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Truck market speeding toward 70%
Seven of the top 10 selling vehicles in the U.S. this year are light trucks, vs. six in the top 10 in all of 2017.

It's the tiniest of those vehicles — subcompact crossovers — that are propelling the market, with sales up 61 percent in March and 38 percent year-to-date.
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2 days ago
The 0% auto loan era fading into America's rearview mirror
Car manufacturers that took advantage of near-zero benchmark rates to cheaply lure buyers into showrooms now have to look to other tools in their battle for market share. As those kinds of financing deals fall off the table, automakers are leaning more on cash incentives or discounted lease payments to draw buyers within a shrinking market. J.D. Power estimates car companies were offering discounts of more than 10 percent off suggested retail prices as of mid-March.
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2 days ago
BMW launches subscription pilot in at Sonic dealership in Tennessee
Access by BMW is targeted at affluent customers willing to pay high monthly fees for two tiers of service starting at $2,000 for the Legend level. That includes an array of vehicles including the 4-series coupe and convertible, M2, X5 and 5-series sedan, including a plug-in hybrid variant. The current plans top out with the $3,700 M tier, which includes BMW's most powerful models such as the M4 convertible, M5 sedan, M6 convertible, X5M and X6M. More price tiers, including one at a sub-$2,000 price point will come later, Smith said.
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2 days ago
Nissan U.S. sales drop 3.6% in March
Brands: Nissan down 3.6% to 145,103 car and light-truck sales; Infiniti down 4.6% to 17,432.

Notable nameplates: Nissan Rogue, the brand's best-seller, posted the best monthly performance in its history with sales up 6.7% to 42,151. Frontier pickup sales rose 28%, while Titan pickup sales fell 11%. On the car side, Sentra rose 14% and Leaf climbed 1.5%; all other car lines dropped by double-digit percentages. On the Infiniti side, Q50 rose 34%. QX30 dropped 59% to 1,227 vehicles.
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2 days ago
Mercedes loses U.S. sales momentum in March
BMW AG’s namesake brand outsold Mercedes-Benz for the first time this year, eking out a 1 percent gain in March. The increase, driven by the 5-series sedan, was BMW’s smallest gain in five months. Mercedes deliveries slipped 2.4 percent as demand for its top car, the C class, plunged.

Total U.S. luxury vehicle sales, despite the German automaker results,  grew 3.6 percent in March to 190,262 vehicles. First quarter luxury sales improved 2.9 percent to 470,756 vehicles, according to the Automotive News Data Center.
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2 days ago
Honda U.S. sales rise in March behind trucks, Civic
Brands: Honda up 2.6%; Acura up 16%

Notable nameplates: On the Honda side: Accord down 9.9%; Civic up 3.4%; CR-V down 3.1%; HR-V up 1.3%; Odyssey up 28%; Pilot up 42%; On the Acura side; ILX, up 11%; TLX up 43%; RDX up 17%; MDX down 2.9%
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2 days ago
Hyundai drops 11% in March, Kia rises 2.5%
Brands: Hyundai down 11%; Genesis down 21%; Kia up 2.5%

Notable nameplates: For Kia: Sportage up 41%; Soul up 5%. On Hyundai side, Tucson up 31%, Elantra down 31%.

For Genesis: G80 down 22%, G90 down 17%.
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2 days ago
Mazda launches new ad campaign called 'Feel Alive'
Consumers are the centerpiece of Mazda's new "Feel Alive" advertising campaign as the company tries to reposition itself as a fan-first brand.

