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Vaughn Palmer: Ending bridge tolls has cost $486 million and counting | Vancouver Sun
Golden Ears was built and owned by TransLink, the regional transportation authority. To get rid of the tolls, the province agreed to make up the difference in cash transfers to TransLink. As of Sept 30 of this year, those payments had totalled just under $122 million.

The $1.1 billion debt resulting from the construction of Golden Ears remains with TransLink, at least for now.

But in the case of the Port Mann crossing of the Fraser, the end of tolling meant that the bridge was no longer being supported by its own cash flow. As a result, $3.5 billion had to be added to the taxpayer-supported debt of the province, which the government now has to service.

As of Sept. 30, the province has paid out $329 million in debt-servicing charges. It is also covering the maintenance cost of the bridge, there being no longer any tolling revenue to offset that as well. The ministry reports $32 million for two years of maintenance and another $3 million to wind up the tolling authority and pay out contracts and severance.

So it cost the government an additional $486 million for just the first two years of Horgan’s decision to get rid of the tolls.
bc  infrastructure  transportation  budget  tolls  mobility 
october 2019 by badeconomist
Draft City of Vancouver 2019 budget delivers $78 million social-housing windfall | Georgia Straight Vancouver's News & Entertainment Weekly
In 2019, the city intends to spend $36.6 million buying land for social and affordable housing. This is the biggest allocation from its $78-million proposed capital budget for housing.
vancouver  budget  housing 
december 2018 by badeconomist
Legislation introduced for TransLink's new development fee to fund transit expansion | Daily Hive Vancouver
This charge applies to all types of new construction in the region:

Single-family dwelling: $2,100 per dwelling unit
Townhouse/duplex: $1,900 per dwelling unit
Apartment/condominium: $1,200 per dwelling unit
Retail/service: $1.00 per sq. ft.
Office/institutional: $0.50 per sq. ft.
Industrial: $0.50 per sq. ft.
transportation  budget  bc  vancouver 
may 2018 by badeconomist
Morton: How we’ve mismanaged our energy wealth | Calgary Herald
2014 oped on the Heritage Fund compared to Alaska and Norway
alberta  budget 
may 2018 by badeconomist
An ambition constrained budget - Behind the Numbers
Feeling underwhelmed by #Budget2018? CCPA's @DavidMacCdn agrees, it's "an ambition constrained budget"
federal  budget  gender 
february 2018 by badeconomist
Budget 2018: Baby steps for dad and a big step forward for women -
RT @katemcinturff: Budget 2018: Baby steps for dad and a big step forward for women via @macleans
federal  budget 
february 2018 by badeconomist
Why can't the federal government just table a , you know with numbers and concise statements. Every year we…
february 2018 by badeconomist
Moody's rating of BC Jan 2017
RT @LindsayTedds: 2. Rather than listen to #bcelxn17 I urge you instead to go to the Moody's source here
bc  budget  debt  bc-hydro 
april 2017 by badeconomist
HULCHANSKI: Trudeau's housing spending is smoke and mirrors - Spacing National
RT @Hulchanski: Housing Allowances in OECD countries.
Canada not on list because,
why @JustinTrudeau?
0.00% GDP
housing  federal  budget 
april 2017 by badeconomist
2017 federal budget: End of Progress? - Broadbent Institute
Great budget analysis from @andrew_ajackson: Why #budget2016 falters on inequality and tax fairness
federal  budget 
march 2017 by badeconomist
#Budget2017: baby step on climate when a leap is needed - Behind the Numbers
RT @hadrianmk: My hot take on #climatechange measures in #Budget2017: "Baby step on climate when a leap is needed" via @ccpa
mitigation  budget  federal  climatechange 
march 2017 by badeconomist
The budget is a small step to better the lives of women in Canada | Ottawa Citizen
RT @ccpa: Thoughful analysis from @katemcinturff on gender in #Budget2017, via @OttawaCitizen: #bgdt17 #cdnpoli #cdnfem
federal  budget  gender 
march 2017 by badeconomist
Vaughn Palmer: Boosting homeowner’s grant is double-edged sword | Vancouver Sun
With a provincial election approaching, it is worth recalling the political pedigree of the homeowner’s grant, which was first introduced as part of the 1957 provincial budget by then-Social Credit Premier W.A.C. Bennett.
bc  taxes  housing  budget 
january 2017 by badeconomist
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