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Auto subscriptions dismissed as a 'rich person's toy' in Edmunds analysis
Analysts at Edmunds put a pencil to the proposition and concluded that most automaker programs aren't worth the hefty price tag. Even with insurance, maintenance and other fees factored into monthly payments, Edmunds says subscription costs far exceed what consumers currently pay for leases.

"At these price points that we're seeing, [a subscription service] virtually makes no sense to anyone," said Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury during a presentation of industry trends to Automotive News.
finance  subscription 
9 weeks ago
Daimler, Bosch to deploy self-driving taxis in U.S.
Daimler and auto supplier Robert Bosch will deploy self-driving taxis in California's Silicon Valley region next year as part of a test program of vehicles designed for city driving, the two companies said on Tuesday.
daimler  technology  selfdriving 
9 weeks ago
Goodwood turns up the heat on traditional auto shows
This year Aston Martin, McLaren, Ford and Tesla are among the brands staging public global or European debuts of new models, but the secret sauce at Goodwood that elevates it above traditional auto shows is what it calls the "dynamic launch." In other words, it is the first time the car is seen moving. For the crowd attending the four-day event starting Thursday, that is a big deal.
9 weeks ago
Lexus dealers push online retailing with Roadster named digital retail partner
In addition to Roadster, Lexus has approved TagRail, and CDK Global as digital partners in an initiative by the brand to boost online retailing options for its dealership network. Roadster and TagRail create digital storefronts on dealership websites. and CDK offer their own online retailing tools.
toyotac  lexus  retail  agency  media 
9 weeks ago
Honda retires its robotic stunt performer Asimo
The company never was able to commercialize the robot but said last week that the technologies that went into successive generations of Asimo robots are being adapted for Honda's mass-produced products and that the company continues research into humanoid robots as "an essential element" of its effort to help people "expand their life's potential."
honda  hondac  brand  content 
9 weeks ago
TBWAChiatDay New York Takes Over Lead Creative Duties on New Nissan Campaign | AgencySpy
Nissan has apparently transferred lead creative duties on some campaigns (note that qualifier) from Zimmerman to TBWA\Chiat\Day New York.

Campaign first reported last month that TBWA had taken over, and the brand’s new campaign would seem to confirm that it is true in some cases

This work promotes the new Kicks subcompact crossover and, as noted in AdAge, started with a soundtrack rather than a script.
nissanc  nissan  agency 
9 weeks ago
Nissan worked backwards to create the first ad for Kicks | CMO Strategy - Ad Age
When creating the first U.S. ad for the new Kicks subcompact crossover, Nissan and agency TBWA ChiatDay New York did not start with a script--they went straight to the soundtrack. Working backwards, they hoped the music would inspire a campaign that was emotional and didn't just plug the vehicle's technology.
nissan  nissanc  brand  content  pipeline 
9 weeks ago
Toyota Launches Honolulu Car-Sharing Service - The Drive
The service, called Hui, will give Hawaiians access to 70 Toyota and Lexus vehicles, all reservable through a smartphone app. The mix of models includes the Toyota Prius, Prius Prime, and Camry (in pseudo-sporty XSE trim), and the Lexus RX 350. Hui is operated by Service Pacific, Toyota's Hawaiian distributor, and the app was developed by Toyota Connected North America, a tech-focused business unit of the automaker.
toyotac  toyota  lexus  technology  carsharing 
9 weeks ago
Toyota Avalon Encourages 'Serious Play' 07/10/2018
Toyota is launching a campaign for the 2019 Avalon that shows off the sedan’s technologically-savvy attributes that aims to deliver 3.1 billion impressions.

The national effort, "Serious Play," dares drivers to “experience adventure, spontaneity and playfulness, and reminds all that the thrill of driving is the real prize. The campaign drives home the notion that the completely redesigned Avalon has everything drivers need to get more out of life,” according to the automaker.
toyota  toyotac  brand  content  pipeline 
9 weeks ago
Volvo Launches New Mobility Brand |
Named M, the new brand offers a updated take on car-sharing.
volvo  technology  carsharing 
9 weeks ago
These 4 Brands Are Thriving at Defining Moments – Adweek
Every auto brand has apps designed to assist car customers in one way or another, but Audi provides a particularly strong example because its mobile tools are dynamically helpful. Its features enable calling for roadside assistance when the user needs a jumpstart, tire change or towing while providing the location, phone number and hours of nearby service centers. These instances are actually defining moments that can cause brand affinity to go south, but instead, these features offer a sense of comfort and a helping hand during a potentially frustrating time. Audi has its customers’ backs.
vwc  audi  technology  infotainment 
9 weeks ago
Mitsubishi Bets People Will Reveal Their Driving Habits to Insurers—For a Freebie - WSJ
Mitsubishi Motors Corp. is trying a novel approach to get more American car owners interested in sharing driving data with auto insurers: $10 off an oil change.