A 60-second spot launched Monday during the NCAA men's basketball championship game and showed the Vision Coupe, MX-5 Miata roadster and freshened 2018 Mazda6 sedan.
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2 days ago
Toyota posts third straight month of U.S. sales gains
Brands: Toyota up 4.5%, Lexus down 3.2%

Notable nameplates: Toyota Camry down 1.1%, Toyota Corolla down 4%, Toyota RAV4 up 9.1%, Toyota Highlander up 19%, Toyota Tacoma up 21%, Toyota Tundra up 14%, Lexus NX up 4.3%, Lexus RX up 3.9%, Lexus LS up 172% (1,008 vs. 370), Lexus ES down 15%, new Toyota C-HR subcompact tallied 5,253 in March for its best month since it was launched in April.
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2 days ago
CANADA: Sales dip 0.5% in March, but finished up overall in Q1
Trucks once again dominated monthly sales, comprising 71 percent of overall sales in March, compared with 67 percent last year. Trucks represented 72 percent of sales during the first quarter of 2018, according to the Global Automakers of Canada.
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2 days ago
Outback and Crosstrek lead Subaru's best U.S. March ever
Total sales: 58,097, a 5.9 percent increase.

Notable nameplates: Outback up 5.7 percent, Forester down 7.5 percent, Crosstrek up 88 percent, Impreza, down 22 percent, WRX/STI down 0.7 percent, Legacy, down 21 percent and BRZ down 16 percent.
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2 days ago
VW, Audi sales rise on crossovers, Audi A5
Brands: VW up 18%, Audi up 7.4%.

Notable nameplates: Audi Q5 up 25%; Audi A5 up 284%; Audi Q7 up 15%; VW Passat down 32%; VW Golf family down 24%; VW Jetta down 43%; VW Atlas, 6,063 sales; VW Tiguan (redesigned), 8,276 sales.
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2 days ago
Ford sales rise 3.5% in March on F-series sales
Brands: Ford up 3.7%; Lincoln down 2.1%

Notable nameplates: F series up 7% to 87,011, the best March sales since 2000; Lincoln Navigator up 91% to 1,711 units; Mustang down 5.4%, Lincoln Continental down 14%; Fusion down 14%; EcoSport posted its best month yet with 3,296 sold.
fordc  sales 
2 days ago
Crossovers sales lead GM to 16% increase as incentives rise
Brands: Buick up 28%, Cadillac up 13%, Chevy increased 16%, GMC rose 11%.

Notable nameplates: Cadillac XT5 up 17%, Chevy Silverado up 24%, GMC Sierra down 7.5%, Chevy Equinox and Chevrolet Traverse both up 41%, Buick Encore up 82%, Chevy Cruze down 13%, Chevy Volt down 16%, Chevy Corvette down 15%.
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2 days ago
FCA March sales rise 14% on record Jeep sales pace
Brands: Jeep up 45%; Ram down 13%; Chrysler up 15%; Fiat down 47%; Dodge down 1.8%; Alfa Romeo 2,576 vehicles.

Notable nameplates: Ram pickup down 11%; Chrysler Pacifica up 40%; Jeep Cherokee up 63%; Jeep Grand Cherokee down 3.7%; Jeep Wrangler up 70%; Jeep Compass up 553%; Dodge Journey down 13%; Alfa Romeo Stelvio, sales of 1,270 vehicles.
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2 days ago
Sales rise 6.4% as spring season starts with a bang
FCA snaps skid; GM, VW Group also post double-digit gains
2 days ago
Study performs a checkup of brands' health
"If you're behaviorally healthy, you're on [shoppers'] consideration list," said George Seretis, Cox Automotive's senior manager of strategic insights. "If you're attitudinally healthy, you have an advantage against others on the list."

A low-selling brand still can be healthy. Low-volume brands with strong perceptions that "punch above their weight" include Subaru, Ram, Volvo, Mazda and Genesis, Seretis said. He added: "As Genesis adds models, especially in key segments, it's well positioned from an attitudinal standpoint."
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2 days ago
Subaru dealers promised product to drive sales
The key to higher sales will be marketing, said Sommer. He said the dealer council has ongoing conversations with Subaru to increase its spending on marketing. "The marketing is one of the huge strengths of this brand," Sommer said. "Retailers love it and we want to see more of it and more investment in it."
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2 days ago
Audi focus: CPO tweak, new product
"Another reason why it's good to be an Audi dealer is that everything starts with product, and our product is hot," said David Rosenberg, chairman of the Audi National Dealer Council and CEO of Prime Motor Group in Westwood, Mass. "The money that's been spent over the past decade on r&d is astounding, and we have vehicles coming out that we just can't wait to hit the shelves."
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2 days ago
Mazda dealers get factory ad push
"Starting in April, you will see the new mindset," Jim Bagan, Mazda National Dealer Advisory Council chairman, said after the meeting.

