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Credit Scores Could Soon Get Even Creepier and More Biased - VICE
Credit scores based on AI and non-traditional data such as your social media profile could usher in a whole new way for banks to discriminate.
algorithm  AI  economics  failure  business  money 
12 days ago by basemaly
Uber’s Path of Destruction - American Affairs Journal
"In reality, Uber’s platform does not include any technological breakthroughs, and Uber has done nothing to “disrupt” the economics of providing urban car services. What Uber has disrupted is the idea that competitive consumer and capital markets will maximize overall economic welfare by rewarding companies with superior efficiency. Its multibillion dollar subsidies completely distorted marketplace price and service signals, leading to a massive misallocation of resources. Uber’s most important innovation has been to produce staggering levels of private wealth without creating any sustainable benefits for consumers, workers, the cities they serve, or anyone else."
capitalism  technology  failure  economics  business  gametheory 
14 days ago by basemaly
Why Silicon Valley Loved Uber More Than Everyone Else - The Atlantic
But some of it should go to Silicon Valley’s cultural divergence from the business reality. Investors loved the company not as an operating unit, but as an idea about how the world should be. Uber’s CEO was brash and would do whatever it took. His company’s attitude toward the government was dismissive and defiant. And its model of how society should work, especially how labor supply should meet consumer demand, valorized the individual, as if Milton Friedman’s dreams coalesced into a company. “It’s almost the perfect tech company, insofar as it allocates resources in the physical world and corrects some real inefficiencies,” the Uber investor Naval Ravikant told San Francisco magazine in 2014.
investment  capitalism  economics  business  criticism 
29 days ago by basemaly
Did Facebook’s faulty data push news publishers to make terrible decisions on video? » Nieman Journalism Lab
Publishers' "pivot to video" was driven largely by a belief that if Facebook was seeing users, in massive numbers, shift to video from text, the trend must be real.
videogames  advertising  publishing  platform  socialnetwork  business  deception  data 
29 days ago by basemaly
The big lie behind pivoting to video.
As advertising budgets shunted toward video to tap the apparent Facebook viewership goldmine, publishers’ editorial budgets followed. Publications such as Mic, Vice, Mashable, and many others laid off writers and editors and cut back on text stories to focus on producing short, snappy videos for people to watch in their Facebook feeds. One problem: Facebook’s numbers turned out to be all wrong. In 2016, the Wall Street Journal reported (and Facebook subsequently confessed) that the company had been seriously miscalculating multiple key metrics, including “Average Duration of Video Viewed.” The error: Facebook was only counting views longer than three seconds in its “average,” and thus completely ignoring the vast majority of people who were scrolling right past them.
videogames  advertising  publishing  platform  socialnetwork  business  deception  data  failure 
29 days ago by basemaly
DRM and terms-of-service have ended true ownership, turning us into "tenants of our own devices" / Boing Boing
Writing in Wired, Zeynep Tufekci (previously) echoes something I've been saying for years: that the use of Digital Rights Management technologies, along with other systems of control like Terms of Service, are effectively ending the right of individuals to own private property (in the sense of exercising "sole and despotic dominion" over something), and instead…
law  copyright  business  capitalism 
5 weeks ago by basemaly
Some Free Ideas for Netflix, Which Wants to Make Video Games Now
In a painfully contrived brands-are-your-friends marketing moment, Netflix tweeted at the E3 gaming expo on Monday, “asking” for a panel slot to discuss its forthcoming roster of tie-in games. Yes, Netflix plans to turn several of its original series into video games, according to the clearly scripted (but totally relatable!) exchange on Twitter.
platform  business  videogames  streaming  publishing 
6 weeks ago by basemaly
Disney is taking full control of Hulu - CNN
Comcast on Tuesday agreed to sell its ownership stake in the streaming video service to Disney. The sale won't happen for at least another five years, but Disney will take full operational control of Hulu right now. The deal is a sign of how much streaming video has changed in the last few years. Hulu was at one time a joint venture between several media titans: Disney (DIS), 21st Century Fox, Comcast's NBCUniversal and Time Warner (now WarnerMedia). None of those companies had majority control.
