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SAP COO Christian Klein Demos the Digital Boardroom at SAPPHIRE NOW - YouTube
1. big data to big insight
2. insight into action - get rid of static presentations
3. coding solution with beautiful user experience
sap  coo  youtube  video  bill  mcdermott  digital  boardroom  revenue  expense  profit 
september 2016 by bekishore
SAP's CEO on Why Trust Is the Ultimate Career Weapon
SAP CEO Bill McDermott believes that how you do things is as important as what you do when it comes to building a career. McDermott explains that, while having goals is important, it is how you behave as you pursue those goals that really defines whether or not you have made a success of your life. "A lot more impressive than any one particular milestone will be how you conduct yourself along the way," he says. "You will win in business enterprise when you pursue a purpose with preparation, discipline, and respect. You will win when you inspire others to join you in that pursuit and when the quest itself brings out the finest in absolutely everyone about you. Trust is the ultimate currency, so let your word be your most valuable asset."
SAP  CEO  currency  bill  mcdermott  trust 
january 2015 by bekishore

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