The Japanese car maker has debuted a game-like interface to entice more of its vehicle owners in the U.S. to sign up for a smartphone app that relays digital data on driving habits to insurers, starting last month with State Auto Insurance Companies. In return, drivers earn virtual “badges” for good road manners such as staying within speed limits and avoiding sudden stops over certain periods of time and miles traveled.
mitsubishi  finance  technology  infotainment 
9 weeks ago
VW to launch car-sharing in Germany with EVs next year
VW said on Wednesday the new car-sharing service would be expanded to major cities in Europe, North America and Asia as early as 2020 and focus on core VW-brand cars.
vwc  volkswagen  technology  electric  carsharing 
10 weeks ago
GM JUNE SALES: GMC leads robust month, estimates show
Brands: Buick down 9.4%, Cadillac up 1.4%, Chevy up 5%, GMC rose 17%.

Notable nameplates: Cadillac XT5 up 2%, Chevy Silverado up 5.7%, GMC Sierra up 67%, Chevy Equinox down 26% and Chevrolet Traverse up 7.2%, Buick Encore up 18%, Chevy Cruze down 0.1%, Chevy Volt up 11%, Chevy Corvette down 15%.

U.S. market share: An estimated 16.6 % in June vs. 16.5 % in June 2017; 17.1 % year-to-date through June vs. 16.7 % year-to-date through June 2017.
gm  sales 
10 weeks ago
LUXURY JUNE SALES: BMW takes top spot; supplier disruption hampers Mercedes
BMW edged out its long-time rival, selling 29,407 vehicles for the month, up 1.5 percent from a year ago. Crossovers fueled BMW's performance in June.

Mercedes, meanwhile, suffered a 9.7 percent slide in June sales to 26,191, excluding the brand's commercial van sales.

Rounding out the luxury segment's top five brands in June U.S. sales were Lexus, with sales of 23,750, down 2.6 percent; Audi, with sales of 19,471, up 0.3 percent; and Acura, with deliveries of 14,532, up 3.5 percent
bmwc  daimler  sales  luxury 
10 weeks ago
HONDA: Trucks propel a June high
Brands: Honda up 5%; Acura up 3.5%

Notable nameplates: RDX up 37%; Accord down 10%; Civic up 1.4%; CR-V up 18%.

U.S. market share: 9.4 % in June vs. 9.5 % in June 2017; 9.1 % year-to-date through June vs. 9.4 % year-to-date through June 2017.
hondac  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
HYUNDAI/KIA JUNE U.S. SALES: Expanded crossover lineup provides lift
Brands: Hyundai up 20%; Kia up 0.8%; Genesis down 51%

Notable nameplates: Elantra up 34%; Sonata up 5.4%; Ioniq up 7.1%; Tucson up 62%.

U.S. market share: 7.8 % in June vs. 7.5 % in June 2017; 7.3 % year-to-date through June vs. 7.6 % year-to-date through June 2017.
hkc  sales 
10 weeks ago
NISSAN JUNE U.S SALES: Trucks deliver a milestone month
Brands: Nissan Division rose 2.5 percent to 134,398, Infiniti declined 13 percent to 10,698.

Notable nameplates: Armada sales rose 129% to 5,434 in June and Murano crossover deliveries increased 59% to 1,710. The brand's new subcompact crossover, the Kicks, went on sale in June and generated 563 sales.
nissanc  sales 
10 weeks ago
SUBARU U.S JUNE SALES: Ascent helps deliver another record
Total sales: 59,841, a 15% increase.