streaming  TV  video  platform  business 
6 weeks ago by basemaly
US Adults Are Spending Big On Video Games, Playing Mostly On Smartphones - Slashdot
A new report from the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) found that the average American video gamer is 33 years old, prefers to play on their smartphone and is spending big on content -- 20 percent more than a year ago and 85 percent more than in 2015. Reuters reports: The $43.4 billion spen...
videogames  publishing  mobile  business 
6 weeks ago by basemaly
Greed in the New Gilded Age - Lawyers, Guns & Money
Yeah, see, free market economics is trash. The rules don’t work because they assume their rules matter more than the unquenchable greed of employers. The only reason employers have ever paid workers more is because those workers organized into unions and forced them to do so. Sure, theoretically, employers might pay higher wages when it’s harder to find employees, but that’s a position of last resort.
economics  criticalGaming  incentive  business  capitalism  liberties  failure 
7 weeks ago by basemaly
The platforms suck at content moderation and demanding they do more won't make them better at it -- but there ARE concrete ways to improve moderation / Boing Boing
Concentration in the tech sector has left us with just a few gigantic online platforms, and they have turned into playgrounds for some of the worst people on earth: Nazis, misogynists, grifters, ultranationalists, trolls, genocidal mobs and more. The platforms are so big and their moderation policies are so screwed up, and their use of…
platform  media  business  data 
8 weeks ago by basemaly
How “Good Design” Failed Us | The New Yorker
Nikil Saval reviews “The Value of Good Design,” a small display of goods currently on show at the Museum of Modern Art.
design  history  aesthetics  business  failure 
11 weeks ago by basemaly
Facebook are 'morally bankrupt liars' says New Zealand's privacy commissioner | Technology | The Guardian
"The commissioner used his personal Twitter page to lambast the social network, which has also drawn the ire of prime minister Jacinda Ardern for hosting a livestream of the attacks that left 50 dead, which was then copied and shared all over the internet. "Facebook cannot be trusted," wrote Edwards. "They are morally bankrupt pathological liars who enable genocide (Myanmar), facilitate foreign undermining of democratic institutions. [They] allow the live streaming of suicides, rapes, and murders, continue to host and publish the mosque attack video, allow advertisers to target 'Jew haters' and other hateful market segments, and refuse to accept any responsibility for any content or harm. "They #dontgiveazuck" wrote Edwards. He later deleted the tweets, saying they had prompted "toxic and misinformed traffic."
socialnetwork  deception  violence  liberties  business  data  privacy  surveillance 
11 weeks ago by basemaly
It's time for workers to worry about AI | VentureBeat
Despite a surfeit of ethical concerns, leading AI advocates such as Andrew Ng are encouraging companies to jump into AI use. Many are doing just that. KPMG claims more than half of business executives plan to implement some form of AI within the next 12 months. One of the more common AI discussions is the potential impact on jobs. This impact is probably incalculable, though many try to estimate it. Gartner, for example, believes AI will create more jobs than it destroys between now and 2025. Previous technology revolutions have destroyed jobs but ultimately created new jobs and industries. That pattern has happened repeatedly, and this dynamic has now become conventional wisdom. But not everyone is so sanguine when it comes to the impact of AI. In a 60 Minutes interview, Kai-Fu Lee, one of the world’s foremost experts on artificial intelligence, claimed that — in as soon as 15 years — AI technology could displace about 40% of the jobs in the world. The disruption is already beginning, with fully 75% of the organizations KPMG surveyed expecting intelligent automation to significantly impact 10 to 50% of their employees in the next two years. A Citigroup executive told Bloomberg that better AI could reduce headcount at the bank by 30%.