"It is so significantly different from where we've been and who we've been talking to and how we've been talking to them," Bagan told Automotive News. "We really think that this could give us a significantly better position in the consumer's mind of what the brand stands for."
mazda  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Volvo plans to focus on used sales, service
Volvo will increase its spending on marketing in 2018 to support the updated product. More resources will go into promoting used-vehicle sales and service, and toward improving dealership training, he said.
volkswagen  retail  nada 
2 days ago
New QX50 factors big for Infiniti dealers
"This new model is so important to us," Parker told Automotive News after the meeting. "We really want our dealers to take their time selling it, to focus on the vehicle itself, to sell customers on its styling and its technology — not to be pressured to sell it, but to sell it on its merits."

Parker told the dealer meeting that Infiniti advertising will promote the QX50 all year, except for the two months of its annual summer sales event and the year-end sale period in November and December.
nissanc  infiniti  nada  retail  pipeline 
2 days ago
Marketing, volume on Mini dealers' minds
The marketing spend and the awareness of Mini in the U.S. has fallen short, said Thomas Felbermair, vice president of Mini of the Americas. "We have a new agency on board. We have a new campaign starting this month, and the numbers really show a positive trend," he told dealers.
mini  bmwc  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Redesigned RDX crossover feeds optimism at Acura
"Acura has some pretty firm goals, but they're going to make them."
hondac  acura  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Kia awards, new product create dealer optimism
The new products, Sprague said, will likely boost dealerships' profitability. "What we need to do is have [dealers] stay focused on those, continue to stretch a little bit and continue to take care of the customer," he said.

"We've got data that shows we're losing a lot of customers because of dealer treatment, so we're trying to help them understand where those issues are so that they can retain those customers."
hkc  kia  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Porsche reassures dealers: You will be involved in subscriptions
"Our plan to go forward is, of course, to incorporate our dealer partners into the future of subscription models, but we first need to really understand what our customers appreciate or don't appreciate," said Porsche Cars North America CEO Klaus Zellmer after the make meeting at the NADA Show.
porsche  retail  nada  finance  subscription 
2 days ago
Nissan says dealer profits a 2018 priority
Dan Mohnke, Nissan Division's new senior vice president for U.S. sales & marketing and operations, told the dealers that the company will lay out details of the plan after the start of its fiscal year, which began April 1.

Nissan vows to help dealers bolster profitability.
Factory output will be reduced to relieve sales pressure.
Plan for brand marketing shift, less reliance on leasing and sales incentives was scheduled to be released after April 1
He told them it will involve reduced factory production and lower U.S. inventories in an effort to relieve the pressure to sell vehicles at discounted prices, and less factory reliance on low-profit fleet sales.
nissan  nissanc  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Toyota dealers get a peek at new products
Dealers were also given a sneak peek at Toyota and Lexus products that aren't yet being shared with the public.

Toyota executives also told dealers about products from the Toyota Connected unit, which gathers data for future vehicle features, and the Toyota Research Institute, which is developing platforms for advanced safety systems and automated driving.
toyota  toyotac  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Volkswagen dealers 'don't want to be second-rate' in U.S.
Dealers expressed reservations about Volkswagen's aggressive sales growth plans — which include the brand returning to a market share above 5 percent, which it last held in the U.S. in 1970 — and some skepticism that the German brand will support dealers' sales goals with incentives that are competitive with those of domestic brands.
vwc  volkswagen  retail  nada 
2 days ago
Hyundai tells Genesis castoffs: Don't lose hope
The brand put together a compensation package for those dealers that was designed to be generous, consistent and "more than fair," Raphael said. But he said he knew it wouldn't please everybody, and he acknowledged that there's a contingent of Hyundai dealers who are still upset that they will be left out of the new Genesis retail network.
hkc  hyundai  genesis  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Wrangler pickup should be in dealerships by next April
After the meeting, dealers said Reid Bigland, head of U.S. sales for FCA, told them "economic conditions are good" for sales growth in 2018, especially given increased availability of the Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500 pickup. Both vehicles were recently redesigned.
fca  jeep  ram  nada  retail  pipeline 
2 days ago
Startup Haah Automotive aims to channel Chinese brands to U.S.
The Chinese brands could attract American consumers with offerings such as value-priced vehicles and EVs.

