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Electric vehicles: battery overload | Financial Times
A conservative eight-year estimate of battery life could mean 1.1m batteries or 274,000 tonnes of material — metals such as nickel and cobalt — globally in need of recycling or re-use by 2025. That could rise to more than 3m units or 800,000 tonnes in 2026. This would dwarf current recycling capacity, estimated at 85,000 tonnes per year evenly split between Europe and China.

A new 20,000-tonne recycling facility could cost up to $200m and take at least five years to design and build, analysts estimate. Groups such as Umicore of Belgium, with existing capacity of 7,500 tonnes, should begin expanding in the next few years. Safe disposal of waste is an necessary speed bump to a hopeful, rapid take-up of electric vehicles.
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6 weeks ago by badeconomist
Volkswagen Hopes Fresh Logo Signals an Emission-Free Future - The New York Times
Executives at Volkswagen, which last year edged out Toyota as the world’s largest carmaker, have hinted that economies of scale have allowed them to push the cost of batteries in the ID.3 below $100 per kilowatt hour. That price is considered the point at which electric cars become more affordable than internal combustion models. Analysts had not expected costs to fall that far for several more years.
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september 2019 by badeconomist

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