AI  automation  business  capitalism  work 
11 weeks ago by basemaly
Instagram or Twitter account hacked? Good luck – Silicon Valley
In his book “Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe,” longtime Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee criticized tech companies’ approach to user service: “The customer service department is reserved for advertisers. Users are the product, at best, so there is no one for them to call.” That’s by design at most companies that offer free online services. In “I’m Feeling Lucky: The Confessions of Google Employee Number 59,” a 2011 book by Douglas Edwards, he wrote that as Google was beginning to grow, co-founder Sergey Brin asked, “Why do we need to answer user email anyway?”
socialnetwork  deception  business  platform  advertising 
11 weeks ago by basemaly
Opinion | Making Video Games Is Not a Dream Job - The New York Times
Worker exploitation has always been part of the video game industry's DNA. Executives with multimillion-dollar stock packages often treat their employees like Tetris pieces, to be put into place as efficiently as possible, then promptly disposed of. For many kids who grew up with controllers in their hands, being a game developer is a dream job, so when it comes to talent, supply is higher than demand. Some people who make video games receive decent salaries and benefits (experienced programmers at the richest studios can make six figures), but many do not.
videogames  publishing  business  work 
11 weeks ago by basemaly
Why Hasn't The Gig Economy Killed Traditional Work? - Slashdot
In recent months, a slew of studies has debunked predictions that we're witnessing the dawn of a new "gig economy." The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) found that there was actually a decline in the categories of jobs associated with the gig economy between 200...
work  future  organization  platform  business 
12 weeks ago by basemaly
As ‘Subscription Fatigue’ Sets In, the OTT Reckoning May Be Upon Us – Adweek
Deciding which streaming outlet you want to subscribe to can be just as hard as finding a show itself. With options from big players like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon and YouTube Premium -- and looming new platforms from the likes of Disney, Apple, AT&T and NBCUniversal -- consumers are already starting to grow frustrated with the crowded streaming marketplace as "subscription fatigue" sets in, according to Deloitte's 13th edition of its Digital Media Trends survey.
platform  subscription  movies  TV  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
New York Times CEO warns publishers ahead of Apple news launch | Reuters
Apple Inc is expected to launch an ambitious new entertainment and paid digital news service on Monday, as the iPhone maker pushes back against streaming video leader Netflix Inc. But it likely will not feature the New York Times Co.
publishing  news  media  platform  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
Amazon Said to Launch Mobile Ads, in Threat to Google, Facebook - Bloomberg Inc. has hit on a new way to grab a chunk of the $129 billion digital advertising market now dominated by Google and Facebook Inc.: sell video spots on the e-commerce giant’s smartphone shopping app.
advertising  platform  amazon  socialnetwork  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
The Complicated Economy of Open Source Software
A look at the complicated business of funding open source software development.
work  capitalism  business  opensource  freeware  liberties  economics 
march 2019 by basemaly
WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton Explains Why He Felt He Had To Sell To Facebook
“That’s the bad part. We buy their products. We sign up for these websites. Delete Facebook, right?”
socialnetwork  privacy  data  surveillance  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
Google’s Spotlight Stories VR Studio Is Shutting Down – Variety
Google is shutting down its Spotlight Stories immersive entertainment unit, according to an email sent out by Spotlight Stories executive producer Karen Dufilho Wednesday evening.
vr  business  movies 
march 2019 by basemaly
What Happened to the Uber-for-X Companies - The Atlantic
Ten years after Uber inaugurated a new era for Silicon Valley, we checked back in on 105 on-demand businesses. "An unkind summary, then, of the past half decade of the consumer internet: Venture capitalists have subsidized the creation of platforms for low-paying work that deliver on-demand servant services to rich people, while subjecting all parties to increased surveillance."
surveillance  data  capitalism  economics  business  liberties 
march 2019 by basemaly
The Many Uses of Blockchain Technologies in Business
Whether you are aware of it or not, you conduct business every day, even if you don’t work. At some point, everyone gets online and initiates some kind of transaction. Whether it is purchasing…
blockchain  technology  encryption  research  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
Valve lays off 13 employees, reportedly slashing VR hardware division - The Verge
Valve has confirmed that it laid off 13 employees and a number of contractors, possibly from its virtual reality hardware division, despite rumors of a prototype headset in development.