"Some of the Koreans and some of the Japanese have voided the market of value. They've continued to move up market," Hale said. "I'm going to suggest that the pricing is going to be in the neighborhood of 15 percent below the target competition."
nada  retail  pipeline 
2 days ago
Courtship begins for Chinese brands
Indeed, last month at the NADA Show here, it was often the dealers who were pitching themselves to Guangzhou Automobile Group, and not the other way around.

"We came from Sarasota, Florida, to be here," said Gordon Hunter, general sales manager of Suncoast Motorsports, which sells Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles. "We came here just for this car."
gac  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Mitsubishi promises more leasing support
The automaker responded to dealer requests for more leasing support by saying it will work this year with its U.S. finance provider, Ally Financial, to develop some competitive lease products — a recurring hot button for Mitsubishi's dealer body at the moment, according to retailers who attended the brand's NADA Show make meeting.
mitsubishi  nada  retail 
2 days ago
Cadillac dealers gain role in Book subscription service
Book gives subscribers on-demand access to Cadillac vehicles for $1,800 a month — up $300 from the initial launch — without the commitment of leasing, financing or purchasing. The cost includes registration, taxes, insurance and maintenance.

Members use a mobile app to reserve vehicles that are delivered to specified locations. They may exchange vehicles up to 18 times a year.
gm  cadillac  finance  subscription 
2 days ago
Chevy Betting on Facelifts to Prop Up Three Passenger Cars |
Malibu, Cruze and Spark get updates – but nada for slow-selling Sonic.
gm  chevrolet  pipeline 
2 days ago
Nicki Minaj gets in the passenger seat of the Mercedes A-Class in new campaign | The Drum
In the campaign, ‘Just Like You,’ we see that the new Mercedes A-Class is kind of like a smart-phone on wheels, allowing for automation and personalization with plenty of shiny features. The campaign from Antoni in Berlin focuses on the way it adapts to the driver, not the other way around.
mbusa  daimler  brand  content 
2 days ago
Falken Digital TV set to debut this month - Tire Business - The Tire Dealer's No. 1 News Source
"We're targeting to equip approximately 4,000 Falken tire dealers with Falken Digital TV in 2018 alone, enabling them to stream the content into their shops and waiting areas without any subscription or programming fees," Nick Fousekis, director, advertising and promotions, said.

