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Electric Motors Versus Internal Combustion Engines | RealClearEnergy
"An Extinction Rebellion protestor recently promised me that the back-up electricity for major hospitals would be provided by batteries in 2025. The $58m Elon Musk battery installed outside Adelaide, South Australia to power that city for 30 minutes would cover the emergency wards of Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for 24 hours on a single 80% to 20% discharge. After that, it would need to be replaced by another battery on a dozen container lorries. The current back-up is provided by two 1500kVA diesel generators, which run for as long as fuel is available and cost $320,000. The idea of a 180-fold reduction in cost and a simultaneous extension of battery life to cover a week while power pylons are repaired after a major storm—all to be achieved in 5 years—is ludicrous."
energy  criticism  solar  infrastructure 
10 days ago by bbrown
Keeping Some of the Lights On: Redefining Energy Security
"Defined in this way, energy security is not just about securing the supply of electricity, but also about improving the resilience of the society, so that it becomes less dependent on a continuous supply of power."
energy  infrastructure  environmentalism  opinion  solar 
april 2019 by bbrown
Volkswagen’s Costly Bet on Electric Cars | Hacker News
"The majority of charging in Western Europe will happen overnight and at home, combine that with 'smart chargers', which are technologically trivial, appropriate tariffs giving a discount in exchange for flexible demand overnight, and a thirty year period to make the transition (even if all new cars were electric from 2035), and I doubt the impact on the grid will be that dramatic. You will actually likely have improved utilization of existing assets, coupled with a lot of extra revenue going to power companies, away from oil companies. Motorway charging systems, which will be a small minority of total charging, will need ongoing grid upgrades, but spikes in demand can be buffered by trickle charging batteries, and dealing with increased electricity demand can scale gradually and incrementally as the transition occurs over that 30 year period. The infrastructure improvements will likely come under national infrastructure provisions which limit planning objections. I actually think the grid transition will mostly happen without people realizing."
energy  transportation  infrastructure  germany  justsyndrome  wtf  environmentalism 
march 2019 by bbrown
Bill Gates’ nuclear company explores molten salt reactors, thorium - The Weinberg Foundation
Molten salt reactor proponents should worry when Myhrvold-backed company talks "MSR with a proprietary twist"
nuclear  energy  inspiration 
july 2013 by bbrown
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