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Vidyaniketan School
Kanchi Math has started a Veda cum regular school in Ullal near Bangalore University. All castes are admitted here for CBSE system of regular 10+2 schooling. But Brahmin boys are given Veda class from 6 to 7 AM and 6:30 to 8 PM (approx times). This is in addition to regular schooling. They are also provided with a 400 seat hostel with full Brahmin food.

But one of the organisers of this institution in Kanchi Math was telling me that they can find monetary resources but are finding it difficult to get Brahmin boys to join this all expenses paid institution! Now only 100 seats are occupied in the hostel and 300 are vacant. He was requesting all Brahmin families to send their boys to this school.

As the boys lose nothing and gain Vedic knowledge along with regular knowledge, this is the best place for them. They have got excellent class rooms, labs, play grounds etc of very high standard. This is suitable for every type of Brahmin family irrespective of rich, middle class or poor! The decision of higher studies -if in Veda line or Science , Engg or Medicine etc can be done after 12th standard.

Details: Sri Sankara Smartha Samskrutha Paatasala, (Vidyaneketan Public school), Ullal Cross Road, Ullal Upanagar, Bangalore 560 056, phone:080 2321 3396, 080 2321 1364. Please visit the school with prior appointment. (website getting ready)
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