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序言 今年初开始学习了解Raft协议,论文读下来之后还是决定结合一个成熟的代码进行更深的理解。etcd做为一个非常成熟的作品,其Raft库实现也非常精妙,屏蔽了网络、存储等模块,提供接口由上层应用者来实现。 本篇文章解析etcd的Raft库实现,基于etcd…
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8 days ago
What is Metaspace? |
The OpenJDK uses Metaspace to store its class metadata. It can contribute a large part to the non-Java-heap memory footprint of a Java VM process. We explain…
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17 days ago
How Does a Database Work? | Let’s Build a Simple Database
Let's Build a Simple Database Writing a sqlite clone from scratch in C Overview View on GitHub (pull requests welcome) What format is data saved in? (in memory…
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20 days ago
Precise timing of machine code with Linux perf. | Denis Bakhvalov | C++ compiler dev.
Contents: Recap on LBR Getting cycles count with linux perf Application: estimating prefetch window I feel like writing these days, so powered by this feeling I…
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21 days ago
Clockwise/Spiral Rule
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8 weeks ago
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