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Deepfakes and Disinformation: Exploring the Impact of Synthetic Political Video on Deception, Uncertainty, and Trust in News - Cristian Vaccari, Andrew Chadwick, 2020
Artificial Intelligence (AI) now enables the mass creation of what have become known as “deepfakes”: synthetic videos that closely resemble real videos ....We find that people are more likely to feel uncertain than to be misled by deepfakes, but this resulting uncertainty, in turn, reduces trust in news on social media. We conclude that deepfakes may contribute toward generalized indeterminacy and cynicism, further intensifying recent challenges to online civic culture in democratic societies.
fakenews  trust  news  AlgoReport  disinformation  deepfakes  journalism 
5 weeks ago by barbarafister
Welcome to the age of uncertainty – POLITICO
“It’s not just that you might make people believe that something that’s fake is real, said Lillian Edwards, professor of law, innovation and society at Newcastle University. “But that you might make them believe that something that’s real is fake.”
politics  fakenews  tech&society  deepfakes  AlgoReport 
11 weeks ago by barbarafister

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