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Embracing affection at Nowhere and beyond | For when my ideas want to get out.
Think hugs are no big deal? Why would anyone not want a hug? Amy explains why some people might not appreciate a hug, and ways to check for consent when you'd like to hug someone.
consent  burn  BED  Nowhere 
17 hours ago
About Us | Henna Color Lab® - Henna Hair Dye
More about their sourcing. Indigo, cassia & henna are sourced from Rajasthan, India with attention to ethics and supporting the local economy there.
henna  hair  color  shopping  Oregon 
3 days ago
Dry Shampoo for Red Hair – Henna Color Lab® – Henna Hair Dye
tinted dry shampoo! Reviews for their dark color dry shampoo said it stained their clothes and bled in the rain :(
shopping  hair  color  dry-shampoo 
3 days ago
Henna Hair Dye & Henna Treatment Application | Henna Color Lab® - Henna Hair Dye
Great guide for how much to use, how long to leave it on, how to rinse it out, etc.
henna  hair 
3 days ago
Henna Shop — Henna Guru
High quality BAQ henna & related supplies. For body art use and for hair (they have indigo and cassia as well). Shipped from California
henna  shopping  hair  color 
3 days ago
Black Henna - Henna is never black — Henna Lounge
About the safety hazards of black henna tattoos, including a list of some pre-mixed brands from India that are not allowed to be imported to the U.S. for safety reasons, and instructions to make your own body art henna mix that is nearly black (called Jagua-henna)
henna  skin  toxicity  better 
3 days ago
Henné Color: Henna powder - Henné Color
Popular brand of box henna hair color. Product ingredients are listed on the site. Some shades of dye use sodium picramate, which is a metallic salt, as well as other artificial colors. Others such as Copper, Black and Chestnut, are just henna, indigo, and cassia.
hair  henna  ingredients  resource 
3 days ago
Toolkit | Creative Interventions
Fantastic resource for stopping interpersonal violence such as rape and abuse.
abuse  violence.prevention  resource  BED 
6 days ago
Supplementing On A Paleo Diet | Paleo Leap
Which supplements might be helpful, and which ones aren't supported by scientific evidence.
paleo  supplement  science  nutrition 
6 days ago
Tiendas Solidarias Piel de Mariposa
This shops accepts clothing donations in Barcelona
clothing  recycling  Barcelona  donate 
7 days ago
Essential Oils For Hair
weird ratios (20:80??) but this is a starting place for learning more about this topic
recipes  hair  DIY  essential.oil  beauty 
8 days ago
Colourwise - Colourwell
consumer education site about the risk of allergy to hair dye, advises to do an allergy test 48 hours in advance to be sure.
hair  color  allergy  resource 
9 days ago
Australian study supports the use of zinc oxide nanoparticles in sunscreens
One study shows no harm from nano zinc oxide. Encouraging news, but one study is not definitive evidence.
sun  toxicity  better  science 
9 days ago
Ashland - How air pollution can turn into hair pollution, and solutions to prevent it
Market research in Europe on public concern with the effect of air pollution on hair.
hair  pollution  environment  Europe 
9 days ago
P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) - Safe Cosmetics
Another common ingredient in permanent / oxidative hair dyes that has been known to cause severe allergic reactions, and has been shown to cause Skin sensitization, cancer, organ system toxicity, and has mutagenic properties.
toxicity  hair  color  beauty 
9 days ago
Red List Technical Guidance - Safe Cosmetics
The most harmful ingredients to look out for in beauty products
beauty  toxicity  Health 
9 days ago
Resorcinol - Safe Cosmetics
A common ingredient in hair dyes, which is a skin and eye irritant, skin sensitizer, causes organ system toxicity, and possible endocrine disruption.
color  toxicity  beauty  hair 
9 days ago
How to Pick Your Life Partner - Part 2 — Wait But Why
What qualities you should look for to make sure you are compatible in the long term.
relationships  love  marriage 
12 days ago
CBD for Anxiety: The Science Behind CBD Dosing | Leafly
Great review of what scientists know about using CBD oil for anxiety.
anxiety  stress  CBD  science  resource 
12 days ago
Kalapa Clinic | Medical Cannabis UK Consultancy | Hemp oil treatments
Consultants available for a fee to help you determine the right product & dosage based on your condition. They do not sell any products so they have no motivation to promote any specific product except for what is the best for the patient. They place high value on quality of the oil and make sure it is tested independently.
CBD  medicine  Europe 
12 days ago
Am I an Alcoholic? — LAURA McKOWEN
A great examination of our culture's attitudes toward alcohol and how we can evaluate our personal relationship with it outside of the binary of the label Alcoholic/Not Alcoholic.
alcohol  addiction  advice  culture  Health 
12 days ago
Grammar Introduction // Purdue Writing Lab
Modern U.S. English language grammatical standards
language  resource  grammar 
13 days ago
Are Consenticorns the Spirit Animal of 2019?
House of Yes NY City dance club program doing education and looking out for ppl who need help.
