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The 'lorem ipsum' generator that doesn't suck.
generator  html  loremipsum  text 
august 2017 by blumenberg
The Detergent is a complete tool to clean and convert the text from the client brief (PSD, IL, Word, Excel, etc) to an email-friendly HTML code. It’s more than a special character converter. It is also an invisible character cleaner and, to some extent, a grammar style error checker (fixing incorrect dashes and widow words).
clean  clear  text  convert  tool  online 
december 2015 by blumenberg
Noisli - background noise and color generator for working and relaxing
… a fantastic background noise and color generator ideal for working and relaxing.
Plus Text Editor for distraction-free writing with plain text and Markdown support.
background  noise  color  generator  text  editor  markdown 
april 2014 by blumenberg
Picksum Ipsum
… Movie Lorem Ipsum Text Generator Alternative. If you’re a film fan as well as a web genius, get to grips with our cool text generator now and Picksum Ipsum.
generator  loremipsum  text 
july 2013 by blumenberg
Toau - Text to Audio converter for Mac OS X
Convert text to audio like magic, on Mac OS X.
audio  mac  osx  software  text  convert  speech 
march 2013 by blumenberg
The Markdown Editor for Windows
markdown  windows  application  text  editor 
march 2013 by blumenberg
BLOKK font
… gives you a nice fill text for mock-ups and wireframing without the lorem ipsum. The new and better wireframing font.
font  loremipsum  text  mockup  wireframe  ui  ux 
february 2013 by blumenberg
wysihtml5 - A better approach to rich text editing
wysihtml5 is an open source rich text editor based on HTML5 technology and the progressive-enhancement approach. It uses a sophisticated security concept and aims to generate fully valid HTML5 markup by preventing unmaintainable tag soups and inline styles.
editor  html5  javascript  open  source  wysiwyg  text  :sk  :st  :mg  :sm  :am  :ce 
may 2012 by blumenberg
Pandoc – a universal document converter
If you need to convert files from one markup format into another, pandoc is your swiss-army knife. Need to generate a man page from a markdown file? No problem. LaTeX to Docbook? Sure. HTML to MediaWiki? Yes, that too.
markdown  markup  pdf  html  rtf  epub  text  converter  publishing  ebook 
december 2011 by blumenberg
PopClip is a faster, easier way to work with text on your Mac. Just select some text with your mouse, and PopClip appears. (Yep, it's just like iOS!)
mac  osx  utility  select  text  copy  paste  :st  :sk  :nc 
december 2011 by blumenberg
CSS3 Tilt-Shift Text experiment
Where are the trees is an experiment trying to create a Tilt-Shift effect on Text using CSS3 only.
css3  experiment  tilt-shift  text  :ce  :am  :st  :sk 
october 2011 by blumenberg
(Multi-)Markdown preview, everywhere
markdown  application  text  preview  viewer  mac  osx 
august 2011 by blumenberg
Hipster Ipsum
Artisanal filler text for your site or project.
loremipsum  tool  generator  text  dummy  :st  :sk  :nc 
august 2011 by blumenberg
iA Writer
… a digital writing tool that makes sure that all your thoughts go into the text instead of the program. One of our goals was to create a writing app without settings. When opening Writer, all you can do is write. The only option you have is full screen and FocusMode.
distraction-free  text  application  focus  simple  mac  osx  :sk  :st  editor  productivity  writing 
may 2011 by blumenberg
Blosxom (pronounced "blossom") is a lightweight yet feature-packed weblog application designed from the ground up with simplicity, usability, and interoperability in mind.
blog  weblog  publishing  simple  plaintext  text  opensource  [!] 
april 2011 by blumenberg
… starts with a clean full-screen interface that lets you start typing right away—no templates to choose, no type settings to tune, no spacing to adjust. […] The minimalist full-screen interface, the stunning typography and the soft colors will help you relax and get your thoughts out.
markdown  ios  mac  osx  iphone  ipad  application  text  editor  writing  distraction-free  dropbox  icloud 
april 2011 by blumenberg
… wie viel Bullshit steckt in Ihrem Text?
fun  humor  tool  text  analyse  blabla 
march 2011 by blumenberg
… Powerful Text Cleanup
software  mac  osx  linux  windows  text  clean  free 
september 2010 by blumenberg
Machen Sie Ihren Plan B klar!
