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Container training by Jérôme Petazzoni
Workshop recordings, slides, pointers to pay-for training
containers  docker  kubernetes 
4 hours ago
Kubernetes Enhancement Proposals
A nice way to manage collaborative sofware architecture and design
collaboration  architecture  kubernetes 
6 weeks ago
VM Brasseur's travel recommendations
Good stuff! I'd add that washing clothes in the sink with soap works quite well if you have enough time to dry them in your room.
7 weeks ago
CIVS voting service
CIVS is a free Internet voting service that makes it easy to conduct polls.
10 weeks ago
Shared Neurons - the secret sauce of Open Source projects? (video)
Video recording of my talk at ApacheCon EU 2019, Shared Neurons - the secret sauce of Open Source projects?
pressbook  video  collaboration  asf  asfbasics 
12 weeks ago
finn - univsersal silicon bike phone holder
bought one in Berlin during ApacheCon EU 2019
12 weeks ago
Sling and Serverless, Best Friends Forever? Bertrand Delacretaz at adaptTo() 2019 (video)
Slides and video recording of my adaptTo() 2019 talk on how to use Serverless technology to (re)implement parts of Apache Sling
video  pressbook  serverless 
october 2019
.asf.yaml features for git repositories @apache
.asf.yaml is a file that Apache projects can put inside the root of their git repositories to control various new features such as website staging, github settings and pelican builds.
asf  github 
september 2019
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