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dunglas/vulcain: Use HTTP/2 Server Push to create fast and idiomatic client-driven REST APIs
Fully REST compliant backend, designed to support access by either REST or GraphQL queries, and pairable with Mercure to have fully REST async push subscriptions. Full backwards compatibility with REST and full solving of modern API design problems. But AGPL so radioactive...
GraphQL  REST  API  webdev  backend  software  opensource 
2 days ago by asteroza
Let’s take back control of our events! #JoinMobilizon
some sort of meetup alternative to activityAPI/mastodon support
event  planning  software  mastodon 
2 days ago by asteroza
AIRR | The Drone Racing League
Drone racing league is now doing an AI/self driving sub-league, similar to Formula-E and Roborace
AI  UAV  drone  autonomous  flight  control  software  racing  league 
8 days ago by asteroza
News < News > KAIST
Using smartphone mics to detect object (properties) for object recognition
microphone  gyro  object  detection  smartphone  app  software 
15 days ago by asteroza
Podman |
OCI container daemon, docker API compatible, which is handy since it seems like Docker the company might die...
opensource  docker  container  runtime  alternative  podman  devops  software 
17 days ago by asteroza
NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerator
open source compiler emitting FPGA/ASIC verilog working on Amazon F1 instances
Nvidia  opensource  complier  software  FPGA  ASIC  verilog 
18 days ago by asteroza
17 Cybersecurity Products the Cyber Insurance Industry Says Are Worthwhile
Putting an actuarial eye on the infosec industry is good, moving from black art to science, but this could easily devolve into a PCI-DSS type of mess...
cyber  security  insurance  recommended  product  software  list  reference  information 
18 days ago by asteroza
Marsh Cyber Security Insurance product recommendation
Looks like a big insurer is now listing up "recommended" infosec products, presumably to deny claims if they are not installed...
cyber  security  insurance  recommended  product  software  list  reference  information 
18 days ago by asteroza
‎KINEGRAM® Digital Seal PRO on the App Store
With iOS 13, NFC is opened up so you can scan electronic documents by touch
NFC  passport  reader  app  software  iOS  iPhone  iPad 
20 days ago by asteroza
adblockradio/adblockradio: An adblocker for live radio streams and podcasts. Machine learning meets Shazam.
Using audio fingerprinting to remove audio advertisements from podcasts and streaming audio
audio  adblock  software  deep  machine  learning 
22 days ago by asteroza
FairMesh - Apps on Google Play
some kind of offline mesh messenger app
android  app  software  offline  IM  chat  instant  message 
24 days ago by asteroza
Zom Mobile Messenger
Formerly ChatSecure, now using a matrix/keanu encrypted chat core
android  app  chat  IM  instant  message  client  software 
25 days ago by asteroza
Briar - Apps on Google Play
P2P offline mesh network chat app, with a tor tunnel if online
android  app  software  bluetooth  wifi  P2P  chat  instant  message  IM 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
VHS Camcorder
smartphone app to give video that 80's VHS camcorder video effect, complete with noise and cheesy block text
humor  iPhone  android  app  software  video  filter  effect  80's  camcorder  VHS  retro 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
Jellyfin: The Free Software Media System
Some sort of alternative to the Plex home mediacenter server
opensource  home  media  server  software  music  streaming  video  file  management 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
Team Silverblue
Basically Fedora, with an underlying immutable linux layer
immutable  OS  linux  Fedora  security  opensource  software  distro  Silverblue  desktop 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
p5.js | home
Trying to be a spiritual successor to the Processing java library, rather than a direct port or emulation
processing  javascript  information  visualization  framework  library  opensource  software  webdev 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
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