… darum ist es bei beruflichem Klartext wichtig, nicht nur zu sagen, was man tut, sondern vor allem auch, was man bringt.
klartext  text  kommunikation  communication  words  :sk  :st 
april 2010 by blumenberg (online)
… writings, notes, and to-do lists online. […] stores your text and keeps it synced between your work, home, and devices like the iPhone. Unlike manual syncing, merges your changes so you'll never lose data.
online  sync  text  document  folder  file  opensource  api  iphone 
february 2010 by blumenberg
SimpleText (desktop)
… keeps a folder of text files on your Mac synced to the website
mac  osx  application  sync  text  document  folder  file  opensource  api 
february 2010 by blumenberg
addmap.js (demo & usage)
Adding map links and a small map to any text using JavaScript
google  map  location  text  link  javascript  api 
february 2010 by blumenberg
Adding map links and a small map to any text using JavaScript
google  map  location  text  link  javascript  api 
february 2010 by blumenberg
Let professional copy-editors check your text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and structure.
online  service  publish  copy  editor  text  grammar  spelling  punctuation  structure  :sk  :st 
january 2010 by blumenberg
Texts Rasterization Exposures
An attempt to improve text rasterization algorithms using only publicly available information
article  text  rasterization  anti-aliasing  sub-pixel  render  hinting  kerning  resolution 
december 2009 by blumenberg
… a simple text processor that firmly believes in making writing a pleasure once again, revindicating the close relationship between writer and paper. The more intimate the relation, the smoother the flow of inspiration.
mac  osx  application  text  editor  productivity  writing  distraction-free  simple  focus  :sk  :st 
december 2009 by blumenberg
Drop the file onto a destination and Dropzone will take care of the rest. Whether you're installing an app, uploading a file via FTP (SFTP soon) or sharing your photos on Flickr.
mac  osx  sftp  ftp  dragndrop  utility  dock  transfer  upload  flickr  zip  text  posterous  dropbox  print  ruby  api 
august 2009 by blumenberg
QuickTime HREF tracks
… special type of text track that adds interactivity to a QuickTime movie. HREF tracks contain URLs that can specify movies that replace the current movie, load another frame, or that load QuickTime Player. They can also specify JavaScript functions or Web pages that load a specific browser frame or window.
apple  quicktime  text  track  tutorial  interaction 
november 2008 by blumenberg
QuickTime Text descriptors
… an example of a text track file that illustrates how text descriptors are used to control the formatting and timing of the text track
apple  quicktime  text  track  tutorial 
november 2008 by blumenberg
QuickTime Text tracks
It can serve as titles, subtitles, credits, teleprompter text, or the complete content of the movie (as in an all-text commercial). A text track is also used to contain information for chapter tracks and HREF tracks.
apple  quicktime  text  track  tutorial 
november 2008 by blumenberg
Realtime Collaborative Text Editing. The perfect way to collaborate on a text document and keep everyone literally on the same page.
web  text  edit  online  service  ajax  document  collaborative  share  tool 
november 2008 by blumenberg
… is a platform facilitating connected reading. … helps you when you need to read what others are also reading, or when you need others to read what you are reading — you might use txtr to collaborate with others and keep your text reporsitories in sync, or just to have a look at your friend’s or peer’s published reading, or just to browse through a large public text base
txt  read  platform  online  synchronize  text  show  share  access 
november 2008 by blumenberg
Discover, convert and manage colors. E-Mail color palettes as ACO, ASE, Bitmap image or Text file
mac  iphone  software  color  palette  rgb  hsb  ACO  ASE  text  email 
october 2008 by blumenberg
FancyZoom Demo (Prototype)
This works with any html (images, text, headings, flash). The only caveat is it doesn't currently work with AJAX.
javascript  prototype.js  fancyzoom  lightbox  image  text  html  flash  demo 
september 2008 by blumenberg
FancyZoom Demo (jQuery)
This works with any html (images, text, headings, flash). The only caveat is it doesn't currently work with AJAX.
javascript  jquery  fancyzoom  lightbox  image  text  html  flash  demo 
september 2008 by blumenberg
FancyZoom Meet Prototype
Zoomy JavaScript based loosely on Fancy Zoom by Cabel Sasser.
javascript  prototype.js  fancyzoom  lightbox  image  text  html  flash 
september 2008 by blumenberg
RJ TextEd
... is a Unicode text and source editor. It is also a simple web development tool with features like syntax highlighting, advanced column mode and code folding.
free  unicode  html  text  web  tool  code  editor  windows  development 
february 2008 by blumenberg
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