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The Matrix Cookbook
What is this?
These pages are a collection of facts (identities, approxima-
tions, inequalities, relations, ...) about matrices and matters relating to them.
It is collected in this form for the convenience of anyone who wants a quick desktop reference .
math  books  pdf 
13 days ago
Beware of Complex Filtering in GraphQL | GraphQL { me }
You can start to see how quickly someone could craft a really complex query, and it’s hard to determine on the server at runtime how expensive the resulting SQL query might be.
19 days ago
Cybertec Postgres Configurator
Dynamically build PostgreSQL configurations
configuration  postgresql 
5 weeks ago
Black Light Pro
Like Flux, but different
software  macos 
7 weeks ago
dsc_0426_0.jpg (JPEG Image, 3670 × 2766 pixels) - Scaled (24%)
III percenter miltia[man]? with (1) b/w US flag w/ blue line, iii percenter "defenders", and red on black Jerusalem crosses patches
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8 weeks ago
Locksmiths: Dan Ariely
As I mention in the video, what’s really interesting is that this locksmith was penalized for getting better at his profession. He was tipped better when he was an apprentice and it took him longer to pick a lock, even though he would often break the lock! Now that it takes him only a moment, his customers complain that he is overcharging and they don’t tip him. What this reveals is that consumers don’t value goods and services solely by their utility, benefit from the service, but also a sense of fairness relating to how much effort was exerted.
psychology  business  marketing 
11 weeks ago
The invisible doctor, and rewarding incompetence – Daniel P. Egan
Dan Ariely tells a story: a locksmith is an apprentice, and unskilled at picking locks. It takes him a while to get people into their homes.His time and effort were evident, so clients tip well.

As he becomes more skilled, he gets people into their houses quicker, with less effort. But his tips go down, because his skill makes it seem quick and effortless.

Our perception of value is often not about what we’re getting, it’s about how much effort the other person is putting in. [When skill is involved] we get paid for incompetence.
business  psychology 
11 weeks ago
Starlette is a lightweight ASGI framework/toolkit.

It is ideal for building high performance asyncio services, and supports both HTTP and WebSockets.
python  frameworks  asgi  asynchronous 
september 2018
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