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En Boles: Where to take your STI tests
Info about STI testing centers in Barcelona. Article is in Catalan, use Google Translate.
Barcelona  resource  sti  places 
20 days ago by atelathehun
Zero Waste Shops in Barcelona | Good Goal - The Sustainable Guide
Missing many shops but it includes some options beyond just food & detergents.
Barcelona  places  environment 
6 weeks ago by atelathehun
Banco Mediolanum. La Banca Personal de Verdad
Suggested in a FB group as an "ethical bank" option. Primarily online with limited physical presence in Barcelona.
Their "about" page lists Ethics and Responsibility as one of their values, but I don't have any more info about what that means to them and whether they live up to this value.
bank  Barcelona  shopping  finance 
6 weeks ago by atelathehun
Consumo responsable Barcelona - Google My Maps
Interactive map of shops supporting Zero Waste, organic, and other sustainable approaches to shopping by La Part del Colibrí
Barcelona  map  resource  shopping  environment 
7 weeks ago by atelathehun
Tienda Online - Dietética Condal Barcelona
Herbs, vitamins, & supplements online shop. Their storefront is in my neighborhood as well.
supplement  shopping  Barcelona 
9 weeks ago by atelathehun
Consumo responsable Barcelona - Google My Maps
Very useful map for shops that support responsible consumption in Barcelona by La Part del Colibrí, a non-profit that focuses ecologic & zero waste living.
Barcelona  map  resource  shopping  environment 
9 weeks ago by atelathehun
Gaudir Més | Park Güell Barcelona
How to enter the park for free with the Gaudir Mes enrollment (sign up at the Ayuntamiento)
Barcelona  places  cheap 
march 2019 by atelathehun
peluquerías solidarias en Barcelona
Salons that collect hair donations for wigs
Barcelona  salon  charity 
march 2019 by atelathehun
Saló PAS Barcelona
O-way products, organic products. 3 locations: Raval, Sant Antoni, & Gothic.
Barcelona  salon  organic  hair 
march 2019 by atelathehun
Mapa Barcelona + Sostenible
Map of ecologically oriented businesses in Barcelona! Lots of places that sell goods in bulk ('a granel').
resource  Barcelona  map  environment 
february 2019 by atelathehun
Tiendas Solidarias Piel de Mariposa
This shops accepts clothing donations in Barcelona
clothing  recycling  Barcelona  donate 
february 2019 by atelathehun
Comprar Cosméticos CBD Barcelona - Sensitive CBD - Sensitive CBD
this CBD shop also sells Dr Bronner's products! 8,00 for the bar soap
shopping  Barcelona  soap  beauty  non-toxic 
february 2019 by atelathehun
HAIR - Arke S.L. Cosméticas Naturales
They have the German shampoos & conditioners that come in pump bottles for 4,50 per! Including color protection shampoo.
Barcelona  shopping  beauty  non-toxic  hair  color 
february 2019 by atelathehun
Vida Meva - organic food delivery
Locally grown organic seasonal produce available to order
Barcelona  shopping  locavore  vegetables  ingredients  fruit 
december 2018 by atelathehun
The best brunch in Barcelona | Minka Guides
Groups places by neighborhood, with easy-to-see markers for those that meet specific dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, etc).
brunch  Barcelona  restaurants  places  breakfast 
october 2018 by atelathehun
La Carbonería – Barcelona, Spain - Atlas Obscura
Former "okupa" (squat) in Eixample that was raided & shut down by property owners to demolish - now saved as an historic/and artistic artifact.
architecture  Barcelona  history 
august 2018 by atelathehun
Caixa de Previsió Energia, Mutualitat de Previsió Social (Barcelona)
Cooperative health insurance in Catalunya. Highly recommended by one user who has had it since she was a child.  Barcelona 
august 2018 by atelathehun
Alquiler de furgonetas y camiones sin conductor en Barcelona.