Notable nameplates: Outback up 15%, Forester down 9.6%, Crosstrek up 84%, Impreza down 2.2%, WRX/WRX STI down 12%, Legacy down 16%, BRZ down 26%.
subaru  sales 
10 weeks ago
TOYOTA JUNE SALES: Record light-truck demand lifts sales
Brands: Toyota up 4.4%; Lexus down 2.6%

Notable nameplates: Toyota Camry down 4.2%, Toyota Corolla down 9.3%, Toyota C-HR up 40%, Toyota RAV4 up 11%, Toyota Highlander up 25%, Toyota Tacoma up 36%, Lexus NX up 5.8%, Lexus RX up 5.3%, Lexus LS up 163% (789 units last month vs. 300 a year earlier), Lexus ES down 23%.

U.S. market share: 13.5 % in June vs. 13.7 % in June 2017; 13.8 % year-to-date through June vs. 13.7 % year-to-date through June 2017.
toyotac  sales 
10 weeks ago
VW/AUDI JUNE SALES: Crossovers power VW to 5.7% gain; Audi's streak stays alive
Notable nameplates: Audi Q5 up 5.1%; Audi A5 up 26%; Audi Q7 up 2.9%; VW Passat down 28%; VW Golf family down 40%; VW Jetta down 28%; VW Atlas up 53%; VW Tiguan (long wheelbase), 7,788 vehicles.

Incentives (including Porsche): $3,828 per vehicle, up 22% from a year earlier, according to ALG.

Average transaction price (including Porsche): $35,654, up $13 from a year earlier, ALG says.
vwc  sales  porsche 
10 weeks ago
FORD JUNE U.S. SALES: SUVs, pickups fuel retail sales gain
Brands: Ford up 1%, Lincoln up 2.8%

Notable nameplates: F series up 1.7% to 79,204; Transit up 25% to 13,533; Mustang up 20% to 7,400; Fusion down 14% to 15,678; Escape up 6.4% to 28,901; Lincoln Continental down 44% to 546; Navigator up 68% to 1,650.

U.S. market share: 14.8 % in June vs. 15.4 % in June 2017; 14.8 % year-to-date through June vs. 15.3 % year-to-date through June 2017.
fordc  sales 
10 weeks ago
FIAT CHRYSLER JUNE SALES: 8 percent gain paced by Jeep, Ram records
Brands: Jeep up 19%; Ram up 6.3%; Chrysler down 32%; Fiat down 36%; Dodge up 9%; Alfa Romeo up 121%.

Notable nameplates: Ram pickup up 1.1%; Chrysler Pacifica down 26%; Jeep Cherokee up 89%; Jeep Grand Cherokee down 12%; Jeep Wrangler up 23%; Jeep Compass up 82%; Dodge Journey up 86%.

U.S. market share: 13.1 % in June vs. 12.8 % in June 2017; 13 % year-to-date through June vs. 12.7 % year-to-date through June 2017.
fca  sales 
10 weeks ago
June auto sales: Toyota, FCA, Ford, Nissan rise on higher pickup, SUV and crossover demand
U.S. light-vehicle deliveries, boosted by healthy incentives, America's surging appetite for light trucks and an extra weekend of sales, rose 5.2 percent in June as the auto industry closed out the first half of 2018 on a high.

The seasonally adjusted sales rate for June came in at 17.47 million, up sharply from June 2017’s sale pace of 16.72 million and May’s 16.91 million rate.
10 weeks ago
CarMax boosts online buying
CarMax is among a growing group of retailers bolstering e-commerce options as automakers forecast that online sales will represent a big chunk of future business.

By 2025, for example, Porsche expects 30 percent of its vehicle sales will be online, and Mercedes-Benz estimates online sales will account for 25 percent of its volume.
carmax  used  preowned  retail 
10 weeks ago
Atlanta's Buckhead will be home to Daimler's latest innovation center
Lab 1886 will be located at Terminus 100, a 27-story office tower about 8 miles from Mercedes-Benz USA's $93 million headquarters campus.

Daimler will locate the Atlanta innovation center inside a roughly 50,000-square-foot WeWork office at Terminus 100. The Daimler office is expected to accommodate about 25 people, a source told Automotive News. Daimler plans to launch the center next month.
daimler  mbusa  technology 
10 weeks ago
Hyundai captive pilots subscription payment plan
Hyundai Motor Finance is piloting a subscription payment option in Ohio that packages a special lease price, vehicle maintenance and auto insurance, the captive said Wednesday.

