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Daring Fireball: The Drumbeat of Impeachment
Ignore the noise and listen closely — the drumbeat is growing.
impeachment  trump  mmm  drumbeat 
7 weeks ago by bekishore
Study: Obama voters switched to Trump because of race - Vox
Kamala Harris’s new basic income-style bill is so frustratingly close to being great
trump  obama  race  racism  mmm 
october 2018 by bekishore
The death of truth: how we gave up on facts and ended up with Trump | Books | The Guardian
Donald Trump, the 45th president of the US, lies so prolifically and with such velocity that the Washington Post calculated he’d made 2,140 false or misleading claims during his first year in office – an average of 5.9 a day
truth  decay  trump  facts  lies  lie  mmm 
july 2018 by bekishore
Ta-Nehisi Coates: Kanye West in the Age of Donald Trump - The Atlantic
It would be nice if those who sought to use their talents as entrée into another realm would do so with the same care which they took in their craft.

Michael Jackson did not just destroy his own face, but endorsed the destruction of all those made in similar fashion.
path  black  white  ta-nehisi  coates  kanye  west  age  donald  trump  2018-05-09  2018-05  2018  well  written  said  000  00  history  freedom  wow  0 
may 2018 by bekishore
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