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GitHub - hediet/easy-attach: A helper tool that makes launching the debugger to step through node applications where the entry point is unclear (e.g. webpack configurations) extremely easy.
A helper tool that makes launching the debugger to step through node applications where the entry point is unclear (e.g. webpack configurations) extremely easy.
javascript  debugging  nodejs  node.js 
Endlessly unique ambient music
ambient  audio  free  music 
A place to learn Elixir
elixir  tutorial 
My approach to documenting JavaScript projects
In this short article, I will share with you my recent experience with documenting javascript code. I came to quite an interesting solution using JSDocs, which can be applied to almost any mid-size javascript application.
javascript  documentation  development 
3 days ago
Wookai/paper-tips-and-tricks: Best practice and tips & tricks to write scientific papers in LaTeX, with figures generated in Python or Matlab.
This repository contains a list of tools, best practices, tips and other guidelines we found useful/important when writing scientific papers. Some are a matter of style (we tend to follow the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style), and we are well aware that other people prefer to do things differently, but we list them anyway to have a consistent guide. Feel free to adapt, change, ignore, or even challenge everything we write!
latex  python  visualization  typography 
3 days ago
mholt/timeliner: All your digital life on a single timeline, stored locally
Timeliner is a personal data aggregation utility. It collects all your digital things from pretty much anywhere and stores them on your own computer, indexes them, and projects them onto a single, unified timeline.
cloud  data  software  backup 
4 days ago
SheetJS/js-xlsx: SheetJS Community Edition -- Spreadsheet Parser and Writer
Parser and writer for various spreadsheet formats. Pure-JS cleanroom implementation from official specifications, related documents, and test files. Emphasis on parsing and writing robustness, cross-format feature compatibility with a unified JS representation, and ES3/ES5 browser compatibility back to IE6.
javascript  excel  library 
4 days ago
DerbyJS is a full-stack framework for writing modern web applications.
framework  library  collaboration 
4 days ago
Developed by Robert Mening from - responsive. Idea is taken from Josh Duck. If you want to embed this tabel to your own website, use the following code:<iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="800" height="600" seamless></iframe>
html  html5  reference 
5 days ago
The Ardour Manual
Latency is a system's reaction time to a given stimulus. There are many factors that contribute to the total latency of a system. In order to achieve exact time synchronization all sources of latency need to be taken into account and compensated for.
audio  linux  measurement  latency 
8 days ago
The Definitive Guide to Web Scraping with NodeJs & Puppeteer
So you’ve probably heard of Web Scraping and what you can do with it, and you’re probably here because you want some more info on it.
node.js  javascript  tutorial 
10 days ago
Database Security | Hardening Website Security | Int64 Software Blog
This is the third in a series of articles which will aim to demystify some of the concepts you must get your head around if you hope to run a secure website in the 21st century.
security  webdev  database 
14 days ago
Beginner’s Guide
This guide gives a basic introduction to nginx and describes some simple tasks that can be done with it. It is supposed that nginx is already installed on the reader’s machine. If it is not, see the Installing nginx page. This guide describes how to start and stop nginx, and reload its configuration, explains the structure of the configuration file and describes how to set up nginx to serve out static content, how to configure nginx as a proxy server, and how to connect it with a FastCGI application.
nginx  guide  tutorial 
15 days ago
How To Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu 18.04 | DigitalOcean
Let's Encrypt is a Certificate Authority (CA) that provides an easy way to obtain and install free TLS/SSL certificates, thereby enabling encrypted HTTPS on web servers. It simplifies the process by providing a software client, Certbot, that attempts to automate most (if not all) of the required steps. Currently, the entire process of obtaining and installing a certificate is fully automated on both Apache and Nginx.
security  nginx  letsencrypt 
15 days ago
FreeDNS - Free DNS - Dynamic DNS - Static DNS subdomain and domain hosting
Free DNS Hosting, Dynamic DNS Hosting, Static DNS Hosting, subdomain and domain hosting.
dns  free  tools  hosting 
15 days ago
Amethyst | ianyh
Tiling window manager for macOS along the lines of xmonad.
Mac  osx  macOS  utility  opensource 
16 days ago
BBC - Future - Are we on the road to civilisation collapse?
Great civilisations are not murdered. Instead, they take their own lives.
This article is part of a new BBC Future series about the long view of humanity, which aims to stand back from the daily news cycle and widen the lens of our current place in time. Modern society is suffering from “temporal exhaustion”, the sociologist Elise Boulding once said. “If one is mentally out of breath all the time from dealing with the present, there is no energy left for imagining the future,” she wrote.

That’s why the Deep Civilisation season will explore what really matters in the broader arc of human history and what it means for us and our descendants.
So concluded the historian Arnold Toynbee in his 12-volume magnum opus A Study of History. It was an exploration of the rise and fall of 28 different civilisations.