The company initially is offering the 36-month Hyundai PLUS lease package on the Elantra, Sonata, Tucson and Santa Fe Sport, and plans to expand it to other models. Hyundai also expects to offer the package in other states soon.
hkc  hyundai  finance  subscription 
10 weeks ago
2019 Lincoln Nautilus gets higher price with new name, updates
The 2019 Nautilus midsize crossover, formerly known as the MKX, will start at $41,335, including shipping, Lincoln said Tuesday. That's 3.2 percent more than the $40,030 starting price for the 2018 MKX.
fordc  lincoln  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
Ram 1500 Classic will be name for outgoing DS pickup
The 2019 Classic will be sold alongside the redesigned 2019 Ram 1500 and go on sale in the fourth quarter, FCA said Tuesday.
fca  ram  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
General Motors exec Alan Batey says technology is transforming dealerships
The automaker has rolled out a slew of GM-developed tools that dealers traditionally would outsource to third parties and has refined its dealer reward programs to more heavily weigh technology initiatives in order to drive profits for the company and dealers.
gm  retail  tier3 
10 weeks ago
Ford Offers Solution to "Phantom" Traffic Jams | Autosphere
On a closed Ford test track, 36 drivers simulated normal highway traffic using adaptive cruise control, which can automatically slow down and speed up to keep pace with the car in front. 

The same drivers then drove the same course, but without the technology, manually braking and accelerating to keep up with the vehicle ahead.

The study showed that even with just one in three vehicles using adaptive cruise control, phantom traffic jams could be significantly reduced.
fordc  technology 
10 weeks ago
Watch new TV ads from Audi, Toyota, Cadillac and more | Hot Spots - Ad Age
Audi: Employee of the Year
Premiered on: SportsCenter With Scott Van Pelt, ESPN
Audi data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 375,686,430 (1% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $2,595,798 (1% of industry)
Attention Score: 90.85
Attention Index: 126 (26% fewer interruptions than avg.)

Cadillac: 2018 Escalade
Premiered on: Artful Detective, Ovation
Cadillac data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 562,358,984 (2% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $5,610,551 (1% of industry)
Attention Score: 91.05
Attention Index: 127 (27% fewer interruptions than avg.)

Toyota: 4th of July Sales Event: This Is Big
Premiered on: KING 5 News at 4:30am, NBC
Toyota data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 1,994,830,986 (7% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $33,998,379 (9% of industry)
Attention Score: 91.53
Attention Index: 131 (31% fewer interruptions than avg.)
gm  cadillac  vwc  audi  toyotac  toyota  brand  content 
10 weeks ago
21 Million Self-Driving Vehicles Projected By 2026 07/03/2018
By the end of 2026, the number of fully autonomous vehicles sold will reach 21 million globally, according to the forecast by Juniper Research. The U.S. will account for 5 million, one in four vehicles sold in the country.

The Far East and China will either lead or be on par with North America and Western Europe, based on the number of autonomous vehicles deployed by the end of 2025, according to Juniper.

By the end of this year, Juniper estimates that 45 million vehicles on the road will have some form of advanced driver assistance systems functionality, reaching 100 million by 2020.
technology  trends  research  selfdriving  safety 
10 weeks ago
2019 BMW X4 First Drive | Edmunds
The BMW X4 arrives at dealerships in July 2018 with a starting price of $50,450 for the xDrive30i and $60,450 for the M40i (destination included), representing around a $4,000 to $7,000 jump over the equivalent X3 trim levels. To be sure, the X4's higher price and reduced utility make it a real head-scratcher to most shoppers. But that's why the BMW X3 exists.
bmwc  bmw  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
Detroit Auto Show to Announce New Time Slot |
Event organizers to announce July or October shift for 2020.
10 weeks ago
New Luxury Demands Less Clutter - Volvo Car USA Newsroom
An overwhelming number (85%) of Americans are seeking to declutter their lives and spaces, with 91% of Americans feeling better when their homes and vehicles are decluttered and simplified, according to a new survey of Americans conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of Volvo Cars.
volvo  research 
10 weeks ago
Dodge Boss Beahm Fills in the Blanks About Brand’s Product Plans |
“Any vehicle in the Dodge brand going forward will have a performance element to it,” said Steve Beahm, the head of Dodge and the other U.S. passenger car brands
fca  dodge  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
First Drive: 2018 Kia Stinger GT1 |
Brand's first sports sedan turns heads, snaps necks.
hkc  kia  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
Dodge Pushing Boundaries Again With Debut of Challenger Hellcat Redeye |
While the 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye won’t quite match the numbers delivered by last year’s limited-edition Demon, it looks to have little to apologize for considering it will still make 797 horsepower – 90 more than the original Hellcat coupe. That will be enough to launch it from 0 to 60 in just 3.4 seconds, with a top speed of 203 mph.
fca  dodge  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
How Driverless Cars Are Going to Change Cities - WSJ
Self-driving cars could mean better public transit, more green space and less congestion. But also: more urban sprawl and greater inequality. .
trends  technology  selfdriving 
10 weeks ago
'Marketing Today': Audi's Loren Angelo 06/27/2018
Highlights from this week’s “Marketing Today” podcast include:

