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How Your Digital Purchases Could Serve the Perfect Surveillance Network –
If you were a KGB agent in the heyday of Cold War surveillance, how would you design the perfect snooping system?

This system should gather good dirt on all people within the Soviet Union. We want to identify people and their habits to build behavioral profiles and keep tabs on their comings and goings. And it should it be as unobtrusive as possible; we wouldn't want the masses to start making a fuss about our valiant civic undertaking. What would you do?

This was the question posed to a group of academics attending a 1971 conference at the Center for Strategic and International Studies at Georgetown University. They had two days to dream up a perfectly evil surveillance architecture.

Their answer? "This group decided that if you wanted to build an unobtrusive system for surveillance, you couldn't do much better than an electronic funds transfer system."
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6 weeks ago by atbradley
How the careless errors of credit reporting agencies are ruining people’s lives - The Washington Post
As a reporter who covers courts, I’m better equipped than the average consumer to navigate county judicial records. I’m also privileged enough to have a job that sometimes allows me to turn a personal frustration into a professional pursuit. But many consumers are facing down error-riddled credit files and don’t know where to begin.
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october 2016 by atbradley

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