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How much is an Engineer Worth? by David Trejo
"Do not compare this with a consultant's rates: their value can much be higher and they are very different from employees."
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5 weeks ago
Jordan Peterson, Custodian of the Patriarchy - The New York Times
It's interesting that Peterson has remembrances of Soviet atrocities and oppression, because "Marxism is resurgent"; this seems like another example of confusing the cause and effect. Not that Marxism applied has not/does not cause oppression, but if one is opposed to the *cause* because of the *effect* then one must be opposed to *all other causes* of such effects. Which would include fascism, etc.
9 weeks ago
The Gardener and the Carpenter | Alison Gopnik | Macmillan
Mothers in particular become endlessly defensive and conflicted about whether it is possible to both successfully parent and successfully work at other jobs, and they feel forced to choose between de-emphasizing the importance of motherhood and forgoing their careers. But the same dilemmas affect fathers, all the more intensely because they are less acknowledged.
11 weeks ago
Don’t Use Sails (or Waterline) | Kevin Burke
Better options are out there! Here are some of the more reliable options I know about.

Instagram used Django well through its $1 billion dollar acquisition. Amazing community and documentation, and the project is incredibly stable.
march 2018
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