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A Stop-Motion Film About Power in the Wrong Hands | The New Yorker
Sarah Larson writes about “If I Was God,” a stop-motion short film about dissecting frogs and daydreaming, by the Canadian animator Cordell Barker.
humor  religion  video  stem  STEMed 
24 days ago by bonni208
The Trebek Affirmation Soundboard: An Homage to Jeopardy
This soundboard is an homeage to the great Alex Trebek. Use it when you need a few words of encouragement.
humor  tihepost  ifdpost  games  gamification  keynotes 
5 weeks ago by bonni208
Are men talking too much?
Check who's dominating the conversation
gender  communication  humor 
may 2019 by bonni208
We've merged the Stats Department, the Classics Department and the Medieval Literature program. It is now called th…
march 2019 by bonni208
Hey and , can you add a link to this video in future editions of How Humans Learn? Curiosi…
kids  humor  learning  video 
march 2019 by bonni208
RT : Friend: Do you want to get dinner?
Me: Nah, I taught for an hour and a half today so now I gotta go home and sit in…
humor  highered 
february 2019 by bonni208
Guy gets new prof job
One more because my brother and sister are just the greatest
facultydevelopment@vu  highered  humor 
december 2018 by bonni208
CogDog - books he's never read
I accepted a challenge from nobody to post covers of books I've never read: no explanations, no reviews - just cove…
humor  highered  facultydevelopment@vu 
december 2018 by bonni208
RT : Active voice: I love your writing

Passive voice: Your writing is loved

Passive-aggressive voice: I love how you s…
humor  writing 
december 2018 by bonni208
Put Words Between Buns
Create pictures of words between buns.
humor  graphics  buns 
november 2018 by bonni208
RT : People say " You're 40 now. You should be settling down and having kids. "

Well I'm busy at the moment making sure…
september 2018 by bonni208
RT : Good news, lovers of words between buns! I added a kludge that makes my tool to put words between buns work on mobi…
humor  graphics 
august 2018 by bonni208
RT : [pushing my son in his stroller]

Stranger: awww aren’t you adorable! how old are you?

Me: 35

Stranger: I was tal…
july 2018 by bonni208
misunderstanding an expression
RT : My eight-year old keeps saying, “I hate to be the bearer of bad nudes,” and I haven’t corrected him because I think…
humor  parenting 
june 2018 by bonni208
Summer vagina
I am still using my winter vagina.
feminism  health  humor 
may 2018 by bonni208
Dr. B. Gee.
RT : Presumably good at helping people stay alive.
humor  highered 
july 2017 by bonni208
What's Your Humor Style? -- Science of Us
RT : Humor Styles Questionnaire (HSQ), the first scientifically validated measure of humor.
workplace  humor 
april 2017 by bonni208
Failure - Meet the Robinsons - Keep Moving Forward - YouTube
Great video on #failure h/t @BryanAlexander Failure - Meet the Robinsons
failure  video  humor 
january 2017 by bonni208
Consulting - draw 11 red transparent lines (
RT : Sometimes I think about leaving academia, but then I worry that this will be my future:
humor  video  consulting  communication 
april 2016 by bonni208
This is entirely subjective. Because it's about smells. - Indexed
Get ready to disagree on a few>> tournament of smells - Indexed
march 2016 by bonni208
How we think we will learn something VS How we actually learn it
learning  humor  visualthinking 
february 2016 by bonni208
Spurious Correlations
Correlation vs causation? Here are some hysterical examples to help people comprehend the difference.
correlation  data  graphs  humor  statistics 
january 2016 by bonni208
RT : Watch Barack Obama talk nachos, shaving, and health care with Jerry Seinfeld:
humor  politics 
january 2016 by bonni208
Dad Fills Out Daycare Questionnaire Honestly For His 11-month-old Daughter | The Poke
Dad fills out daycare questionnaire honestly for his daughter #parenting #humor
humor  parenting 
january 2015 by bonni208
Spurious Correlations
This is priceless. Just because one thing seems like it causes another... correlation vs causation #humor
statistics  humor 
july 2014 by bonni208
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