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Bee Local Honey – Jacobsen Salt Co.
Check out the Oregon Buckwheat Honey. Sounds interesting.
7 hours ago
freeCodeCamp: Pomodoro Clock
This is a pretty sweet Pomodoro clock built by a freeCodeCamp student.
5 days ago
Clearbit Connect (like Rapportive)
Find any email in under five seconds. Clearbit Connect makes it easy to get in touch with anyone—right from your inbox.
webapps  emailapps  email  gmail  outlook 
6 days ago
Titus Klein
Check out their Work section for some good stuff.
7 days ago
Hey Creatives, Let's Get Creative | LinkedIn
“The sooner you learn to enjoy solving problems, the sooner you’ll be happy in this business.”
happiness  quotes  design 
7 days ago
Amazon Wants to Start Its Own Delivery Service: Here's Why | Fortune
FedEx founder and CEO, Fredrick W. Smith says Amazon couldn't be a logistics company like FedEx couldn't be in retail - the customer wouldn't stand for it. He's dead wrong.
10 days ago | LinkedIn Resume Creator
Pulls in your LinkedIn information and then creates an instant resume that can be edited.
linkedin  resume  webapps  chrome 
12 days ago
How we grew from 0 to 4 million women on our fashion app, with a vertical machine learning approach
If we wanted to build a human-level tool to offer automated outfit advice, we needed to understand people’s fashion taste. A friend can give us outfit advice because after seeing what we normally wear, she’s learnt our style. How could we build a system that learns fashion taste?
lean  fashion  webapps  data  dataset 
12 days ago
The Sweetest Way's Blogging Income Report: September 2017 - The Sweetest Way
Couldn't find a category page for her and she doesn't post regularly.
12 days ago
Nutrifox - Easy to Create Nutrition Labels
Enter in the ingredients and quantities, select the macro and micronutrients to be included, and then get a nutrition label created.
nutrition  webapps 
12 days ago
★ Low-Fi Usability Testing - Coding Horror
How do you know if your application works?
You don't know if your application truly works until you've performed usability tests on it with actual users.
ux  usabilitytesting  star 
14 days ago
Grain Free Chicken Feed Mix
Millet, safflower seed, sunflower seed chips, flax. ("Gluten-Free Poultry Feed" link saved before this says flax is bad.)
18 days ago
Gluten-Free Poultry Feed
Say NO to potentially harmful, useless or filler ingredients such as:
Gluten, Corn, Soy, Wheat, Barley, Flax Seeds, Fish-Meal, or drugs. She has a number of points on what to feed chickens.
18 days ago
Observable is a better way to code.
Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
webapps  data  programming  visualization  analysis 
19 days ago
Three Trends for the Next 50 Years - Altucher Confidential
1) Deflation: In a deflationary world, ideas are more valuable than products. If you have ideas that can help people improve their businesses, then you will make a lot of money. 2) Chemistry: There are many opportunities waiting to be solved by chemistry. 3) Employee-free society: 200 yrs ago, there were no employees.
trends  science  finance  business  employees 
20 days ago
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