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調整さん - 簡単スケジュール調整、出欠管理ツール
useful little utility app/site for sussing out open dates/times for an event/meetup/dinner
japan  event  calendar  meeting  timing  open  date  collaboration  scheduling  adhoc  time  timeslot  Delicious 
april 2017 by asteroza
Open Container Project
One format to rule them all! So now yet another unifying standard...
virtualization  open  container  format  standard  docker  CoreOS  VMware  linux  software  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Open Dots Alliance
Er, wireless as in no connector/wire adapter, but it uses physical contact points in a pattern to connect to the backend charger in a car dash or center console. Interesting, but what happens when you short the contact pattern by spilling soda?
connectorless  wireless  charing  recharging  standard  open  royaltyfree  vehicle  hardware  electronics  devices  Delicious 
may 2015 by asteroza
PNNL Smartphone Microscope - Available Technologies - PNNL
PNNL putting out 3D printer files for their low cost spherical lens microscope attachment for smartphones.
plastic  sphere  spherical  lens  optics  smartphone  microscope  low  cost  3D  printing  fabbing  CAD  design  file  open  hardware  medicine  health  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
silent, invisible, predictable, renewable energy - tidal technology - openhydro
Didn't know DCNS got involved with these guys. DCNS seems to be pretty active in ocean energy work, what with their submarine nuclear powerplant and OTEC work...
DCNS  tidal  current  open  core  hub  rotor  turbine  power  generator  marine  structure  engineering  green  energy  hardware  electronics  devices  underwater  Delicious 
september 2014 by asteroza
The Deathrow OpenVMS Cluster
Need an account on a VMS server to play with? This seems to the ticket...
OpenVMS  VMS  free  open  cluster  account  freeshell  research  security  shell  Delicious 
august 2014 by asteroza
ckan - The open source data portal software
Nice, open,data,cataloging platform that is opensource. Seems Data.Gov is moving to this.
CKAN  open  data  portal  platform  server  software  opensource  opendata  database  publishing  government  development  programming  catalog  Delicious 
july 2014 by asteroza
DARPA Open Source Catalog
Nice of DARPA to package up their open source stuff in one place.
DARPA  opensource  software  repository  open  government  defense  research  Delicious 
february 2014 by asteroza
Novena Main Page - Studio Kousagi Wiki
How open source this is might be up for debate depending on whether they are using any vendor firmware blobs...
opensource  hardware  laptop  netbook  open  Delicious 
january 2014 by asteroza
Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop solutions - Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop - Enterprise Open Source Virtual Desktop VDI and Application Delivery solutions (SBC)
Open source alternative to Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop or VMware View, that can cover linux and windows. Seems to use RDP as the underlying protocol (version?). Though I wonder how it compares to NX 4.0?
virtual  open  RDP  software  Ulteo  desktop  opensource  OVD  server  windows  remote  linux  Delicious 
november 2013 by asteroza
text_2010_06_24_EngineDesign.pdf (application/pdf Object)
I hate to sound dumb, but why hasn't a contrarotating power turbine set been joined to a twin contrarotating geared turbofan setup in a puller configuration? Is it the cost of the gearing and potentially 3 or even 4 shaft setup to make that possible, compared to a simpler free power turbine direct driving the rotors in a pusher configuration? But a puller config allows putting in a recuperator, something a pusher configuration would have trouble with.
rolls-royce  ultrafan  turbofan  engine  aviation  propulsion  aerospace  research  technology  open  rotor  propfan  Delicious 
august 2012 by asteroza
Open Command Prompt with Administrator Privileges Anywhere
How to have the same behavior as the old XP OpenCommandPromptHere Powertoy.
prompt  command  open  tricks  tips  sysadmin  windows  Delicious 
july 2012 by asteroza
Netflix Open Connect Content Delivery Network
Similar to the Backblaze storagepod, but a little higher spec. Wonder what the underlying filesystem is?
Netflix  Flixapod  backblaze  storagepod  open  connect  CDN  server  hardware  opensource  design  Delicious 
june 2012 by asteroza
opengovplatform/opengovplatform - GitHub
Joint collaboration between India and the US to make a data distribution platform for government records in the interests of open and transparent government, and allowing citizens to build mashups of government data.
data.gove  opensource  open  government  data  transparency  platform  software  opengov  opendata  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
CERN Press Release
OHL might be good for build CAD-CAM files for 3D printers/fabbers, such as those in the DIY RepRap/MakerBot movement
CERN  OHL  open  hardware  license  DIY  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Radiator Graphite-Foam.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Interesting concept for using airfoil pressure differential to force air through a heat exchanger embedded in the rear third of an airfoil, while having low frontal drag area. As noted in the PDF, for vehicle applications there will still be a need for an auxiliary fan when stopped, which likely means the airfoil will still be in the engine bay or embedded in the hood to utilize the forced air fan.
Open  pore  porous  high  thermal  conductivity  graphitic  graphite  foam  lightweight  radiator  heat  exchanger  hardware  research  control  materials  science  technology  filetype:pdf  media:document  Delicious 
may 2011 by asteroza
Seems like they incorporated something similar to that d3o shear thickening liquid layer body armor directly into urethane foam that can be molded into protection products like sports gear and laptop covers.
PORON  XRD  urethane  open  cell  cellular  foam  impact  shock  protection  material  breathable  armor  defense  shield  Delicious 
may 2011 by asteroza
Open Compute Project
Facebook opensourced their whole datacenter design, from the building design, to cooling, to floors, to racks, to server chassis. Crazy stuff like PoE powered LED lighting!
facebook  opensource  design  spec  specification  datacenter  server  power  HVAC  cooling  reference  sysadmin  hardware  electronics  devices  facility  infrastructure  PUE  air  side  economizer  LED  PoE  lighting  open  frame  chassis  case  cold  aisle  containment  OpenCompute  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
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