22 days ago
mysql - ERROR 1698 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' - Stack Overflow
There are 2 ways to solve this:

You can set the root user to use the mysql_native_password plugin
You can create a new db_user with you system_user (recommended)
mysql  raspberrypi  tutorial 
29 days ago
7 Things You Should Know About Tor | Electronic Frontier Foundation
We posted last week about the Tor Challenge and why everyone should use Tor. Since we started our Tor Challenge two weeks ago we have signed up over 1000 new Tor relays. But it appears that there are still some popular misconceptions about Tor. We would like to take this opportunity to dispel some of these common myths and misconceptions.
privacy  security  tor  eff 
4 weeks ago
Databases MOOC
Stanford's free online offering in Databases is now available as a set of self-paced "mini-courses" created from the original Introduction to Databases course (see History below). All of the mini-courses are hosted on the OpenEdX platform, with a starting page here.
database  sql  education  MOOC  course  tutorial 
5 weeks ago
What is Shodan? The search engine for everything on the internet | CSO Online
Shodan is the search engine for everything on the internet. While Google and other search engines index only the web, Shodan indexes pretty much everything else — web cams, water treatment facilities, yachts, medical devices, traffic lights, wind turbines, license plate readers, smart TVs, refrigerators, anything and everything you could possibly imagine that's plugged into the internet (and often shouldn't be).
security  IoT  search  Searchengines 
6 weeks ago
Circuit Simulator Applet
This is an electronic circuit simulator.  When the applet starts up you will see an animated schematic of a simple LRC circuit. The green color indicates positive voltage.  The gray color indicates ground.  A red color indicates negative voltage.  The moving yellow dots indicate current.
electronics  simulator 
6 weeks ago
Enforcing Code Quality for Node.js – Hacker Noon
If you are going to be writing code and shipping it to production, it’s important that the code is high quality.
In this article we will explore Linting, Formatting, Unit Testing and Code Coverage and enforce some quality standards.
node.js  nodejs  tutorial  javascript 
7 weeks ago
Docker Tutorial for Beginners - Hashnode
Docker is a tool to create and run containers, self-sufficient units that can have their own operating system, tools, and libraries, and run your code in an isolated environment. That means you don't have to worry about the libraries and the operating system architecture which can be different than your own development environment. Docker solves one of the most common excuses developers use when the production code fails: "But, it works on my machine".
docker  productivity  programming  tutorial 
7 weeks ago
A New Golden Age for Computer Architecture | February 2019 | Communications of the ACM
We began our Turing Lecture June 4, 201811 with a review of computer architecture since the 1960s. In addition to that review, here, we highlight current challenges and identify future opportunities, projecting another golden age for the field of computer architecture in the next decade, much like the 1980s when we did the research that led to our award, delivering gains in cost, energy, and security, as well as performance.
architecture  electronics  hardware  science 
7 weeks ago
Cool CLIs in Elixir with IO.write/2 | Dennis Beatty
A couple months ago I wrote a script that needed to take a CSV file with ~500k lines and process records from each of those lines. I wanted some way to keep track of the progress, and logging out each line number on a separate line was filling my console really fast. Even just outputting a single period without a newline was overwhelming. This led to me researching how to overwrite a console line. I decided to make a quick video about how to do it and try to share my knowledge.
commandline  elixir 
9 weeks ago
Never Compromise on Identity. - Auth0
We provide a universal authentication & authorization platform for web, mobile and legacy applications.

api  authentication  cloud 
9 weeks ago
How to setup MySQL server on raspberry pi – IoTBreaks
The purpose of this article is to give the full information to setup and use mysql server on raspberry pi Raspbian. For many Internet of Things systems, we need to setup the Raspberry Pi as a server which always needs the database functionality. To make the article be more specific, let give an example using mysql to implement a practical function as following: use Raspberry Pi to scan the around ibeacons and analyse its signal strength to detect the weak signal ibeacons.We This article will walk you through following items:
raspberrypi  mysql  tutorial 
9 weeks ago
Traefik - The Cloud Native Edge Router
A reverse proxy / load balancer that's easy, dynamic, automatic, fast, full-featured, open source, production proven, provides metrics, and integrates with every major cluster technology... No wonder it's so popular!
docker  http  kubernetes  proxy  security 
9 weeks ago
Eloquent JavaScript
This is a book about JavaScript, programming, and the wonders of the digital. You can read it online here, or get your own paperback copy.
book  ebook  javascript  programming 
10 weeks ago
How to debug Node.js in a Docker container - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻
More and more teams are moving their development environments to Docker containers. It brings a lot of advantages, such as a unified environment shared between all devs, a faster onboarding process for new members, and predictable deployments. For example, in my previous article “Microservices vs Monolith architecture", I made the point that with microservices you have to use Docker, because otherwise you’re launching multiple microservices on a local machine and development becomes a huge pain. When you have even 5-10 microservices, you run them through your terminal one by one and have to make sure that you have all dependencies, db, elasticsearch, etc., installed. Alternatively, you can get it running with one command using docker-compose, a much better approach.