14 days ago
Low Carb Cornbread | That Low Carb Life
Simple recipe - uses coconut flour. I added corn kernels and diced jalapeño. Used stevia for the sweetener. It tastes OK, not good enough to eat on its own but fine if accompanying a soup or stew. It uses dairy so it's not paleo. LOADS of butter.
recipes  coconut  corn  paleo 
14 days ago
Comprar Cosméticos CBD Barcelona - Sensitive CBD - Sensitive CBD
this CBD shop also sells Dr Bronner's products! 8,00 for the bar soap
shopping  Barcelona  soap  beauty  non-toxic 
14 days ago
HAIR - Arke S.L. Cosméticas Naturales
They have the German shampoos & conditioners that come in pump bottles for 4,50 per! Including color protection shampoo.
Barcelona  shopping  beauty  non-toxic  hair  color 
14 days ago
Everyone’s Missing the Obvious About the Declining U.S. Birth Rate
Realities facing young women/couples in the U.S. when considering having children.  pregnancy  economy  USA 
16 days ago
Ormus Elysium UK (Gold-CBD-Shilajit) (100ml / 120 servings) - Raw Living EU
EU distributor for this tincture which was recommended by Siobhain. Has a recording of a podcast with Archer Love, founder of the company that produces it, explaining what it is and how it works.
CBD  nutrition  spirituality  medicine  Europe 
17 days ago
Eating Paleo at Mexican Restaurants - Oh Snap! Let's Eat!
Lists dishes typically served at Mexican restaurants that are paleo-friendly
paleo  Mexican  restaurants 
18 days ago
The United States has an Epidemic of Processed Food — and it’s Killing Us
Great summary of the dangers to our health that processed foods poses and how we got here. The simple answer: eat unprocessed food.
nutrition  holistic  food  FDA  science 
18 days ago
More Recycling Won't Solve Plastic Pollution - Scientific American Blog Network
Corporations need to make significant reductions in single-use plastic; since products were first sold in plastic bottles, corporations have been thwarting efforts to take responsibility for the waste and shifting the blame to the public for not sufficiently recycling.
recycling  plastic  environment  greenwashing 
21 days ago
Loop, a shopping service with reusable packages, wants to end the world’s plastics problem -
Exciting initiative on for reusable packaging done in collaboration between major corporations producing millions of consumer goods including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Danone, Mars Petcare, Mondelēz International and others
plastic  packaging  environment  news 
22 days ago
The Inn Between - Polyamory
Safer sex information, with a clever chart based on the but it adds what type of protection is needed and directionality of transmission
26 days ago
Stevia Conversion Chart
Used this to determine the ratio to mix powder with liquid to make drops.
60mL liquid (the volume of the bottle I use) + 1 tsp pure (white) stevia powder.
stevia  cooking  baking  food 
27 days ago
How-To: Rooty Pink Pixie -
asymmetrical with undercut
haircolor with v/ dark roots, med. pink highlights
hair  cuts  color 
4 weeks ago
Have I Been Pwned: Pwned Passwords
Need a new password for a website? Check here to first make sure that password hasn't been used (by anyone, not just you) on a site that has been hacked. If it has, you definitely don't want to use it.
security  tech 
4 weeks ago
The diet to save lives, the planet and feed us all? - BBC News
Red meat & dairy need to be cut back severely but not entirely eliminated.
nutrition  climate 
4 weeks ago
You should’ve asked | Emma
Great comic strip explaining the mental load women often bear in domestic partnerships. The invisible work that is done to manage the household.
feminism  gender  comics  parenting  relationships 
5 weeks ago
Cleansing Winter Vegetable Miso Soup - in pursuit of more
This makes a huge batch of soup! Could easily half it for 6 servings.
recipes  winter  soup  miso  cabbage 
5 weeks ago
Health Benefits of Lemon Water (& Why You Should Drink it in the Morning)
Seems most of the benefits are more from the warm water than from the lemon. TLDR: drink a big cup of warm water first thing in the morning
nutrition  lemon  water  digestion 
5 weeks ago
The macho sperm myth | Aeon
Storage of sperm [for up to 10 days in cervical crypts], with gradual release, has major implications for human reproduction. Crucially, the widespread notion of a restricted ‘fertile window’ in the menstrual cycle depends on the long-accepted wisdom that sperm survive only two days after insemination. Sperm survival perhaps for 10 days or more radically erodes the basis for so-called ‘natural’ methods of birth control through avoidance of conception.
biology  feminism  pregnancy  birthcontrol 
6 weeks ago
Essential Oils for Hair Chart | Happy Real Women
Properties of various essential oils for use in hair
hair  essential.oil  resource 
7 weeks ago
How to make perfect mulled wine | Life and style | The Guardian
I like the idea of making a concentrate with all the seasonings to make a batch of mulled wine later when you're ready. I omitted the cardamom and nutmeg, added fresh ginger to the spices instead of ginger wine. Added a bit of water to the mix as well.
wine  winter  holiday  recipes  beverages 
8 weeks ago
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