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A Formula for Uncommon Success This Year | Your Absolute Best Year Yet
ideation without execution is delusion

5 things
1. know your one thing
2. run your 3 key habits
3. delete energy vampires in your life
4. invest in your personal development
5. seek out big joy

1. know your one thing - Steve Jobs - what is the one or two things that you, over the next 12 months, can focus > to become > BIW > best in world

pixar - focus on 1 movie every 3 years

what's your toy story ?

>>> have the guts to say no to everything else !

2. know your 3 key habits - for the next 90 days -

e.g., 5 o clock club, reading for 1 hour, writing in a journal before bed, meditation

consistency is the mother of mastery - every single day - make it part of your wiring

it takes 66 days to create a neural wiring

3. delete the energy vampires - have the guts to clean out toxic language - people who prevent you from greatness

you do become your associations

all of the environmental influences affect

live in a tight bubble of total positivity

politely ask energy vampires to leave your life

be around amazing people

4. invest in personal development -

!> am not going to spend on that money on course / seminar

vs. 5 dollar on a drink or violent movie !!!!!

make a huge investment in your personal development >>> to get 30 times returns

> to see around corners > inspiration > conferences that challenged me > inspired & intelligent people

> invest in yourself


5. seek out big joy -

> fundamental trap > when i become / when i get >>>> i will become more happy

> first become joyful > then become successful

> as you became joyful ... your focus increased

> do the things that creates big joy in your life > better you > better brain

>>> >>> >>> what is the value of this year ?

become a contrarian

> i made history > i became heroic > i became a legend

stay with habits with every single day
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january 2014 by bekishore

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