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Interview on Sri Ramana Maharshi's life and teachings, p.4
Bhagavan had a very appropriate analogy for this process. Imagine that you have a bull, and that you keep it in a stable. If you leave the door open, the bull will wander out, looking for food. It may find food, but a lot of the time it will get into trouble by grazing in cultivated fields. The owners of these fields will beat it with sticks and throw stones at it to chase it away, but it will come back again and again, and suffer repeatedly, because it doesn't understand the notion of field boundaries. It is just programmed to look for food and to eat it wherever it finds something edible. 

     The bull is the mind, the stable is the Heart where it arises and to where it returns, and the grazing in the fields represents the mind's painful addiction to seeking pleasure in outside objects. 

     Bhagavan said that most mind-control techniques forcibly restrain the bull to stop it moving around, but they don't do anything about the bull's fundamental desire to wander and get itself into trouble. 

     You can tie up the mind temporarily with japa or breath control, but when these restraints are loosened, the mind just wanders off again, gets involved in more mischief and suffers again. You can tie up a bull, but it won't like it. You will just end up with an angry, cantankerous bull that will probably be looking for a chance to commit some act of violence on you. 

     Bhagavan likened self-enquiry to holding a bunch of fresh grass under the bull's nose. As the bull approaches it, you move away in the direction of the stable door and the bull follows you. You lead it back into the stable, and it voluntarily follows you because it wants the pleasure of eating the grass that you are holding in front of it. Once it is inside the stable, you allow it to eat the abundant grass that is always stored there. The door of the stable is always left open, and the bull is free to leave and roam about at any time. There is no punishment or restraint. The bull will go out repeatedly, because it is the nature of such animals to wander in search of food. And each time they go out, they will be punished for straying into forbidden areas. 
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november 2018 by bobpeckiv
Jeff Foster - ON ABUSE AND "SPIRITUALITY" "You attracted it...

"You attracted it because you desired it".
"If you think there's a problem with another's words or actions,
YOU are the one who's confused".
"Everything is just your projection. Everything is in your mind".
"Clear up your vibration and you'll stop attracting bad things to yourself".
"You are too attached to the body. Go beyond the body. It's not who you are."
"If you have doubts, fears, resistance, pain, anger, then you must be in your ego and totally unenlightened".
"The past is an illusion. Let it go right now!".

Ugh. I'm so tired of all this New Age spiritual bullshit.
I'm tired of ANY spirituality that doesn't fully honour
our messy, unresolvable, first-hand, real-time, embodied human experience.
That doesn't bow deeply to the struggle of our raw and tender hearts.
That guilt-trips us for our imperfections and shames our limitations.

No, it's not always your projection.
Yes, sometimes other people really ARE abusive and need to be stopped.

No, everything isn't always "in your mind".
Yes, your body matters. Your feelings too.

No, your doubts and fears are not 'wrong' or 'bad' or 'unevolved'.
No, you do not 'attract' abuse through a faulty 'vibrational frequency'.
No, you do not deserve to be violated in any way, in the name of Truth, in the name of God, in the name of Love, or IN ANY OTHER NAME.

Yes, your boundaries deserve to be respected, your 'yes' AND your 'no' too.

No, it's not okay for spiritual teachers to abuse people "for their own good"
- to shock them into awakening, to enlighten them, to help them drop their "ego".
Teachers that use abuse as a tool are simply abusers, not teachers.

I reject any spirituality that dismisses our tender, vulnerable, fragile humanity.
I reject any spirituality that shames us for our precious human thoughts and feelings.
I reject any spirituality that begins any sentence with "If you were enlightened..."
I reject any spirituality that divides self from no self, divine from human, sacred from profane, absolute from relative, heaven from earth, duality from nonduality, material from spiritual.

I once saw a popular spiritual teacher addressing a recently bereaved woman.
He said, "Your heartbreak is illusory and only the activity of the separate self.
One day the separate self will vanish, along with all suffering".

And in that moment, I saw a deep, deep sickness and inhumanity at the heart of contemporary spirituality. The invalidation of trauma, the false promises, the power games, the suppression of the feminine.

And I vowed to bow to that fucking broken heart as if it were God Herself.

Until the end of time.

- Jeff Foster
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december 2017 by bobpeckiv
Joel S. Goldsmith Quotes (Author of The Infinite Way)
Everybody in the world knows the word “God,” but there are few people in the world who know God. For most of us God has remained a word, a term, a power outside the self; God, Itself, has not become a living reality except to those few people who are known as mystics.”
― Joel S. Goldsmith
december 2017 by bobpeckiv
Our Teachings - The Church of Conscious Harmony
The teaching of the Church stands on two legs:  (1) the contemplative Christian tradition, as presented by Fr. Thomas Keating and others, and (2) the esoteric Christian Fourth Way, known as the Work of Inner Christianity, as presented by Maurice Nicoll, G.I. Gurdjieff and others.  Though we are firmly founded on these teachings, we are not limited by them or to them.  We are free to reach deeply into all religious and spiritual traditions for insight, wisdom and inspiration, using these gifts to illumine our own religious roots and to enliven our spiritual practice.
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december 2017 by bobpeckiv
A SOFT ANSWER by Terry Dobson
“Oh, that’s wonderful,” the old man said with delight, “absolutely wonderful! You see, I love sake too. Every night, me and my wife (she’s 76, you know), we warm up a little bottle of sake and take it out into the garden, and we sit on the old wooden bench that my grandfather’s first student made for him. We watch the sun go down, and we look to see how our persimmon tree is doing. My grandfather planted that tree, you know, and we worry about whether it will recover from those ice-storms we had last winter. Persimmons do not do well after ice-storms, although I must say that ours has done rather better than I expected, especially when you consider the poor quality of the soil. Still, it most gratifying to watch when we take our sake and go out to enjoy the evening—even when it rains!” He looked up at the laborer, eyes twinkling, happy to share his delightful information.
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november 2017 by bobpeckiv
People Pleasing, Control and Relationship. Move into Holy Relationship. David Hoffmeister
One way the ego seems to maintain guilt is through people pleasing or looking for external agreement. This defense seems to smooth out the rough edges of a "relationship" between persons, though it actually keeps a lid on the guilt underneath and serves to hide and protect it.

People pleasing is a compromise attempt at minimizing conflict while actually protecting and preserving the sense of guilt that generates the perception of conflict. The sleeping mind would not repeat this insane attempt over and over and over were it not for the belief that love and happiness and intimacy can be found in a particular form. Divine Love is Content (Spirit) and cannot be found in form of any kind. The Holy Spirit Helps shift the search for "love in form" to the search for Love within by reminding that our Will is Universal and cannot be content.
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november 2017 by bobpeckiv
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