"This initiative is designed to educate our retailers as well as their customers on Falken products, while entertaining them with a variety of automotive focused programming from open to close of business."
falken  tires  brand  content 
2 days ago
Fiat Chrysler Spinning Off Magneti Marelli Parts Business |
Founded 99 years ago, Magneti Marelli has been the target of spin-off rumors almost since Fiat effectively took control of Chrysler after the U.S. automaker emerged from bankruptcy.  Rumors have only accelerated over the last several years, Marchionne indicating he has wanted to focus on FCA’s core business.
2 days ago
VW, Netsertive Partner to Drive Local Sales - Top News - Internet Department - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
Volkswagen is using Netsertive’s digital marketing intelligence technology to arm its dealer network with brand compliant, performance-based digital marketing campaigns built to boost its local market sales, according to the announcement.
vwc  volkswagen  agency  media 
2 days ago
Drew and Jonathan Scott, TV’s ‘Property Brothers,’ join Habitat for Humanity and Nissan to kick off month-long Home is the Key campaign - Nissan - Nissan Online Newsroom
Also in its second year as a Home is the Key sponsor, Nissan will donate $1 to Habitat for every time #HomeIsTheKey is shared on social media, up to $250,000. Nissan and Habitat have partnered together for over a decade and have helped families all over the world build and own their home.
nissan  nissanc  brand  content 
2 days ago
Ford's Focus On Hispanic Market For F-150 Pays Off 04/05/2018
From 2010 to 2017, Hispanics were responsible for 22% of the total incremental growth of the F-150. Additionally, from 2016 to 2017, the F-Series gained Hispanic sales and increased share among Hispanics in the full-size pickup segment.
ford  fordc 
2 days ago
BMW's Access Follows Leaders in Luxury Leasing |
The maker is using the app-based program to allow consumer to drive its top performance cars for as much as $3,700 a month. The new service kicks off this week in Nashville, Tennessee, and allows users unlimited access to cars.
bmw  bmwc  finance  subscription 
2 days ago
Karma Automotive to debut 2nd TV spot during Masters Golf Tournament | Auto Remarketing
"CBS coverage of the Masters kicks off spring for many parts of the nation, giving way to warm weather cruising that our customers clearly enjoy," Jim Taylor, Karma chief revenue officer said in a news release. "The Masters is one of the largest media platforms of the year, especially for our customer audience. This is the right broadcast for us to tell our exciting story and continue the launch of the Revero and Karma brand."
karma  brand  content 
2 days ago
KBB: Average New-Car Price Jumps 2% in March - Top News - DP's Office - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
The 2% year-over-year increase in the ATP was headlined by SUVs, particularly in the mid-size and full-size segments, the firm noted. “Although fuel prices were up last month, SUV sales remain strong and new models like the Chevrolet Traverse and Lincoln Navigator helped elevate their respective segments,” said Kelley Blue Book analyst Tim Fleming.
trends  finance 
2 days ago
Toyota turns your car-buying woes into ugly but also kind of cute creatures - Video - Creativity Online
In New Zealand, car maker goes all out to make a point about its 'Drive Happy Project'
toyota  toyotac  brand  content 
2 days ago
GM to Stop Reporting Monthly Sales Numbers |
“Not enough time to separate” trends from fluctuations.
gm  sales 
2 days ago
Waymo Isn’t Slowing Down: Pact With Honda Could Include Delivery - Bloomberg
The Honda model may move people and goods, Krafcik hinted; it might be smaller than a truck and could come without a steering wheel or brakes. A Honda spokesman said the companies are “continuing to explore” the relationship. 
hondac  commercial  technology  selfdriving  waymo 
2 days ago
Jeep lets viewers ride the waves with World Surf League 360-degree experience | Mobile Marketer
The effort, created by Rapid VR, follows WSL Championship Tour surfers Jordy Smith and Malia Manual as they drive around Oahu, Hawaii in Jeep vehicles looking for the best waves. 
fca  jeep  vr  brand  content 
2 days ago
Subaru Focuses On Longevity With 'Never Too Early' Brand Spot 04/03/2018
The spot, from Carmichael Lynch, features a young couple at the beach eager to share all the wonders of the world with their soon-to-be-born daughter. Since  they’ve chosen to drive the long-lasting Subaru Outback, their car is still going strong even when the whole family returns to their original beach more than a decade later.
subaru  brand  content 
2 days ago
Kia Continues Strong Ties To NBA 04/03/2018
Kia is the official automotive partner of the NBA and also has partnered with 11 individual teams, including the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat andNew York Knicks. The automaker has a dedicated microsite with all of its NBA promotions, including The Race to the Kia MVP ladder, which takes a weekly look at the game's top MVP candidates.
hkc  kia  brand  content 
2 days ago
Lincoln Adds Pre-Owned Vehicles to Subscription Program - Top News - DP's Office - Top News - Auto Dealer Today
This service is being expanded at a time when used luxury vehicles are performing poorly at auction. Wholesale luxury prices have seen steady declines in recent years, and off-lease supply of luxury vehicles have been growing, further saturating the market.
fordc  lincoln  preowned  used  finance  subscription 
2 days ago
OnStar rebranding efforts put safety first
General Motors plans to relaunch the OnStar brand in a national ad campaign, directing focus back to safety and security from connectivity. This is the first national marketing campaign for OnStar in six years.

