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China’s Hot Housing Market Begins to Cool - WSJ
In Beijing and Shanghai—two of the country’s largest markets—and other megacities, sales have stalled and prices have dropped, falling slightly in some pockets and dramatically in others.

Demand has dried up in these areas as a result of government measures including higher mortgage rates, higher down-payment requirements and limits on buying a second or third home. Would-be sellers are increasingly putting plans on hold in hope that prices will rebound.
china  housing  bubble 
january 2018 by badeconomist
China’s international real estate shopping spree is officially dead - Business Insider
RT @KathyTGlobe: Question is if and when this will really hit #VanRE? via @bi_contributors
china  housing  realestate  foreignownership  bubble 
june 2017 by badeconomist
Is Your City Being Sold Off to Global Elites? | Mother Jones
RT @Goldiein604: Mother Jones' story on Vancouver being sold off to foreign elites. @walrusmagazine story has legs. #vanpoli
housing  vancouver  foreignownership  china 
may 2017 by badeconomist
In landmark ruling, Vancouver homebuyer is ordered to repay millions to China’s Citic Bank | South China Morning Post
RT @ianjamesyoung70: VanChina Monologues are on fire today: Chinese bank wins landmark case against #Vancouver homebuyer via @SCMP_News
foreignownership  china  Fraud  vancouver  housing 
february 2017 by badeconomist
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