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Sticker Shock: The impending cost of BC Hydro’s shift to private power developers – Ten years on : Policy Note
A retrospective by John Calvert we published in 2017 on his work on BC Hydro and IPP contracts. via
3 days ago
Why America’s New Apartment Buildings All Look the Same - Bloomberg
A four-story Texas doughnut can get 50 or 60 apartments onto an acre of land, while the most aggressively engineered West Coast stick-and-concrete hybrid (two-story podiums are allowed now, along with other variations) can get almost 200. That’s not far from the range that the renowned urbanist Jane Jacobs deemed optimal for vital street life.
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3 days ago
RT : We're hopeful that next week's will include the investments needed to make promises in…
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3 days ago
Sticker Shock | Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
My colleague John Calvert warned about this back in 2007:
4 days ago
Here’s what renters should know before signing that agreement to end tenancy - The Globe and Mail
Tenants do have new rights, although not as many as some advocates had hoped. As of May 17, 2018, the laws for eviction due to renovation, demolition or conversion allow the tenant four months notice and one month’s rent as compensation. The tenant then has 30 days to dispute the eviction notice. As well, if the tenant lives in the city of Vancouver, they might be eligible for the tenant relocation plan (TRP).

The TRP kicks in if the owner applies for a development permit on a purpose-built rental building that is more than six units. Renters who’ve been in the building for at least a year are given between two and six months rent, depending on the length of rental. They also qualify for moving expenses and help from the landlord in finding a place to rent, if they ask. They might also qualify for the chance to return to the redeveloped building, at a minimum discount of 20 per cent off the new rent.

But a landlord is fully within their rights to offer tenants buy-outs to get them to vacate, Mr. Sakamoto says. And if a tenant can get better compensation, it might be in their interests to negotiate for more, he says.
vancouver  housing 
5 days ago
Carbon pricing: Prospects and protests : Policy Note
Here's my guide to the politics of carbon pricing with a view towards the October federal election. via
7 days ago
I was in Shanghai last year and it looks like those (lovely) neighbourhoods are getting replaced by high…
10 days ago
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