Gerard Connell, OnStar's marketing director, told reporters that statistically, it's not a matter of if, but when, drivers in the U.S. will require roadside assistance.
gm  onstar  brand  content  technology  infotainment 
3 days ago
2019 Yaris sedan gets name change, 3 trim levels
The 2018 Yaris iA will now be just called the Yaris sedan. It arrived in North America as the Scion iA before the brand was shut down in 2016. To confuse matters more, the small sedan is actually a Mazda2 rebadged for Toyota in North America.
toyota  toyotac  pipeline 
3 days ago
Hyundai dealers grapple with Genesis selection process
There's a contingent of Hyundai dealers who are upset that they won't be one of the 100 or so operations that get a standalone Genesis store as the fledgling luxury brand charts its path forward.

Most of Hyundai's approximately 840 dealers will lose their right to carry Genesis products, including all of the nearly 500 stores that sell only the Genesis G80, as Genesis trims its network to about 100 stores concentrated in 48 markets. Those locales include Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco
hkc  hyundai  genesis  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Volvo's 'time to deliver' for dealer profitability
Volvo will increase its marketing spend in 2018 to support the updated product. More resources will go into promoting used-car sales and improving dealership training, he said.

"Used cars and customer service is our medicine," Gustafsson said. "We, Volvo, need to do a better job. We need to support our retailers to get even better on used cars and customer service."
volvo  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Dealer optimism slowly building for Cadillac
Concerns continued to be raised about product plans and standards under Project Pinnacle, Cadillac's ambitious and contentious program to overhaul its dealership operations. But dealers said the concerns were more about tweaking Pinnacle rather than changing its core principles.
gm  cadillac  nada  retail 
3 days ago
GM dealers raise concerns regarding CDK Global
Concerns included untimely dealer support, "clunky" functionality and simply not having another GM-approved choice for websites.

One dealer said Hill alluded to addressing the concerns in the future, without providing any details. GM declined to comment on CDK.

Two dealers said they would like to see GM add other providers for the services, like some competitors have done. GM does not mandate stores use CDK, however the company incentivizes dealers to do so to have consistent messaging for all the brands.
gm  nada  retail  media 
3 days ago
BMW hikes U.S. marketing outlays amid product push
"Could we always spend more money on marketing? Yes," Kuhnt said. "But we feel the key launches for us are supported appropriately from our point of view. We have enough money to do that."

There is a lot of coming product to push. The new X2 crossover just reached dealerships. Also going on sale this year are the redesigned X4 and X5 crossovers, the new 8-series coupe and the redesigned 3-series sedan. The new X7 large crossover will go on sale in early 2019.
bmw  bmwc  nada  retail  pipeline 
3 days ago
Infiniti dealer meeting: Keep an eye on gross margins, dealers told
Infiniti also told dealers it will be important to "take their time" in retailing the model, which has gotten its first full redesign since it appeared in late 2007 under the name EX.

Randy Parker, Infiniti Americas vice president, urged dealers to retail the crossover with an eye toward gross margin and view it as an opportunity to boost dealership profitability.

Parker said that, to reduce selling pressure on the vehicle, Infiniti has removed it from the factory's normal sales incentive program — a move to ensure dealers do not discount its pricing to hit monthly sales goals.
nissanc  infiniti  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Mercedes dealer meeting: Subscriptioin pilot will launch in June
Mercedes-Benz USA confirmed to dealers Saturday that it would launch its U.S. subscription service pilot in two cities in June.

The announcement at the brand's make meeting was short on certain details. The cities and planned length of the pilot were not disclosed, Greg Barnes, chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Dealer Board, said after the meeting.
daimler  mbusa  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Honda cuts U.S. Accord output as sales slip, supplies grow
"Honda's principle is to develop leadership products, position correctly in the marketplace and support with great marketing," Arcangeli said. "The [Accord] has performed very well. The challenge has been that the overall midsize segment is about 15 percent lower than last year. There's also competitors that are spending close to $100 million a month on incentives, and that's not Honda's business model, and we're never going to do something like that."

