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Why the 2010s Are Reminiscent of the 1920s - The Atlantic
America is again caught between nationalists longing for the glories of an imagined past, and activists invoking ideals the nation has never yet attained....

The current conflict is a continuation of one over the past century ... between ... the racial nationalism of blood and ethnic supremacy and a more expansive civic nationalism which promises a common political project of equal rights and respect for all....

What might we expect to, first, culminate, and, then, follow, the moment of Trump?
collapse  conclusion07  nationalism  depression  idealism 
january 2016 by berendes
Brad DeLong : Paul Krugman: How Long Can This Go on?
Why I have shifted to thinking that in the long run the current downturn will turn out to have been a bigger deal than the Great Depression:
collapse  depression  delong_brad  conclusion07 
july 2013 by berendes
Post-Democracy in Italy and Europe — Crooked Timber
Technocrat prime minsters, such as Italy’s Mario Monti or Greece’s Lucas Papademos … are creatures of banking and economics. While they may understand money, that no longer recommends them to the voters who would rather have someone who understands them. The result is dangerous. It is but a short step from writing off the political class to writing off the institutions of democracy. So far most voters have not done this in either Italy or Greece. But some have and the temptation is there for more to do so
elite  collapse  depression  economics  technocrat  conclusion07 
march 2013 by berendes
Brad DeLong: The British Economy Is Now Doing Worse than it Did in the Great Depression
In less than a year, if current forecasts come true, the Cameron-Osborne Depression will not be the worst depression in Britain since the Great Depression, but the worst depression in Britain… probably ever.
britain  economy  depression  recession  collapse  austerity  conclusion07 
january 2012 by berendes
Op-Ed Columnist - Life Without Bubbles -
it may take a lot longer than many people think before the U.S. economy is ready to live without bubbles
conclusion07  finance  economics  depression  government 
december 2008 by berendes
Brad DeLong's Egregious Moderation: Robert Skidelsky: Where Do We Go From Here?
Any great failure should force us to rethink. The present economic crisis is a great failure of the market system. As George Soros has rightly pointed out, "the salient feature of the current financial crisis is that it was not caused by some external shock like Opec… the crisis was generated by the system itself.
economics  finance  depression  conclusion07 
december 2008 by berendes
The U.S. Economy's Best Bet: The Intangible Sector - BusinessWeek
The U.S. Economy's Best Bet: The Intangible Sector
While not measured by GDP figures, intangible industries such as education and health care are steadily adding jobs
conclusion07  economics  united_states  depression 
december 2008 by berendes / Columnists / Martin Wolf - Why the credit squeeze is a turning point for the world
...US Treasury secretary, trying to organise a cartel of holders of toxic securitised assets in the “superSIV”. ...we see the US Treasury intervene directly in the rate-setting process on mortgages, in an attempt to shore
conclusion07  depression  economics  finance 
december 2007 by berendes

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