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Leadership Berlin
Es ist die Überzeugung von Leadership Berlin, dass es für eine Gesellschaft als Ganze, wie auch für jedes Unternehmen, jede Behörde oder gemeinnützige Organisation wichtig ist, dass sie über „Entscheidende“ oder „Machende“ verfügen, […]
lobby  leadership  berlin  society  business  network 
5 weeks ago by blumenberg
Health Gorilla - Trusted Clinical Network
We connect the entire healthcare ecosystem on a single clinical network, empowering providers, patients, and vendors to exchange clinical data seamlessly and securely.
apple  health  care  digital  healthcare  network  data 
january 2019 by blumenberg
Create A Network « WordPress Codex
WordPress includes the ability to create a network of sites by using the multisite feature. This article contains instructions for creating a multisite network.
wordpress  codex  multisite  network 
april 2018 by blumenberg
Publishers - Medium
The powerful, networked publishing platform for publishers, bloggers, and organizations
medium  publishing  blog  free  network 
april 2016 by blumenberg
… an open decentralized social network software … interacts with Facebook, Google, Diaspora, Twitter, etc. Features:
social  network  opensource  stream  communication  php  mysql  apache  decentralized  :st  :ji  interaction 
july 2011 by blumenberg
A simple photoblog theme with support for BuddyPress social network plugin, it’s made for keeping family photos, staying connected with friends, and/or running your own photos community.
wordpress  theme  premium  photoblog  social  network  community  buddypress  :st 
june 2011 by blumenberg
Social Network Engine Comparison
Social Network Engines provide the basis for community driven content and social/business networking.
opensource  cms  social  network  engine  software  community  :st 
june 2011 by blumenberg
Open Source Social Networking Engine
opensource  cms  social  network  engine  software  education  GPL2  MIT.license  php  mysql  community  :st 
june 2011 by blumenberg
Enabling conversations at your workplace. Convofy connects your team like no app has ever done. It connects people to people, people to content, and people to discussions.
social  network  private  company  business  connect  :st 
march 2011 by blumenberg
Simple Social Bookmarks
… adds icons to your posts and/or pages that allow your visitors to easily submit them on social bookmarking and network sites.
plugindirectory  plugin  share  service  button  social  network  wordpress 
january 2011 by blumenberg
A Guide to the Open Internet
Network neutrality is the idea that your cellular, cable, or phone internet connection should treat all websites and services the same. Big companies like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast want to treat them differently so they can charge you more depending on what you use.
network  internet  open  about  neutrality  companies  connection  :sk  :st 
december 2010 by blumenberg
Slink is the easy and secure way to remotely connect to your home network.
mac  osx  application  remote  network  share  access 
december 2010 by blumenberg
The Fridge
All fridges are private. Invite only. Safe from the parents, boss, or those pesky stalkers.
conversation  group  list  network  private  sharing  social  :sk  :st 
august 2010 by blumenberg
… aims to be a distributed network, where totally separate computers connect to each other directly, will let us connect without surrendering our privacy.
social  network  privacy  seed  decentralize  encryption  content  opensource  flickr  facebook  twitter  :sk  :st  :ji 
may 2010 by blumenberg / Update all of your social networks at once!
… a simple and FREE service that makes updating your social networks a snap!  twitter  facebook  linkedin  flickr  delicious  update  social  media  network  post  :sk 
march 2010 by blumenberg
Surf the web anonymously and secure
tor  network  privacy  encryption  service  web  anonymous  vpn  internet 
january 2010 by blumenberg
Using Google Public DNS
When you use Google Public DNS, you are changing your DNS "switchboard" operator from your ISP to Google Public DNS.
google  public  dns  internet  network  service  reference 
december 2009 by blumenberg
Mount SSH/SFTP or FTP accounts as if they were local files.
mac  osx  ssh  sftp  ftp  utility  network  transfer  upload  filesystem  fuse  google  SDK  mount  macfuse  sshfs 
august 2009 by blumenberg
… allows you to extend Mac OS X's native file handling capabilities via 3rd-party file systems
mac  osx  ssh  sftp  ftp  utility  network  transfer  upload  filesystem  fuse  google  SDK  ntfs  macfuse  opensource  code  freeware  linux  unix  sshfs  fs 
august 2009 by blumenberg
Ridiculously simple SFTP/FTP/S3 drive access
mac  osx  sftp  ftp  s3  utility  network  transfer  upload  filesystem  fuse  finder 
august 2009 by blumenberg
drag’n’drop file transfer
mac  osx  sftp  ftp  scp  smb  afp  dragndrop  utility  network  dock  transfer  upload 
august 2009 by blumenberg
EyeControl allows you to remotely programme your EyeTV from any networked Mac - on a local network or across the internet.
software  mac  osx  eyetv  remote  control  network  local  internet 
august 2008 by blumenberg
Create Berlin
... ist das Netzwerk der Berliner Design-Community! Anlaufstelle für Kreative bei Projekten und Ideen im Bereich Design rund um den Kreativstandort Berlin: Als international ausgerichtetes Netzwerk kuratiert und organisiert CREATE BERLIN Designprojekte im In- und Ausland zur Förderung der Berliner Kreativwirtschaft und ihres Standorts.
creative  design  network  local  berlin  business 
august 2008 by blumenberg
... Netzwerk für kreative Köpfe
social  business  network  design  graphic  artist  german 
april 2008 by blumenberg
crew united
... Netzwerk für Film- und Fernsehbranche
social  business  network  movie  tv  german 
april 2008 by blumenberg
… is the ideal tool to do efficient lightweight backups of your personal files to an external harddisk, iPod, or network share. It is very fast because it only copies changed or new files using its built in powerful sync engine.
backup  mac  osx  application  ical  network  afp  smb  nfs  webdav 
february 2008 by blumenberg
A place to grow your music
music  network  share  shop  online  itunes  upload  ipod 
june 2007 by blumenberg
Jack PC Thin Clients (Chip PC)
Jack PC is a patented technology offering a fully managed computer neatly integrated into a standard LAN jack.

Operating in a Server Based Computing environment, the Jack PC thin client is can be remotly managed by Chip PC's industry-leading Xcalibur Gl
hardware  lan  computer  small  client  network  citrix 
january 2007 by blumenberg
Jack PC
Windows-based thin client small enough to fit in a network wall port
hardware  computer  small  client  network  citrix 
january 2007 by blumenberg
Hamachi : Stay Connected
Hamachi is a zero-configuration virtual private networking (VPN) application. In other words Hamachi is a program that allows you to arrange multiple computers into their own secure network just as if they were connected by a physical network cable.
vpn  network  lan  internet  nat  :sk 
november 2006 by blumenberg
BuzzBums Blogs Directory - Buzz Bums
What is BuzzBums Blog Directory? BuzzBums.Com is a blog directory of some of the highest quality blogs on the planet. The purpose of this directory is so that the user (You!) can browse through all the greatest blogs on one easily navigatable website.
network  blog  directory 
october 2006 by blumenberg
MyTunesRSS is an application for accessing your iTunes library from any computer connected through a network. You can browse and search your library with any browser, use existing playlists or create new ones. From all this data you can create RSS feeds o
itunes  rss  m3u  mp3  network  server  application  java 
september 2006 by blumenberg
Network Backup Drive Recommendation (by SuperDuper!)
Users often ask me for drive recommendations, and while I provide general suggestions for FireWire drives in the SuperDuper! User’s Guide, I haven’t suggested any Network Accessible Storage (NAS) devices, mostly because I haven’t been entirely happy
admin  network  hardware  ethernet  nas 
june 2006 by blumenberg

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