VR  business  hardware 
march 2019 by basemaly
I, Cringely Two thirds done, yet still writing predictions... - I, Cringely
Predictions for 2019 are coming starting tomorrow plus Bob comes clean on Mineserver and asks you to please stop bitching if you ever want product
Future  technology  business  computer  research 
march 2019 by basemaly
The Shadow Workforce of Facebook’s Content Moderation
Facebook hires contractors to moderate its content, paying them a fraction of full-time employees for a crucial jobs. It’s a common arrangement in Silicon Valley, where magically convenient services and devices are subsidized by exploitative labor. “People develop severe anxiety while still in training,” Newton writes, “and continue to struggle with trauma symptoms long after they leave,” but are given minimal support and job stability — each employee gets nine “wellness time” minutes per day, to be used if they feel traumatized and need to stop moderating. Meanwhile, “the conspiracy videos and memes that they see each day gradually lead them to embrace fringe views.” For their trouble, they are paid $28,800 a year, around 12 percent of the average salaried Facebook employee’s total compensation of $240,000.
socialnetwork  data  privacy  vrandtruth19  surveillance  business  liberties  speech  automation 
march 2019 by basemaly
Revealed: Facebook’s global lobbying against data privacy laws | Technology | The Guardian
Social network targeted legislators around the world, promising or threatening to withhold investment
socialnetwork  privacy  data  law  vrandtruth19  politics  media  surveillance  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
Can a product be truly progressive? How can I free my skin? Let's discuss!
video  history  advertising  capitalism  business  deception 
march 2019 by basemaly
University of California boycotts publishing giant Elsevier over journal costs and open access | Science | AAAS
Talks to renew a collective contract broke down, the university said, because Elsevier refused to strike a package deal that would provide a break on subscription fees and make all articles published by UC authors immediately free for readers worldwide. The stand by UC, which followed eight months of negotiations, could have significant impacts on scientific communication and the direction of the so-called open access movement, in the United States and beyond. The 10-campus system accounts for nearly 10 percent of all U.S. publishing output and is among the first American institutions, and by far the largest, to boycott Elsevier over costs. Many administrators and librarians at American universities and elsewhere have complained about what they view as excessively high journal subscription fees charged by commercial publishers.
publishing  university  opensource  copyright  business 
march 2019 by basemaly
Studies Keep Showing That the Best Way To Stop Piracy Is To Offer Cheaper, Better Alternatives - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Study after study continues to show that the best approach to tackling internet piracy is to provide these would-be customers with high quality, low cost alternatives. That idea was again supported by a new study this week out of New Zealand firs...
copyright  publishing  media  business  research 
february 2019 by basemaly
Why data, not privacy, is the real danger
As Facebook turns 15, the social network and other companies don’t need your personal information — or your permission — to determine exactly who you are and what you’ll do next.
data  privacy  surveillance  business  advertising  simulation  algorithm  AI 
february 2019 by basemaly
In France, Comic Books Are Serious Business - The New York Times
At the Angoulême International Comics Festival, there was a sense that the best days for comic books may be yet to come — in the French-speaking world, at least.
publishing  comics  business 
february 2019 by basemaly | Filings & Forms
All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free. Here you'll find links to a complete list of filings available through EDGAR and instructions for searching the EDGAR database.
research  business  investment  reference  data 
january 2019 by basemaly
Business Valuation and Industry Information Resources
ValuationResources.Com is a free online guide to business valuation resources, industry information, economic data, and more. Designed as a comprehensive reference guide for business appraisers, the site's audience encompasses a broad mix of business owners, professionals, educators, students, and other parties interested in this information.
research  business  reference  data 
january 2019 by basemaly
Library Research - Gale
Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is a leading publisher and aggregator of educational content, tools, services and other resources to academic libraries, public libraries, school libraries, and businesses.
