer_vindskip.pdf
Oddball ship design where hull superstructure is a symmetric foil, trying to gain some aerodynamic body lift from wind. So a kind of hard/rigid sail sailboat variant. Supposedly have a WIPO patent application , but this thing screams concept designer, and not marine engineer.
marine  concept  ship  rigid  windship  research  engineering  superstructure  Vindskip  sail  hard  design  airfoil  Delicious 
september 2013 by asteroza
Storage | Xyratex
Ah, the OneStor SP-2584 is their DAS 84 SAS disk enclosure without those pesky motherboards for application servers, but that just means they downgraded an otherwise high end SBB canister.
Xyratex  SBB  hardware  enclosure  OneStor  disk  SP-2584  3.5  chassis  SAS  bay  rackmount  HDD  3.5inch  bridge  devices  hard  84  storage  electronics  Delicious 
february 2013 by asteroza
Storage | Xyratex
OneStor AP-2584 5U 84 disk monster storage server, but kinda proprietary, and it includes 2 NAS/SAN heads for HA.
Xyratex  5U  hardware  disk  3.5  HDD  3.5inch  server  devices  hard  84  storage  electronics  Delicious 
february 2013 by asteroza
Diskeeper Overview: Increase System Speed, Performance & Reliability
Apparently this has better performance/features over Auslogic Disk Defrag, but isn't free.
utilities  tools  sysadmin  Diskeeper  software  defragmenter  defrag  disk  hard  windows  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
Evtron | Next generation storage platform
Currently their device, called CELL,is a 4U oversize (length is 45 inches, current standard is 42 (38-48) inches) DAS, mounting 120 3.5 inch SAS HDD. Appears to use 5x24port SAS backplanes. Claims to use a proprietary heatsink/mount system, ostensibly to reduce the airgaps needed for cooling to increase density. No pictures of the insides, so can't tell if hot swappable.

Still, looking at the Backblaze StoragePod for comparison (if not hotswap) which has 15 disks per row in 3 rows, you are looking at maybe 16 disks per row for a exceptionally tight setup, but that comes out to 7.5 rows. If you look at a DataON DNS-1660 (with hotswap), it has 12 disks per row in 5 rows, and roughly 20 inches consumed, so 120 disks would consume 40 inches. Which makes me think it is not hotswappable in the normal sense, to cut down on hotswap caddy tray space consumption, and still leave enough room for for the PSU's. Maybe some backplane chip layout tricks to shorten the length.
devices.  electronics  hardware  DAS  120  3.5inch  3.5  oversize  rackmount  shelf  storage  drive  hard  JBOD  SAS2  SAS  density  high  cell  Evtron  devices  Delicious 
november 2012 by asteroza
NASA - Sample Return Systems for Extreme Environments
Kinda similar to an "egg drop bomber" that poops out payloads at high rearward speed to reduce local ground speed before impact for hard landing stuff, but uses a mobile rotovator rather than a rearward firing gun.
NASA  mobile  rotovator  tether  momentum  exchange  sample  return  recovery  mission  research  hard  impact  penetrator  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
RSC-5D Specification
Interesting server chassis. But no interior pictures to show exactly how those 48 disks are cabled to the motherboard. Possible ghetto backblaze storagepod base?
48  HDD  hard  disk  drive  enclosure  rackmount  chassis  server  case  SATA  storage  storagepod  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
RaidSonic RAIDON SR2760-2S-S2B 2.5" SATA RAID module for two HDDs
RaidSonic SR2760-2S-S2B 3.5 inch HDD form factor double 2.5 inch form factor HDD/SSD RAID enclosure/case/shell/adapter device. Handy way to mirroring a small boot drive and not blowing RAID ports on it. Might be usable on Nexenta, since if it is doing RAID, it won't be a simple port multiplier.
hardware  RAID  raid0  RAID1  stripe  mirror  3.5  3.5inch  module  2.5  2.5inch  hard  drive  SSD  adapter  case  housing  shell  electronics  devices  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
MB882HX-1SB_Other SSD Related Product_SSD KIT_ICY DOCK manufacturer Removable enclosure, Screwless hard drive enclosure, SAS SATA Mobile Rack, DVR Surveillance Recording, Video Audio Editing, SATA portable hard drive enclosure
Simple little inline SATA caching solution, using a special controller to trick the OS into thinking it has a SSD that is double the size of the physical SSD, backed by the HDD, which loses that double amount from it's size.
SSD  HDD  hard  disk  hybrid  expander  hardware  devices  SATA  3.5inch  2.5inch  3.5  2.5  adapter  inline  cache  storage  Delicious  electronics 
august 2011 by asteroza
Roadkil.Net - Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier Program Download
Apparently this windows software is a total juggernaut at saving files from failing disks.
Unstoppable  copier  windows  sysadmin  tools  utilities  hard  disk  file  recovery  copy  Delicious 
may 2011 by asteroza
Mac Array - High Performance Internal SSD RAID Array for Mac Pro
Hrm, not a bad looking quad SSD array as a PCIexpress card, admittedly full length (but really only single width?!?) that seems to use conventional SSD's. Possibility to upgrade to larger disks? Also, not a horrible option for 1U servers...
Apricorn  Mac  array  PICe  PCIexpress  full  length  height  card  x4  RAID  SSD  flash  memory  hard  drive  hardware  electronics  devices  storage  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza
Download WinImage
Useful tools for VM ware. Convert microsoft VHD to VMDK, create floppy images, CD ISO's
WinImage  virtual  machine  hard  disk  image  format  converter  software  windows  virtualization  VMware  sysadmin  tools  utilities  floppy  FLP  ISO  VHD  VMDK  Delicious 
august 2009 by asteroza
Almost solid state hard disk, shifts hard disk platter tech from spinning, to a translating platter, then upping the number of read/write heads since they are fixed and can be arranged in a large array. Kinky, using piezoelectric linear actuation. Certainly has the potential for much higher read/write speed since you are using an array of heads. The only problem is the relative lifetime of the platter and actuators, and what kind of wear would you experience?
Dataslide  2D  translation  platter  hard  disk  storage  SSD  piezoelectric  linear  actuator  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza
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