Dealers leaving the meeting were tight-lipped about discussions with Honda management concerning the Accord, but one passing dealer told Automotive News it's a "great car" and that "we're going to work it out."
honda  hondac  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Subaru dealer meeting: More retailers will sell 1,000 vehicles per year
It's CEO Tom Doll's "promise to our dealers that more of them will be able to sell 1,000 vehicles a year based on the right product, the right product availability and the right marketing," Michael McHale, Subaru's director of corporate communications, said after the meeting.

Of Subaru's 630 U.S. dealerships, about 244 sell 1,000 vehicles a year. Doll wants to boost that to 315, said McHale.
subaru  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Dealers battle pressure on used margins
"We always recognized the used-car department as a last bastion" of profitability, but that's no longer a safe assumption, he said Friday at the Cox Automotive press conference.

For the average U.S. dealership in 2017, used-vehicle department gross profit represented 11.7 percent of selling price, down from 12.1 percent in 2016 and 12.6 percent in 2015, according to NADA Data 2017, the annual financial profile of franchised new-vehicle dealerships in the United States.
trends  nada  preowned  used  retail  tier3 
3 days ago
Mini dealer meeting: Rising sales my lift dealer profits
Sales volume has risen 14 percent this year through February from the year earlier, and March will finish with strong sales, said Thomas Felbermair, vice president of Mini of the Americas.

"This has been the first time [in] five years that Mini has been in a turnaround situation, and that was thanks to the Countryman," he said.
bmwc  mini  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Car dealer business model is changing
All of the objectives sound pretty good. So what's wrong with running a store this way?

Well, No. 1, all those little tasks add up to about 150 work hours a week — and auto retailers have a few other things to tend to.

But No. 2, they're simply somebody else's objectives, reducing a store owner to the role of a general manager working for a demanding proprietor.

That business model differs from what ruled the land in the past. And it's not the entrepreneurial model that attracted many dealers into this business in the first place.
trends  nada  retail  tier3 
3 days ago
Lincoln plans suicide doors on the Continental sedan
In addition to the Continental, dealers saw the upcoming Aviator crossover, which will debut next week at the New York auto show. Joy Falotico, the newly appointed head of Lincoln, briefed the room on the company's plans to add the Aviator and an additional SUV by 2020, as well as four other vehicles after 2020, which it announced last week as part of a new product blitz.

"The cycle plan is central to our business," Luis Somoano, chairman of the Lincoln National Dealer Council and president of Doral Lincoln near Miami, told Automotive News. "They've put a lot of investment in that."

Robert Parker, director of marketing, sales and service for the brand, said the recent launch of the Navigator and upcoming launch of Aviator is helping bring new customers to the brand, which has set a goal of 300,000 global sales by the end of the decade. Lincoln sold just over 188,000 vehicles globally last years. U.S. sales fell 0.5 percent to 111,159 vehicles.
fordc  lincoln  nada  retail  pipeline 
3 days ago
Kia: Customer care, product keys to profit
Kia dealerships excel in fixed operations, but must improve sales satisfaction, he said. Taking the top spot in J.D. Power's 2017 Initial Quality Survey for the second straight year has improved brand perception, he said.
hkc  kia  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Profits a top goal for VW dealers as brand recovers
"The dealers overall don't want to be second-rate players in America," Michael DiFeo, chairman of the Volkswagen National Dealer Advisory Council, said Saturday after the brand's make meeting here. "Volkswagen is one of the largest and most profitable automakers in the world, and it's time that we start behaving that way in America."
vwc  volkswagen  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Ford doubles co-op advertising money for dealers
The automaker told dealers at its annual make meeting at the 2018 NADA Show that, by June, they will have roughly $270 million available annually in their advertising co-op, up from about $135 million today. Ford uses the co-op money to reimburse dealers for digital and print advertising that meet certain criteria.
ford  fordc  nada  retail 
3 days ago
Mazda dealers promised ad blitz in April
"Starting in April, you will see the new mindset," said Jim Bagan, Mazda National Dealer Advisory Council chairman, following the brand's make meeting.