education  reference  data  research  business 
january 2019 by basemaly
Welcome! We’ve created this listing of trade associations to help you find organizations that serve your industry. Associations can be an excellent source of information, contacts, and resources for new entrepreneurs.
research  organization  business  reference  data 
january 2019 by basemaly
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the principal fact-finding agency for the Federal Government in the broad field of labor economics and statistics.
economics  research  business  reference  data  work 
january 2019 by basemaly
Economic Census
Welcome to the 2017 Economic Census page. Provided are tools and information to help businesses respond and learn more about the data. The first data release will be in September 2019.
economics  research  reference  business  data 
january 2019 by basemaly
Book Publishing - Industry Analysis, Trends, Statistics, and ...
Book Publishing - Comprehensive guide to industry information, research, and analysis including industry trends and statistics, market research and analysis, financial ratios and salary surveys, and more.
research  publishing  business  reference 
january 2019 by basemaly Market Research Reports and Industry Analysis
The leading provider of market research reports and industry analysis on products, markets, companies, industries, and countries worldwide.
business  research  reference  search  publishing 
january 2019 by basemaly
Internet Resources - BEOnline (Business Reference Services, Library of Congress)
BEOnline Subject List (Business Reference Services; Science, Technology, and Business Division; Library of Congress)
business  reference  research  information 
january 2019 by basemaly
Should PC games cost less on Epic’s Games Store? | Ars Technica
One publisher experiments with a lower price point as it moves from Steam.
videogames  publishing  business 
january 2019 by basemaly
Nearly Half of Game Developers Want To Unionize - Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Engadget: Unionization isn't a new idea for the game development industry, but it is a particularly hot and contentious topic right now. A handful of events in 2018 thrust the unionization conversation to the forefront, including Rockstar boss Dan Houser's co...
work  videogames  business  capitalism 
january 2019 by basemaly
Understanding the Games We Play – Strategic Mindset - TechRasa
But, if —and only if— we clearly understand the games we are playing and what will be our strategy towards them, they can be as joyful, fruitful and educating as they were, when we were a lot younger. Here is a mental model for you to understand the games we play and how to become a great player in them.
strategy  games  business  work 
january 2019 by basemaly
Merger: a science-fiction short about corporations as literal (as well as figurative) AIs / Boing Boing Keiichi Matsuda created 2016's Hyper-Reality, an amazing, dystopian video about the future of augmented reality; now Matsuda is back with Merger, that plays darkly into the idea that corporations are a form of Slow AI that view humans as inconvenient gut-flora, a truth shot through our collective fears. Merger is a new film about…
business  capitalism  AI  videogames  scienceFiction  dystopia 
january 2019 by basemaly
Scholarly & Professional E-Book Publishing 2018-2022
This report features 10 companies, including Hill, McGraw, Pearson, Informa PLC, Wolters Kluwer, Springer Nature, Thomson Reuters, John Wiley & Sons
report  business  research  publishing  books  purchases 
january 2019 by basemaly
Book Stores in the US. Industry Market Research Reports, Trends, Statistics, Data, Forecasts
Despite a strengthening domestic economy and rising per capita disposable income, the industry has continued to decline over the five years to 2018, with revenue expected to decline an annualized 2.5% to $12.5 billion. This fall in industry revenue has slowed throughout the period, with a modest drop of 0.1% in 2018. Even with the intense competition in a declining industry, some small, independent operators with a loyal local following have flourished, as many consumers still prefer print books over e-books. The trend toward online shopping will keep the industry in decline. As industry profit diminishes and competition rises, many stores will continue to struggle to stay afloat.
business  books  publishing  statistics 
january 2019 by basemaly
Publishing Perspectives - International Book Publishing News
Publishing Perspectives is the leading trade magazine and source of news and information for the international book publishing business.
books  publishing  business  blog 
january 2019 by basemaly
New Statistics on the 2017 US Book Market Show $26 Billion in Annual Revenue
In 2017, the US book publishing industry reported revenues of $26.2 billion, according to the Association of American Publishers report, StatShot.
publishing  books  statistics  business 
january 2019 by basemaly
Dropgangs, or the future of darknet markets • Opaque Link
This article as PDF.
