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Podcast: Women at Work
Highly recommend this new #podcast from @harvardbiz: Women at Work #gender #equity
gender  women  work  podcast  equity 
march 2018 by bonni208
(3) Why I'm done trying to be "man enough" | Justin Baldoni - YouTube
Why I'm done trying to be "man enough" | Justin Baldoni @TEDTalks #gender #feminism
gender  ted  video  feminism 
january 2018 by bonni208
Teaching Race and Gender Theory - A Toolkit | HASTAC
RT : Thinking about syllabi already? Here's Toolkit for Teaching Race and Gender Theory
race  diversity  gender  educolor 
july 2017 by bonni208
"Mommy, there's boysenberries and there's girlsenberries..." 3 year old logic
silliness  feminist  gender 
march 2017 by bonni208
Samantha Bee - Someone hurt Trump's feelings
"I won't keep quiet." Get ready to turn up the volume toward the end. Breath-taking anthem.
gender  politics  equality 
january 2017 by bonni208
"We need to mentor women to not be afraid to negotiate." Yolanda Flores Niemann on
tihe123  gender 
october 2016 by bonni208
Take a look at the keyword on the link,
may 2016 by bonni208
Target takes gender-neutral approach with new kids home brand | The Columbian
MINNEAPOLIS -- Last fall, Target Corp. took its first baby steps toward a more gender-neutral store when it took down the "boys" and "girls&
marketing  gender 
february 2016 by bonni208
25+ Changes That Were Made To Your Favorite Childhood Book To Keep Up With The Times
25 changes made to Richard Scarry books over the years via @demilked #gender #race
gender  comics  race 
november 2015 by bonni208
Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies | HASTAC
RT : Gender Bias in Academe: An Annotated Bibliography of Important Recent Studies
gender  highered 
august 2015 by bonni208
Girl, 11, demands more female superheroes: See how DC Comics responded -
"If you're fighting crime, I just don't see how the color pink is going to camouflage you. It's just not practical."
busn435  video  gender 
february 2015 by bonni208
Equity with technology in schools | joshuaschroeder209
. Some good resources for your work on gender & justice MT : Equity w/ tech in schools
gender  technology 
january 2015 by bonni208
Is vocal fry hurting women's job prospects? |
Women with vocal fry experience more downsides than men via @Marketplace #gender
vocalfry  gender  discrimination  tihepodcast 
june 2014 by bonni208
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