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China’s international real estate shopping spree is officially dead - Business Insider
RT @KathyTGlobe: Question is if and when this will really hit #VanRE? via @bi_contributors
china  housing  realestate  foreignownership  bubble  VanRE 
june 2017 by badeconomist
Is Your City Being Sold Off to Global Elites? | Mother Jones
RT @Goldiein604: Mother Jones' story on Vancouver being sold off to foreign elites. @walrusmagazine story has legs. #vanpoli
housing  vancouver  foreignownership  china  vanpoli 
may 2017 by badeconomist
In landmark ruling, Vancouver homebuyer is ordered to repay millions to China’s Citic Bank | South China Morning Post
RT @ianjamesyoung70: VanChina Monologues are on fire today: Chinese bank wins landmark case against #Vancouver homebuyer via @SCMP_News
foreignownership  china  Fraud  vancouver  housing 
february 2017 by badeconomist
The Great Escape from China by Kenneth Rogoff - Project Syndicate
Private citizens are now allowed to take up to $50,000 per year out of the country. If just one of every 20 Chinese citizens exercised this option, China’s foreign-exchange reserves would be wiped out. At the same time, China’s cash-rich companies have been employing all sorts of devices to get money out. A perfectly legal approach is to lend in renminbi and be repaid in foreign currency.
february 2016 by badeconomist
Japan’s Wrong Way Out by Adair Turner - Project Syndicate
But the fact is that central banks and governments together never run out of policy ammunition to offset deflation, because they can always finance tax cuts or increase public expenditure with printed money. This is precisely what the Japanese authorities should do now, permanently writing off some of the BOJ’s huge holdings of Japanese government bonds and canceling the planned sales-tax increase which, if it goes ahead in April 2017, will further depress Japanese growth and inflation.
japan  china  recession  bubble  monetarypolicy 
february 2016 by badeconomist
Priciest Metro Vancouver homes draw buyers from China (with video)
Between 2002 to 2011, US$1.08 trillion in capital has left mainland China illegally, according to the most updated report by Global Financial Integrity, a U.S.-based group.
vancouver  realestate  housing  china  foreignownership 
january 2016 by badeconomist
Real-estate exec on Chinese money: 'There is a huge stake for a lot of local people in keeping this thing going'
One top Vancouver real estate executive, who did not want to be named, said in 2011 it was estimated that for every $1-million spent on all types of real estate in Vancouver, $300,000 could be attributed to demand from China.
china  foreignownership  housing  vancouver 
january 2016 by badeconomist
Five Key Facts about Collapsing Coal Exports | Sightline Institute
5 key facts about #CoalExport's big collapse @ClarkWDerry via @Sightline
coal  us  china  CoalExport 
january 2016 by badeconomist
Inside Hong Kong's Public Housing Estates - CityLab
About 30 percent of the city's population currently lives in public rental housing and the wait to get one of these affordable apartments is 3.1 years (1.7 for elderly applicants). The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA) plans to build another 76,000 units built by 2020.
housing  china 
january 2016 by badeconomist
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