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Surveys and statistical programs - Labour Productivity Measures - Provinces and Territories (Annual) (CPA)
Methodology for employment measures. Key to different numbers between BC government (only LFS) and Statscan (more comprehensive)
statscan  statistics  employment 
november 2018 by badeconomist
The Daily — Study: Inter-provincial Employees in Alberta, 2004 to 2009
More than 100,000 Cdn workers go to work in Alberta. Need a jobs program that lets them stay with their families.
alberta  tarsands  migration  temporaryworkers  statscan  employment 
september 2013 by badeconomist
Some background on claims made by and about Mr. Niels Veldhuis of the Fraser Institute
Tales from the mouth of the Fraser: census edition, starring @kevinmilligan vs (new Prez) Neils Veldhuis
fraserinstitute  statistics  statscan 
april 2012 by badeconomist
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