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Starlette is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit.

It is ideal for building high performance asyncio services, and supports both HTTP and WebSockets.
python  frameworks  asgi  asynchronous 
15 days ago
Diagnosing Memory “Leaks” in Python - Chase Seibert Blog
"Long running Python jobs that consume a lot of memory while running may not return that memory to the operating system until the process actually terminates, even if everything is garbage collected properly."
python  memory 
17 days ago
Ask HN: Codebase at my work is a complete mess, what should I do? | Hacker News
"Ok, more seriously: that’s the way existing code is about 90% of the time - it’s the reality of working in our field.

It may or may not reflect on the original developer. Maybe they were learning a new framework. Maybe they were rushed. Maybe it was originally intended as a prototype but ended up in production. Maybe the requirements have grown or changed significantly since it was implemented and the original design didn’t scale well (this is to blame for most of the awful code where I work). Maybe they’re just not very good."
4 weeks ago
Oh My God There’s Duct Tape On My Plane!
What you’re actually seeing is a heavy-duty aluminum bonding tape known as “speed tape.” It’s a temporary fix and it’s used only on superficial or noncritical components, until more substantive repairs are made later on. The tape is extremely durable and is able to expand and contract through a wide range of temperatures.

“We never use, and don’t even stock, duct tape,” explains a veteran airline mechanic. “Some of the tapes we use cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars per roll. Speed tape is one of those. Last I heard, it costs about $700 per four-inch wide roll. It’s approved by the manufacturer, FAA and company engineering department for certain repairs — always temporary.”
travel  programming  legacy-code 
7 weeks ago
Estimation Is a Core Competency – Track Changes
An estimate is:

information your PM and business leaders need to plan a project and prioritize features.
an informed guesstimate.
An estimate isn’t:

an opportunity to prove you’re a 10x engineer.
a commitment to complete the task.
Estimates don’t need to be perfectly accurate as much as they need to be useful.
software  software_engineering 
7 weeks ago
Lionel Martin
"I help tech companies deliver web applications on AWS by coding, leading and mentoring"

Great consulting site
7 weeks ago
Epoxy Kitchen Countertop | HOW TO - YouTube
Interesting aside from the thing itself b/c it shows how experts do something that you can do too, but honestly this - getting everything *just* right and then blow torching... I imagine most people are more likely to just hire an expert after knowing what's involved
video  diy 
8 weeks ago
The Food Lab's Complete Guide to Sous Vide Salmon | Serious Eats
The difference is quite striking, with both the salmon that was water-brined and the dry-brined salmon coming out with a firmer, more pleasant flesh. Without any brine, salmon cooked at lower temperatures can taste mushy and watery; at higher temperatures, it will taste dry and chalky. With brine, salmon at low temperatures has a smooth, buttery texture, and at higher temperatures, it retains more moisture.
sousvide  fish 
8 weeks ago
How much is an Engineer Worth? by David Trejo
"Do not compare this with a consultant's rates: their value can much be higher and they are very different from employees."
engineering  consulting  freelance 
june 2018
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