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Germany's scientific texts were made free during and after WWII; analyzing them today shows the negative effect of paywalls on science / Boing Boing
"This artificial removal of copyright barriers led to a 25% decline in prices, and a 67% increase in citations. These results suggest that restrictive copyright policies slow down the progress of science considerably."
information_freedom  ww2  publishing  copyright  conclusion07 
25 days ago
What Really Happened to the Megafauna | JSTOR Daily
To try and sort out whether climate or humans were responsible, Christopher Sandom and colleagues reviewed the existing literature on the LQE in Proceedings: Biological Science. They examined distribution of humans as well as distribution of mega-mammals at the time of extinction, climate patterns in each region, and the relative impact of humans or climate in previous studies.
conclusion07  extinctions  pleistocene 
5 weeks ago
Coins and Scrolls: Thinking Medieval - Seeking Endarkenment
Using humor to convey the idea that another worldview and context can be remarkably different. Perhaps a way to talk about information revolutions?
middle_ages  mindset  epistemology  humor  conclusion07  information_revolution 
5 weeks ago
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