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Sabotage Foods | Price Pottenger
Most people can jump-start their weight loss by cutting out all starches, sugars & alcohols while consuming more proteins and fats.
davidgetoff  sabotagefoods  sabotage  foods  price  pottenger  pricepottenger  2018-08-14  weight  loss 
august 2018 by bekishore
Whole Foods: America’s Temple of Pseudoscience - The Daily Beast
Bringing sound data into political conversations and consumer decisions is a huge, ongoing challenge. It’s not limited to one side of the public debate. The moral is not that we should all boycott Whole Foods. It’s that whenever we talk about science and society, it helps to keep two rather humbling premises in mind: very few of us are anywhere near rational. And pretty much all of us are hypocrites.
whole  foods  america  usa  pseudo  science  temple  cool  wow  hypocrite  rational 
february 2014 by bekishore
5 Foods Your Dentist Wants You To Eat - Slide 5
1. cheese
2. apples
3. sesame oil
4. broccoli
5. sugar-free gum
5  food  foods  list  dentist  best  teeth 
january 2014 by bekishore
Health Starts Here |
1. whole food
2. plant-strong
3. healthy fats
4. nutrient dense - ANDI - aggregate nutrient density index
health  whole  foods  tip  list 
march 2012 by bekishore

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