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Productive choices (which?) | Seth's Blog
Example: For the next hour, we either need to be developing a brand new strategy for your widget rollout or re-filing forty 1099s. One or the other, switch when you want to. If it gets too scary on the brand side, let’s do some mindless filing.
productivity  procrastination  sethgodin 
6 days ago
The 500-Year-Long Science Experiment - The Atlantic
a botanist in 1879 buried 20 glass bottles of 50 seeds to be dug up at regular intervals and tested for viability. The location of the bottles is kept secret to prevent tampering. The last bottle will be dug up in 2020.
science  gardening 
18 days ago
The Shortness of Life: Seneca on Busyness and the Art of Living Wide Rather Than Living Long – Brain Pickings
Most of us spend our days in what Kierkegaard believed to be our greatest source of unhappiness — a refusal to recognize that “busy is a decision” and that presence is infinitely more rewarding than productivity.
time  happiness  psychology  health 
18 days ago
How We Built a $100 Million E-Commerce Business Using 8th Grade Math
Here’s the equation to figure out the value of each new visitor to your store:

$$ / visitor = (AOV – COGS – F) x CR x LTSV x LTP
4 weeks ago
Keto Diet History - How the Ketogenic Diet Went Mainstream
“Most diets start with some unhappiness we have with our lives and bodies,” she says. Then you need a simple, counterintuitive message that resonates at the right time and place and blames a single culprit for your dissatisfaction. Low-fat diet: Fat is bad; don’t eat fat. Paleo: Processed foods are bad; eat only preindustrial foods like a caveman. With keto, you just do what your doctor (and mom) told you not to: Eat fat and skip the veggies.
food  diet  trends  influence 
4 weeks ago
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