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Who are the gilets jaunes and what do they want? | World news | The Guardian
The first 18 months of Macron’s presidency were defined by his drive for businesses to become more competitive; he cut taxes on companies and transformed France’s wealth tax, easing the tax burden on the very wealthy.

He is now under pressure to consider the gilets jaunes’ demands, and to that end the government executed a U-turn on 5 December when it scrapped the fuel tax rise, one day after announcing a six-month freeze on the policy.
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6 weeks ago by badeconomist
Canada’s richest families own as much wealth as 3 provinces combined: report - National |
Taken together, the country’s top 87 families hold $259 billion in wealth, just shy of the $269 billion in net assets collectively owned by everyone living in Newfoundland, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, including “all houses, cottages and other properties, all cars, every savings account in the region, RRSPs, pensions, etc.,” Macdonald writes.
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july 2018 by badeconomist
Why Wealth Taxes Are Not Enough by Kenneth Rogoff - Project Syndicate
Rogoff supports IMF proposal for one-time 10% wealth tax, and says it's not enough:
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november 2013 by badeconomist
Free exchange: Nomencracy | The Economist
RT @oliveridley: Inequality can echo across generations for "300 to 500 years,": A study of names and social mobility
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february 2013 by badeconomist
Bring on the death tax - The Globe and Mail
Neil Reynolds gets one right! Why capitalists should support a death tax:
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october 2011 by badeconomist

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