Angelo’s take on leading a challenger brand: “I think it’s one of the best opportunities in any marketer’s career.” (3:14)

An association with another challenger brand: Audi identified a cultural opportunity in forming its partnership with Major League Soccer. (12:00)

Audi has always been a brand that wants to enhance and celebrate the driver’s experience while not turning its back on technology. (16:08)
vwc  brand  content  audi 
10 weeks ago
2018 Mercedes-Benz AMG E 63 S Wagon and GLC 63 S Coupe First Drive | Edmunds
To get this level of performance without penalty doesn't come cheap, and you could say that the price is the one compromise you have to make. The GLC 63 S Coupe starts at $81,745, including destination, which is nearly double the price of the less exciting but equally practical GLC 300 4Matic Coupe. In spite of the limited cargo capacity, the GLC 63 is a comfortable and quick compact luxury SUV.

The E 63 Wagon's extreme track performance does not come at the expense of practicality. It rides worse than the E 400 Wagon, but this is an easy compromise to make for the shopper who demands performance. The E 63 Wagon starts at $107,945, including destination. That may sound steep, but the list of vehicles that match it in cargo space, performance, and overall comfort is short.  For us, it's a benchmark vehicle that shows you can have your cake and eat it, too.
daimler  mbusa  pipeline 
10 weeks ago
Canvas WW Taps Schlechner For New Analytics Role 06/26/2018
Schlechner will lead the agency’s growing analytics practice. He previously worked as managing director, marketing sciences at OMD in Los Angeles. Earlier he spent time at Digitas, Mcgarrybowen and Wunderman. He’s worked with such clients as Apple, Wells Fargo, Activision, Taco Bell and Land Rover.
hkc  agency 
10 weeks ago
Lease Prices Remain Flat for Summer — Mostly |
The lease approval rate hit its highest number in 2018 at 70% last month, jumping from 67.3% in April, and well above the 57.8% at the start of the year. The approval rate was up in February and March, according to
finance  leasing 
10 weeks ago
The Sedan Is Dying, So It’s Time to Buy One - Bloomberg
For consumers, however, the auto industry’s wholesale shift to SUVs represents a massive buying opportunity, at least for those who don’t mind driving a car that looks like, well, a car. If you’re not interested in climbing sand dunes, carting around soccer teams, or seeing around the row of SUVs in front of you at the stop light, then this is your time.
10 weeks ago
Automotive advertisers steer around new social media scrutiny
Jen Cole, CDK Global's vice president of advertising, wasn't surprised by Facebook's steps with third parties.

While CDK uses first-party dealer data for Facebook marketing to mold target audiences, Cole says third-party data can broaden the reach of campaigns. She said advertisers can build dealership customer profiles from first-party data, and then use third-party data to go after similar people.

"We don't expect any significant impact," Cole said. "They are making some changes to how we can leverage IHS/Polk data that comes from Oracle.

