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Province takes unprecedented steps to support COVID-19 response | BC Gov News
Supply chain: Establishing a new Provincial Supply Chain Coordination Unit to co-ordinate goods and services distribution; taking a more active role in co-ordinating essential goods and services movement by land, air, marine and rail; and suspending any bylaws that restrict goods delivery at any time of day.
Protecting consumers: Banning the secondary resale of food, medical supplies, personal protective equipment, cleaning and other essential supplies; and restricting quantities of items purchased at point of sale.
bc  coronavirus 
7 days ago by badeconomist
Knock Knock Anybody Home? | Home: Free Sociology!
Empty homes are in the news again in West Vancouver after a West Vancouver council motion asking the province for the power to levy their own Speculation and Vacancy tax.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Provincial Government provide local governments with the power to levy their own Speculation and Vacancy Tax, so that they too can address housing affordability and other community effects of vacant homes.
vancouver  bc  taxes 
23 days ago by badeconomist
Benefits pour into Wet’suwet’en through pipeline contracts and deals | Vancouver Sun
Gagnon could not reveal how much money the Witset has received from Coastal GasLink. However, a tentative deal that was struck with the former band council, but was not signed, offered $6 million in three payments.

Gagnon said the band received its first payment when the agreement was signed and those monies were used to pave Beaver Road, between the Witset gas bar and Highway 16, a stretch of about three kilometres.

A second payment was received after LNG Canada made a final investment decision and committed to the project, thereby ensuring it needed the Coastal GasLink pipeline built.

Gagnon said those monies have been placed in a GIC with a bank and the interest would be used to pay for skills training for band members.

While direct benefits for all 20 First Nations bands that have signed up with Coastal GasLink is expected to be around $338 million, twice that much is expected to flow into those communities through direct contracts with First Nations businesses — like that between Coastal GasLink and a joint venture between Kyah Development Corporation and the privately owned Kyah Resources Inc.
pipelines  bc  firstnations 
4 weeks ago by badeconomist
BC Budget: Delayed Investments Will Only Make BC’s Housing Crisis Worse - BC Non-Profit Housing Association
Projected completions in BC Housing’s Service Plan appear to have dropped by roughly 2,400 homes in the first four years of the government’s 10-year plan.

Rents continue to rise faster than inflation across BC, with average rents in the purpose-built rental market increasing almost 6 percent between 2018 and 2019, and over 20 percent since 2016.

Budget 2019 promised the delivery of 15,940 new affordable homes by 2021/22. Budget 2020 reduces that promise to 13,515 new affordable homes in the same period.
bc  housing 
6 weeks ago by badeconomist
BC government to provide property tax relief to small businesses and non-profits | Urbanized
With a new split assessment classification, small businesses would see their property taxes substantially lowered. A new classification would be created for the empty space above small businesses, providing municipal governments with the ability to tax the unused airspace at a zero or near-zero rate. Small businesses would only pay property taxes for the property they actually use.
vancouver  bc  realestate  taxes 
10 weeks ago by badeconomist
Property Taxation: The Best of Intentions and the Worst of Outcomes – Price Tags
Secondly, there is a reason why the ‘unused’ part of a site is included in the assessment: it’s a very real part of the value. ‘Density’ (or FSR) is not measured by current use but as potential development, whether realized or not. No owner of a property is going to sell at a price lower than what the market would pay because the site hasn’t been built out to the maximum possible. Nor is a buyer going to get away with offering less since what is being bought and sold is that potential, not just current uses.

The Assessment Authority determines what the market will pay on a given date when it evaluates the property’s worth. That’s the whole point of a market-based assessment system, which has very significant benefits with respect to objectivity, simplicity and transparency.
vancouver  bc  realestate  taxes 
10 weeks ago by badeconomist
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