Dropgangs, or the future of dark markets The Internet is full of commercial activity and it should come at no surprise that even illegal commercial activity is widespread as well. In this article we would like to describe the current developments - from where we came, where we are now, and where it might be going - when it comes to technologies used for digital black market activity.
crime  business  technology  cyberwar 
january 2019 by basemaly
From Motley Fool Pro: Options 101 -- The Motley Fool
Many investors approach options with skepticism and caution – some simply refuse to even consider them. That's not entirely unreasonable – you don't need to use options in order to be a successful investor. Even I believed for a long time that options were not a Foolish way to invest.
investment  business  economics  money 
january 2019 by basemaly
The Writing & Opinions of Dean Wesley Smith
Considered one of the most prolific writers working in modern fiction, USA Today bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith has published almost two hundred novels in forty years, and hundreds and hundreds of short stories across many genres.
blog  books  publishing  writing  tips  business 
january 2019 by basemaly
Valve data shows PC VR ownership rose steadily in 2018 | Ars Technica
But headset owners are still less than one percent of platform's user base
vr  business  hardware 
january 2019 by basemaly
More than half of Americans say they didn’t get a pay raise this year - MarketWatch
The economy is thriving, but many Americans say they aren’t seeing a difference in their paychecks.
work  capitalism  business  economics 
december 2018 by basemaly
HTC is targeting Christians as its next VR market - The Verge
7 Miracles is a collection of seven 10-minute-long vignettes, each of them focused on one of Jesus’ miracles as described in the Gospel of John. It’s nothing if not a straight telling of one of the least controversial portions of the Bible that wouldn’t feel out of place as a special attraction in Sunday School.
VR  business  marketing  Religion 
december 2018 by basemaly
IMAX is shutting down its virtual reality arcade business for good - The Verge
Large-format cinema company IMAX had a promising set of virtual reality arcades, but the company is about to write off the entire business and shut down the last three locations.
VR  business  hardware 
december 2018 by basemaly
The State Of PC Gaming In 2018
PC has never been a singular platform like, say, PlayStation or Xbox. Instead, it’s a series of disparate landmasses sharing the same turbulent sea.
videogames  publishing  business  platform 
december 2018 by basemaly
Bookwire - Home
Bookwire offers the most complete list of books with comparison prices of the books you want from all the major online retailers.
publishing  books  business 
december 2018 by basemaly
Exclusive: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed | The Nation
How US military spending keeps rising even as the Pentagon flunks its audit.
military  corruption  business  crime 
december 2018 by basemaly
The costs of corruption: values, economic development under assault, trillions lost, says Guterres | UN News
Every year, trillions of dollars - equivalent to more than five percent of global GDP - are paid in bribes or stolen through corruption, the United Nations reported on the International Day which serves to highlight the pervasive crime, marked this Sunday.
corruption  crime  business  capitalism  economics 
december 2018 by basemaly
Are Millennials Giving Up on Entrepreneurship? - The Atlantic
A lack of personal savings, competition from abroad, and the threat of another economic downturn make it harder for Millennials to thrive as entrepreneurs.
business  work  capitalism  economics 
december 2018 by basemaly
Blockchain Beyond Bitcoin | November 2016 | Communications of the ACM
Also known as distributed ledger technology, blockchain is expected to revolutionize industry and commerce and drive economic change on a global scale because it is immutable, transparent, and redefines trust, enabling secure, fast, trustworthy, and transparent solutions that can be public or private. It could empower people in developing countries with recognized identity, asset ownership, and financial inclusion; and it could avert a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis, support effective healthcare programs, improve supply chains and, perhaps, clean up unethical behavior in high-value businesses such as diamond trading.