Van & moving truck rental company in Barcelona. Used by Norg for Nowhere purposes... they know what to expect when a van is returned from Nowhere :)
Barcelona  burn  transportation  shopping 
june 2018 by atelathehun
Alergo Centre
Medical center focused on testing/treating allergies
Barcelona  allergy  places 
may 2018 by atelathehun
Restaurante TiaSanta en Barcelona
friendly to vegetarians & omnivores alike, savvy with food allergies as well.
places  Barcelona  restaurants  vegetarian  allergy 
may 2018 by atelathehun
Conreu Sereny Cooperativa: Benvinguts
cooperative farm near Barcelona to buy freshly grown ingredients
agriculture  Barcelona  shopping  community 
march 2018 by atelathehun
Why We Swap and How – Un Armario Verde
2 women who organize clothing swaps in Barcelona. Outlines why and how, what other options are and why they are sub-optimal.
clothing  environment  fashion  Barcelona 
february 2018 by atelathehun
Advice on renting | Housing | Barcelona City Council
Great resource with information on your rights as a renter, as well as advice on what to look for and ask about when looking for a home to avoid getting scammed.
Barcelona  housing  policy 
october 2017 by atelathehun
FEDELATINA – Federacion de Entidades Latinoamericanas de Cataluña
Org that provides all sorts of resources and assistance to Latin American immigrants in Barcelona, including advice on immigration legalities and processes as well as returning to your home country or immigrating to another EU country.
Barcelona  services  non.profit  immigration 
october 2017 by atelathehun
tienda especializada esencias florales y aromaterapia - Arke S.L.
organic beauty / herb / hippie shop in Sagrada Familia. Recommended as a place that really cares about the quality of ingredients in the products they carry. They have an online shop as well where you can check prices!
shopping  essential.oil  beauty  non-toxic  Barcelona  Spain 
july 2017 by atelathehun
La Tienda | Hiper Retal
Fabric store in Barcelona. Cheap, fun fabrics
shopping  Barcelona  crafty 
june 2017 by atelathehun
Bye Bye Barcelona (Full length) - YouTube
Bye Bye Barcelona es un documental acerca de una ciudad y su relación con el turismo, acerca de la difícil convivencia entre Barcelona y los barceloneses, y el turismo y los turistas. Es un documental que expone, de la mano de algunos de sus residentes, los graves efectos que tiene el turismo masivo en la ciudad condal. Es un documental que puedes ver entero, o por capítulos y a tu ritmo, y que no pretende otra cosa que servir de contrapunto a la tan repetida idea de que con el turismo ganamos todos. Este es un documental sobre lo que perdemos.
Si les gusta, comenten y compartan este documental.

// //
// contacto: //

Bye Bye Barcelona is a documentary about a city and its relationship with tourism, about the difficult coexistence between Barcelona and its people with tourism and tourists. It is a documentary that exposes through the thoughts of some of it's residents, the grave effects that mass tourism has in the city. You can watch this documentary from beginning to end, or you can watch it through its chapters and at your own rhythm. Its sole purpose is to serve as counterweight to the much repeated idea that tourism is a win-win business. This documentary is about what we lose because of it.
video  Barcelona  culture 
may 2017 by atelathehun
Barcelona | Apartment & Room Rent Averages and Medians, per District |
A great tool using Idealista listings to show average rent prices per neighborhood.
Rent prices for apartments may be a bit high, the info is what the places are listed for publicly (what is being asked) but not necessarily the final rental price.
housing  Barcelona  resource  tools 
may 2017 by atelathehun
Tiendas donde alquilar el material de vía ferrata - - Blog
stores in Barcelona to rent climbing/mountain outdoors gear (possibly tents).
camping  Barcelona  places  resource  rental 
april 2017 by atelathehun
Millor Que Nou, 100% Vell
City-run workshop ("repair cafe") where you can take broken items to be repaired for free.
Barcelona  resource  places  repair  cheap 
april 2017 by atelathehun
La Mercè 2016: the main highlights of the festival - Barcelona Travel Blog
Great description of the main Catalan cultural events during the Merce festival each year. The dates might be different each year but these events take place each year.
Barcelona  culture  fall  summer 
september 2016 by atelathehun
Household waste collection | Ecologia, Urbanisme i Mobilitat
Municipal waste collection information - where to dispose of any item you don't want. How to sort recycling.
Barcelona  waste  recycling 
september 2016 by atelathehun
Barcelona Museums: Free Sundays
Museums that offer free admission on certain holidays and days of the week (not just Sundays)
Barcelona  art  culture  cheap 
august 2016 by atelathehun
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