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Don’t Use Sails (or Waterline) | Kevin Burke
Better options are out there! Here are some of the more reliable options I know about.

Instagram used Django well through its $1 billion dollar acquisition. Amazing community and documentation, and the project is incredibly stable.
4 weeks ago
How To Become A Centaur
As Garry put it: “Weak human + machine + better process was superior to a strong computer alone and, more remarkably, superior to a strong human + machine + inferior process.”


Human nature, for better or worse, doesn’t change much from millennia to millennia. If you want to see the strengths that are unique and universal to all humans, don’t look at the world-famous award-winners — look at children. Children, even at a young age, are already proficient at: intuition, analogy, creativity, empathy, social skills. Some may scoff at these for being “soft skills”, but the fact that we can make an AI that plays chess but not hold a normal five-minute conversation, is proof that these skills only seem “soft” to us because evolution’s already put in the 3.5 billion years of hard work for us.
ai  intelligence 
8 weeks ago
React experts as a Service
10 hours per month for $800

4 developers from your team included.

20 hours per month for $1500

6 developers from your team included.
consulting  pricing 
december 2017
50 éves a Drótszőrű Magyar vizsla - YouTube
Pronunciation for wirehaired vizsla in Hungarian
december 2017
Ask HN: What are best tools for web scraping? | Hacker News
Discussion about web scrapers: sounds like either (1) scrapy or (2) headless chrome + puppeteer
scraping  scrapy 
november 2017
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