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Paper wallet
Paperwallet is influenced by the art of origami and an aim to create a unique & functional canvas for artists - to get their work off the wall and give it legs. With the environment in mind Tyvek® smart material was our optimal choice, and its supreme durability increases the overall quality of the products.
inspiration  product  shopping  design  art 
september 2018 by badlydrawnrob
Lovea argan oil shampoo
French (almost) bio shampoo, can find at pharmacies
health  shopping  france 
may 2016 by badlydrawnrob
French cheeses: Can you eat the rind?
With cheeses like Comté, the rind should probably be left out
shopping  france  food  safety  tutorial 
march 2016 by badlydrawnrob
Travel clothes: technical clothing that doesn't suck
Good overview of some regular style fashionable clothes that have the performance of outdoor wear
shopping  travel  reference  touring  tourism 
november 2015 by badlydrawnrob
My Independent Bookshop
Personalised recommendations of books, with ability to buy through Hive
shopping  books  ebooks  business  competition 
april 2015 by badlydrawnrob
44 Amazing NYC Places That Actually Still Exist
Some great places to eat, drink and shop in New York City (as well as Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, Long Island etc)
food  travel  travel  nyc  reference  shopping  tourism 
january 2015 by badlydrawnrob
Tyranny of choice: Too much choice kills choice
If you can have everything in 57 varieties, making decisions becomes hard work
business  money  reference  shopping 
september 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Eat healthy, live fab! – Fabliving
Simple mobile cart, could be better but as a reference for small independent store it's pretty good. The UX and categories could e easier to skip through though.
india  ecommerce  shopping  reference 
june 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Sanex - Natural, low chemical body wash products
Supposed to be low (or free from) "bad" chemicals similar to Lifeventure washing soap. Had a recommendation for use as a travel wash.
shopping  health  environment 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
12 of the Best Nexus 7 Cases to Protect Your Mini Android Tablet | Gizmodo UK
The felt pocket near bottom of article is great, perhaps not best if dropped though.
technology  google  shopping  reference 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Best Backpacking Water Filters and Purifiers
The Grayl looks like a nice bit of kit, but not good enough for long distance travelling. It only runs for 150L and costs more in the long run than the Lifesaver bottle. On the upside, it has a better mechanism for filling/storing/drinking.
travel  travel  reference  shopping  safety  health 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Water Purification at Home, Water Filtration, Personal, Aid, Military, Pure Hydration
Makers of the Aqua Pure Traveller as well as other water filtration products. Also, an interesting discussion for this and the other (arguably better) option, Lifesaver Bottle:
travel  travel  shopping  safety  health 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Hardcore Field Test of Aquapure Traveller Water Filtration System - Petersen's Hunting
This looks like a pretty good product. Of course, you can fill the bottle and squeeze out into a reservoir (bladder) for more storage.
travel  travel  shopping  reference  safety  health 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Leckerlee: traditional Lebkuchen hand-made in Germany!
Really GREAT example of a NYC company producing traditional Lebkuchen. Quite expensive to buy (even more so to import) but traditional, high quality ingredients.
germany  nyc  food  shopping  reference  competition 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
Willkommen bei Fraunholz Lebkuchen!
Not sure if these are available to buy online, suggested here:
germany  food  shopping 
january 2014 by badlydrawnrob
German Deli London UK - German Food over the Internet
Looks like a nice selection of German food imported to UK, buy online
food  shopping  recipes 
december 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Motorcycle Helmet FAQ - webBikeWorld
Everything you need to know when buying a motorbike helmet
safety  motorcycle  shopping  reference 
september 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Buying your first motorcycle: everything you need to know
Handy tips on buying your first motorbike, as well as things to be aware of as a learner driver
money  motorcycle  shopping  reference 
september 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Best touring motorcycles under £3000
These are probably too powerful for a beginner though.
touring  motorcycle  shopping 
september 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Brompton internal hub 8 speed conversion service
Modifications for a Brompton to convert to 8 or 11 speed with Alfine hub.
cycling  shopping 
september 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Custom Brompton with 11 speed hub
Great looking off the shelf Brompton with a customised rear fork, Alpine 11 speed hub and other custom parts. Not sure how easy it'd be to maintain however. A review here:
cycling  shopping 
september 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Therm-a-rest goose down blanket (quilt)
Slightly heavier and not as warm as more expensive ones but still looks very good quality. 3 season only really.
camping  shopping 
april 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Bike Eye - The rear view mirror that every cycle should have - the essential bike accessory
Nice and doesn't get in the way too much. Would have to test to make sure I can see proper (apparently long legs make it difficult)
safety  cycling  shopping 
march 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Natural bar soap for travelling
Contains coconut oil and vegtable based glicerin. Non-toxic
hygiene  shopping  travel 
march 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Bicycle touring shower options
Some examples of various portable showers and alternatives for travelling
touring  cycling  travel  shopping 
february 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Kick & Bike stand ideas
DIY bike stands including: Angler's rod stand, foldable walking stick and of course, the custom build Prop-Stand.
reference  shopping  touring  cycling  bikes  tutorial 
january 2013 by badlydrawnrob
Trangia — lightweight, mini alcohol burning stove
Look really handy and small enough for panniers.

"Dont use Isopropyl(rubbing) alcohol unless you absolutely dont have any other choice. It has water(40%), takes longer, soots everything up. Go to hardware store and get denatured alcohol(almost no water) works great. Up north you can get something like Heet, for unfreezing gas lines I think, but here in Florida I dont imagine its a heavy seller and I havnt triewd to find it! Every hardware store, though, has denatured alcohol."
camping  cycling  shopping  touring  travel 
january 2013 by badlydrawnrob
best solar charger for cycle travel? - The HUBB
Some great references for usb powered and dynamo hubs here also
cycling  touring  reference  shopping  environment 
december 2012 by badlydrawnrob
The Plug II
Use with dynamo hub to generate power for an iphone or electronic device.
bikes  shopping  environment  touring  iphone 
december 2012 by badlydrawnrob
How to install, adjust and use SPD shoes, cleats and pedals
One of the best examples I've found of mountain bike or touring two sided pedals, great for the beginner.
tutorial  shopping  touring  cycling 
november 2012 by badlydrawnrob
Finishline bicycle lubricants – which one to choose?
Explains the difference between the products, wet and dry, where and when to use them.
shopping  reference  touring  bikes  cycling  tutorial 
november 2012 by badlydrawnrob
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