blockchain  technology  business  publishing  research 
december 2018 by basemaly
Blockchain Could Help Artists Profit More from Their Creative Works
Enter blockchain-based platforms and programmable templates called smart contracts. Blockchain is a new technology platform, running on millions of devices and open to anyone, where not just information but anything of value — money, titles, and deeds, but also music, art, scientific discoveries, and other intellectual property — can be moved and stored securely and privately, where trust is established not by powerful intermediaries like movie studios, streaming services, banks, or other companies, but rather through mass collaboration and clever code.
blockchain  art  business  platform  research  publishing  music 
december 2018 by basemaly
Artificial Intelligence and the coming of the self-designing machine | Ars Technica
AI has increasingly played a role in designing products in the form of generative design software. AI-driven generative design software makes it possible for humans and AI to work together to rapidly consider every conceivable design option and to test them all before choosing one for production.
manufacturing  AI  research  business 
december 2018 by basemaly
Valve changes developer terms to try to retain top games | Ars Technica
Steam devs now keep more of a game's revenues starting at $10 million in sales.
publishing  videogames  business 
december 2018 by basemaly
Nine of every 10 Silicon Valley jobs pays less than in 1997
Technology workers saw a median wage increase of 32 percent over the past 20 years, the study found. But Silicon Valley workers in virtually all other areas lost ground during that time. Across all jobs, wages for even the highest-paid 10 percent increased just under 1 percent, the study found.
work  business  economics 
november 2018 by basemaly
Amazon has so much data it could make algorithm-driven fiction — Quartz
All that power comes with great data, which Amazon's publishing arm is well positioned to exploit in the interest of making books tailored exactly to what people want -- down to which page characters should meet on or how many lines of dialogue they should exchange. Though Amazon declined to comment specifically on whether it uses data to shape or determine the content of its own books, the company acknowledged that authors are recruited for their past sales (as is common in traditional publishing). "Amazon Publishing titles are thoughtfully acquired by our team -- made up of publishing-industry veterans and long-time Amazonians -- with many factors taken into consideration," says Amazon Publishing publisher Mikyla Bruder, "including the acquiring editor's enthusiasm, the strength of the story, quality of the writing, editorial fit for our list, and author backlist/comparable titles' sales track."
publishing  amazon  business 
november 2018 by basemaly
Why Big Tech pays poor Kenyans to teach self-driving cars - BBC News
The data that powers the most cutting edge technology in Silicon Valley begins in Nairobi's slum.
work  business  capitalism  AI  technology 
november 2018 by basemaly
Trump Administration Spares Corporate Wrongdoers Billions in Penalties - The New York Times
Punishment of banks and big companies accused of malfeasance has declined precipitously since the Obama era.
business  corruption  capitalism  law  politics 
november 2018 by basemaly
Tech's push to teach coding isn't about kids' success – it's about cutting wages | Technology | The Guardian
Today’s hi-tech wages threaten Silicon Valley’s bottom line. What better way to drive down coders’ pay than by investing in a new generation of cheap labor?
work  programming  capitalism  business 
november 2018 by basemaly
Embracing change: The MIT Press and the future of university-based publishing
In this guest post, Amy Brand, Director of the MIT Press, explains her vision for the future of the university press. In a 2010 article in the Journal of Electronic Publishing, the University of…
university  publishing  innovation  business  copyright 
october 2018 by basemaly
The Problem with Facebook and Virtual Reality – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
The problem is that actually hooking up the VR headset was way too complicated with way too many wires, and given that I lived at the time in a relatively small apartment, it wasn’t viable to leave the entire thing hooked up when I wasn’t using it. I did finally move to a new place, but frankly, I can’t remember if I unpacked it or not... That is why devices intended to augment life, not replace it, have always been more compelling: every moment one is awake is worth addressing. In other words, the virtual reality market is fundamentally constrained by its very nature: because it is about the temporary exit from real life, not the addition to it, there simply isn’t nearly as much room for virtual reality as there is for any number of other tech products.
VR  videogames  hardware  electronics  business  socialnetwork  vrandtruth18 
october 2018 by basemaly
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