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Why the Global Recession Could Last a Long Time - The New York Times
Story on the potential longer-term economic devastation of the pandemic.
COVID-19  economy  geo211  pandemics 
6 hours ago
Multi-purpose keys, and a case for small keyboards - Asylum
good summary of using oneshot key config to make entry easier on small keyboards
keyboard  configuration  oneshot  keyboardio  atreus 
2 days ago
Workers Who Supply the World’s Food Are Starting to Fall Ill - Bloomberg
In general, experts have been saying the food supply is stable, and for people, for example, not to hoard. But that's the current reality. If the pandemic gets out of hand, it will impact the food supply (though likely less outright supply than the types of food that are readily available).
COVID-19  geo211  food  pandemics 
3 days ago
The Money Is in the Hubs: Johannes Schmidt on Luhmann’s Zettelkasten • Zettelkasten Method
His readings triggered thoughts and these thoughts went into the Zettelkasten with distinct steps.

He created brief excerpts for a book and a list of thoughts with references to the pages in the book.
Later, he wrote every distinct point on a different Zettel and decided individually for every thought where to put it.
zettelkasten  notes  reading  academic 
4 days ago
Mexico’s coronavirus-skeptical president set his country up for a health crisis - Vox
On Mexico is a new, emerging, problem. A highly public, in many places very densely-populated, country, with a clueless leader.
COVID-19  Mexico  Italy  pandemics  geo211 
7 days ago
Pandemic Playbook
Instructions left by Obama team to Trump team on what to do when presented with a pandemic.
geo211  COVID-19  pandemics  preparation 
7 days ago
Interview and Q&A with Sönke Ahrens on How to Take Smart Notes - YouTube
~20 talks about workflow and importance of software, but that it's critical for the software to present a "very low threshold to writing"

says not worry about hierarchy; just "don't hardwire it"

for tagging, think about ~"how does this content contribute to questions and discussions?"; does it support, contradict, etc.? don't worry too much about "topics"

"write the notes in dialog with other notes ... which is very different than just collecting"
notetaking  zettelkasten  ahrens 
11 days ago
Why new diseases keep appearing in China - YouTube
Good, brief, summary of the geographic origin of COVID-19 emergence in humans.
COVID-19  Wuhan  China  market  geo211  origins  pandemic 
19 days ago
Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) [PDF]
Comprehensive analysis of Chinese outbreak and containment efforts, and recommendations.
WHO  China  COVID-19  geo211 
19 days ago
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