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F3 - an alternative to h2testw
I've bought a 32GB microSDHC card for my Android that always fails when one fills it up. Googling about this issue, I arrived at the blogs Fight Flash Fraud and SOSFakeFlash, which recomend the software H2testw (see here or here) to test flash memories. I downloaded H2testw and found two issues with it: (1) it is for Windows only, and (2) it is not open source. However, its author was kind enough to include a text file that explains what it does; this page is about my GPLv3 implementation of that algorithm.

My implementation is simple and reliable, and I don't know exactly how F3 compares to H2testw since I've never run H2testw. I call my implementation F3, what is short for Fight Flash Fraud, or Fight Fake Flash.
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june 2012 by bfolberth

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