"It is so significantly different from where we've been, and who we've been talking to, and how we've been talking to them," Bagan told Automotive News. "We really think that this could give us a significantly better position in the consumer's mind of what the brand stands for."
mazda  nada  retail 
3 days ago
New Acura RDX crossover creates buzz among dealers
Speaking after Acura's make meeting, Ikeda described the dealer mood in Las Vegas as optimistic. He said the brand discussed how it wants to work with dealers to increase profitability.

Ikeda thinks the marketing around the critical RDX will need an emotional touch.

"This car has so many best-in-class features. Panoramic sunroof, 16-way adjustable seats. We told dealers when we market this thing, you're going to see all of these features come through," Ikeda told Automotive News. "This is the first new car in a while. We don't have to just talk about value and deals.We can sell this from an emotional perspective."
hondac  acura  nada  retail  pipeline 
3 days ago
GM tops in customer loyalty for 3rd year
For the third year in a row, General Motors finished as the top automaker in IHS Markit's Automotive Loyalty Awards, while Ford extended its streak to eight years for customer loyalty to a specific make.
gm  fordc  awards 
3 days ago
April Fool's Day Comes Early for Lexus - The Drive
The video demonstrates how Lexus will apply genetic sequencing technology to building cars. A program participant must give a saliva sample, and leave it with their dealer. Within 48 hours, a Lexus that has been genetically pre-determined to suit their needs will show up in their driveway.

At the end, Lexus lets the viewer know that the whole thing is a joke.
toyotac  lexus  brand  content 
7 days ago
Lincoln Quietly Expands Used Car Subscription Service - The Drive
A big focus on the benefits to subscribing to Lincoln's service revolves around how much time the service saves the consumer. Given that Lincoln is a luxury brand, it has identified that its customers value their time above most other things when going about day-to-day life. It plans to capitalize on that belief by offering subscribers conveniences that help to minimize inconveniences. For example, should the car break down, Lincoln's warranty will (at no extra charge) take care of everything from picking the car up, to providing a loaner, and returning the car once service has been completed. In select cities, Lincoln also offers a personal driver to chauffeur the customer around if requested.
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7 days ago
Kia Offers Up New, Upgraded Cars, CUV in NYC |
The South Korean automaker unveiled three new vehicles – Optima, Sedona and K900 – in the Big Apple.
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7 days ago
Saatchi & Saatchi Vet Cliff Atkinson Heads to RPA in Executive Director, Digital Media Role | AgencySpy
Santa Monica’s RPA, best known for its work on the Honda account, has hired Cliff Atkinson to fill the newly-created role of executive director, digital media.
honda  hondac  agency 
7 days ago
Tesla Faces a Stock Market Freefall Over Growing Model 3, Crash and Cash Flow Concerns |
“Reality is setting in,” said Joe Phillippi, head of AutoTrends Consulting, and a long-time Wall Street automotive analyst. Investors, he said, “were banking on increased earnings…once they got their manufacturing system fixed. It was going to be a no-brainer.”
In fact, despite repeat assurances from Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk, the Fremont plant has continued to lag well behind earlier projections, with almost no one expecting it to reach 5,000 vehicles a week anytime soon, never mind the 10,000 target Tesla had originally projected when it launched production of the Model 3 last July.
tesla  revenue 
7 days ago
Honda drops April Fools' Day app for people glued to their phone | Mobile Marketer
The campaign, announced today, aims to raise awareness for Honda's real-life safety features, namely the Honda Sensing suite of driver-assistive tech that's available in several of the car maker's 2018 models. The mock commercial was created by RPA, Honda's creative agency. The team has produced entertaining campaign pranks for Honda around April Fools' Day since 2012.
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7 days ago
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