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Mexico’s coronavirus-skeptical president set his country up for a health crisis - Vox
On Mexico is a new, emerging, problem. A highly public, in many places very densely-populated, country, with a clueless leader.
COVID-19  Mexico  Italy  pandemics  geo211 
3 days ago by bdarcus
Pandemic Playbook
Instructions left by Obama team to Trump team on what to do when presented with a pandemic.
geo211  COVID-19  pandemics  preparation 
3 days ago by bdarcus
Why new diseases keep appearing in China - YouTube
Good, brief, summary of the geographic origin of COVID-19 emergence in humans.
COVID-19  Wuhan  China  market  geo211  origins  pandemic 
16 days ago by bdarcus
Report of the WHO-China Joint Mission on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) [PDF]
Comprehensive analysis of Chinese outbreak and containment efforts, and recommendations.
WHO  China  COVID-19  geo211 
16 days ago by bdarcus
H5N1 • Killer Flu/ PBS Hour on Vimeo
An earlier documentary on a different virus, but does a good job showing the local factors that make Asia a particular hot spot for viral evolution.
influenza  pandemics  COVID-19  geo211 
16 days ago by bdarcus
Michael Pollan On Caffeine Addiction's Upside — And Ugly History : Shots - Health News : NPR
50% of the coffee-growing regions will not be able to support the coffee plant by 2050
coffee  climate_change  geo211 
6 weeks ago by bdarcus
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