"They're not turning it off. They're just putting some new structure in place in terms of how we could leverage it."
media  retail 
12 weeks ago
Reddit redesign revs up engagement for Audi | Digital - Ad Age
The car manufacturer's "Think Faster" campaign featured stars such as Elizabeth Banks and Liza Koshy answering questions from Redditors live – "Ask Me Anything" style – while zooming 120 mph or more in an Audi sports car. Reddit says the redesign of its website and native video ad offering have significantly increased engagement from users.
vwc  audi  brand  content 
12 weeks ago
First Look: 2019 Chevrolet Blazer |
The Chevrolet Blazer will arrive at U.S. dealerships in early 2019. Additional details and pricing will be announced closer to the start of production.
gm  chevrolet  pipeline 
12 weeks ago
2019 Chevrolet Blazer First Look | Edmunds
At a special event in Atlanta, Georgia, Chevrolet surprised the automotive press with the unexpected revival of an old model name and unveiling of a new SUV. It's been almost 14 years since the Blazer name was applied to a Chevy, but that all changes with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer, which slots in between the Equinox and Traverse.
gm  chevrolet  pipeline 
12 weeks ago
Chevy Blazer resurrected as tech-savvy, sporty crossover for 2019
The new midsize Blazer, which GM last produced in 2005 as a body-on-frame SUV, will slot between Chevrolet's compact Equinox and large Traverse crossovers -- both of which were redesigned for 2018 and helped GM post record U.S. crossover sales last year.
gm  chevrolet  pipeline 
12 weeks ago
VW, Ford eye alliance to develop 'potential products across a number of areas'
Ford, in a statement, said the two automakers have signed a memorandum of understanding allowing them to explore "potential products across a number of areas -- including developing a range of commercial vehicles together to better serve the evolving needs of customers."
vwc  fordc 
12 weeks ago
GM Revamps Responsibilities for Ammann, Reuss |
Ammann focusing on autonomous vehicles, Reuss leads products, Cadillac
12 weeks ago
Toyota Sympathizes With Tired Soccer Fans 06/21/2018
Toyota is running a campaign aimed at Hispanic soccer fans in the U.S. who are likely experiencing fatigue from the plethora of early morning games.

The Toyota Tundra Power campaign, from Conill, includes a 90-second video that shows how Toyota is sympathetic to the plight of the overextended fan. 

Over the next three weeks, Toyota will reward these early-rising fans with an extra jolt of energy through a great cup of conffee. Toyota traveled to the Veracruz region of Mexico with a top coffee producer to create a special beverage that embodies the spirit of Tundra.

World Foods & Flavor, U.S. importers and distributors of coffee have created a special formulation made with 100% Mexican coffee beans that fuse blends of Robusta and Arabica creating an intense roast.
toyota  toyotac  brand  content 
12 weeks ago
2019 Volvo S60 First Look | Edmunds
Take one look at its muscular flanks and aggressive front end, and you realize the redesigned 2019 Volvo S60 is completely different from the outgoing model. Typical Volvo strengths — including numerous advanced safety features and a range of powerful, fuel-efficient engines — remain, now joined by improvements such as a superior touchscreen interface and adaptive suspension dampers that can provide a comfortable or sporty ride. It all adds up to a car that should prove a formidable rival to the German marques.
volvo  pipeline 
12 weeks ago
Audi, Hyundai to Partner on Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Development - The Drive
Audi is also planning to launch its first fuel-cell production model.
vwc  audi  hkc  hyundai  technology  fuelcell 
12 weeks ago
Nissan Signs On As Sponsor Of Motor Trend Group's 'The Truck Show' 06/20/2018
Nissan’s sponsorship of “The Truck Show” podcast, which spans 40 episodes through March 2019, is focused on generating awareness, perception, and consideration of the Nissan brand amongst Motor Trend Group’s influential truck enthusiasts, says Jeremy Tucker, vice president of marketing and brand communications for Nissan North America.
nissan  nissanc  brand  content 
12 weeks ago
2019 Honda Insight First Drive | Edmunds
The 2019 Honda Insight arrives at dealers in early summer 2018 with a price range from $23,725 to $28,985, including destination. That pricing, like the fuel economy, compares favorably with the Toyota Prius and the Hyundai Ioniq. But the Insight's greater power and upscale interior make it a nicer car to drive in the real world. What's better, the design means you can have the fuel economy of a hybrid without announcing it to the whole world.
hondac  honda  pipeline  technology  electric 
12 weeks ago
2018 U.S. Initial Quality Study (IQS) | J.D. Power
Genesis, Kia and Hyundai Are Three Highest-Ranked Brands
research  hkc  hyundai  kia  genesis 
12 weeks ago
2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class First Drive | Edmunds
The interior remains pleasantly fashionable with controls that are easy to operate. Just as before, these Mercedes models compete against the BMW 3 and 4 Series as well as the Audi A4 and A5. The C-Class maintains its position in this class as the more luxury-oriented choice against the more athletic BMWs, while the Audi largely splits the difference and adds more high-tech features.

Deciding between any of these German sedans, coupes and convertibles will depend more on your personal preference than any objective differences. You can see for yourself when the refreshed 2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class models arrive in showrooms at the end of this year.
daimler  mbusa  pipeline 
12 weeks ago
Ford Plants the Blue Oval in Detroit |
Bill Ford says move isn't a gesture, company expects a return on its investment.
12 weeks ago
Goodby's debut for BMW draws on Einstein and the summer sun | CMO Strategy - Ad Age
Goodby, Silverstein & Partners channels Albert Einstein in its first work for BMW since winning the account in March. The ad, "Relativity," promotes the brand's "Summer On" sales event.
Shots of roaring BMWs mingle with summer scenes as a voiceover links the seasonal pleasures to the vehicles: "The brightest star from 93 million miles away creates 93 longer days and 93 warmer nights—134,000 minutes of windows down and music up."
bmw  bmwc  brand  content 
12 weeks ago
2019 Kia Optima First Drive | Edmunds
You don't want to be caught asleep at the switch in the midsize sedan segment. With the recent arrivals of the Honda Accord, Mazda 6 and Toyota Camry, Kia wanted to make sure the 2019 Kia Optima stayed fresh both in looks and in the minds of sedan buyers. Updates for this year include styling revisions, along with additional safety and entertainment features.
hkc  kia  pipeline 
12 weeks ago
Small used-car prices rise unexpectedly
"Those sedans, those coupes, all of those segments were really pounded by low gas prices," Edmunds senior analyst Ivan Drury told Automotive News. "It's been years since we've seen anybody look at used sedans as worth something."
preowned  used  trends 
june 2018
Hyundai Veloster, featured in 'Ant-Man,' proves to be a tiny superhero
The first Veloster was a loyalty magnet responsible for drawing a younger crowd that was new to the brand. Hyundai cited a Maritz study, conducted from October 2016 to September 2017, that found that 45 percent of Veloster buyers stuck with the brand for their next vehicles — a loyalty number surpassed only by the Chevrolet Camaro and Volkswagen Beetle.
hyundai  hkc  pipeline  brand  content 
june 2018
Lincoln's next-gen MKC to be called Corsair
Dealers were shown the Corsair, along with the next-generation Ford Escape, Explorer, Mach 1 battery-electric crossover, a small off-road SUV and a Lincoln Continental sedan with suicide doors late last month at a meeting in Orlando, according to those in the room. But the sources cautioned that Ford could change the Corsair's name before the vehicle goes into production.
fordc  lincoln  pipeline 
june 2018
Honda homes in on target market for 2019 Insight hybrid
For Honda, that means finding the 2019 Insight a patch of real estate where it doesn't cannibalize Honda's Accord Hybrid or Clarity plug-in hybrid, and where it can compete well against the Toyota Prius and challengers such as Hyundai's Ioniq family and the Kia Niro.

The tight spot has Honda targeting the Insight, which is priced below the Accord and Clarity, at younger buyers who haven't begun families and are described as "style-, image- and eco-conscious." The automaker is trying to position the Insight to avoid turf battles with its hybrid sedans and the unelectrified Civic, whose highway fuel economy is estimated at 42 mpg.
honda  hondac  pipeline  technology  electric 
june 2018
Ford CEO Jim Hackett vows closer ties with dealers
Ford showed dealers the new products that will replace those sedans. They saw video renderings of a small off-road SUV as well as a battery electric crossover tentatively called the Mach 1, as well as physical prototypes of the next-generation Escape, Explorer, Lincoln Corsair and a Continental with suicide doors, according to those in the room.
fordc  retail 
june 2018
At Hyundai, new cars and trucks shift from family look to sexier design
Hyundai will soon start rolling out a design language that gives each model and each segment its own aesthetic. The goal is to better tailor styling to the target customers most likely to buy a nameplate, while injecting more creativity, emotion and sex appeal into the brand's big and growing lineup.
hkc  hyundai 
june 2018
Hyundai, Kia Announce Global Reorganization Plans |
Korean carmakers will get more regional autonomy in U.S., Europe.
hkc  hyundai  kia 
june 2018
Watch new TV ads from Apple, Powerade, Kia and more | Hot Spots - Ad Age
Kia: FIFA: Never Outgrow Your Love for Kia
Premiered on: 2018 FIFA World Cup Match Day - 1, Fox Sports 1
Kia data for the last 30 days
Impressions: 1,166,202,986 (4% of industry)
Est. TV Spend: $19,331,866 (5% of industry)
Attention Score: 89.03
Attention Index: 112 (12% fewer interruptions than avg.)
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june 2018
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