javascript  node.js  nodejs  development  tutorial 
10 weeks ago
What? - Put simply, JSend is a specification that lays down some rules for how JSON responses from web servers should be formatted. JSend focuses on application-level (as opposed to protocol- or transport-level) messaging which makes it ideal for use in REST-style applications and APIs.
api  javascript  json  rest 
12 weeks ago
A Beginner's Guide to Scaling to 11 Million+ Users on Amazon's AWS - High Scalability -
How do you scale a system from one user to more than 11 million users? Joel Williams, Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect, gives an excellent talk on just that subject: AWS re:Invent 2015 Scaling Up to Your First 10 Million Users.
amazon  scalability  architecture 
12 weeks ago
We just crossed over 550,000 tweets worldwide with the hashtag in just 18 hours. It’s now been trendin…
december 2018
An Intro to Node.js That You May Have Missed – ITNEXT
Everybody knows that Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript runtime. Most of Node.js developers know that it’s built on top of V8, a JS engine, and libuv, a multi-platform C library that provides support for asynchronous I/O based on event loops. But only few developers can clearly explain how Node.js works internally and how it affects their code. That’s probably because many Node.js developers already know JavaScript before learning node. So, they often start learning node with Express.js, Sequelize, Mongoose, Socket.IO and other well-known libraries instead of investing their time in learning Node.js itself and its standard APIs. It seems to be the wrong choice to me, as understanding Node.js runtime and knowing specifics of built-in APIs may help to avoid many common mistakes.
node.js  nodejs  javascript 
december 2018
CODAP - Common Online Data Analysis Platform
CODAP is free educational software for data analysis. This web-based data science tool is designed as a platform for developers and as an application for students in grades 6-14
december 2018
Orchestrating Node.js Containers with Kubernetes - NodeSource
This blog post follows up Containerizing Node.js Applications with Docker, where we covered what containers are, why organizations are finding them so useful in the modern software ecosystem, and best practices for turning Node.js applications into immutable containers with Docker.
node.js  nodejs  docker  visualization  kubernetes 
december 2018
19 ways to become a better Node.JS developer in 2019
I’ve compiled 19 skills and topics you might find valuable in 2019. Please don’t get overwhelmed — neither I nor most other developers are familiar with every single topic. These are just the exciting things on my radar, and the JavaScript horizon is never-ending.
node.js  nodejs  javascript  webdev  development  tutorial 
december 2018
low.js | Node.js for microcontrollers
low.js is a port of the JavaScript runtime Node.js with far lower system requirements, allowing it to run on cheap, power-efficient microcontroller boards based on the ESP32-WROVER module.
node.js  nodejs  embedded  IoT  javascript 
december 2018
The Raspberry Pi Beginner's Guide is out now (and it's huge!) - Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi Press has been hard at work of late, producing new issues of The MagPi, HackSpace magazine, and our latest publication, Wireframe. But that hasn’t slowed us down, and this week, we’re pleased to announce the release of The Official Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide, a 244-page book that will help get you well on your way to Raspberry Pi domination.
raspberrypi  books 
december 2018
Software Defined Radio, DAB, FM and much more
To operate Software Defined Radio one obviously needs both software and hardware. My interest is in developing software and I am the happy owner of SDRplay, Hackrf, RT2832 based DABsticks and AIRspy devices, more than enough to keep me busy.
sdr  dab 
december 2018
Running IPFS on Docker | - Mark Robert Henderson
Don’t want to install go, and can’t even be bothered with the ipfs_version tool? If you’ve got Docker installed, let’s do this.
docker  ipfs  tutorial 
december 2018
The IPFS Cloud – Pinata – Medium
When people first hear about the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS), it’s often described as a “decentralized cloud”. A decentralized cloud certainly sounds exciting, but what actually is a “decentralized cloud”? If you’re building a decentralized application, you’ll want to consider using IPFS in your stack. But, it might not be for the reasons you think.
december 2018 is an open source DAB and DAB+ software defined radio (SDR) with support for rtl-sdr (RTL2832U) and airspy. It supports high DPI and touch displays and it runs even on cheap computers like Raspberry Pi 2/3 and 100€ China Windows 10 tablets.
dab  opensource  radio 
december 2018
streaming multiple DAB channels from an RPi | Meh!
But to save my bandwidth I decided to stream the BBC’s DAB over my local network using a spare DVB-T USB stick.  Although I used a Raspberry Pi for the guide, it would work equally well with any modern Linux distro.
dab  radio  raspberrypi  streaming  tutorial 
december 2018
AtomVM: how to run Elixir code on a 3 $ microcontroller
AtomVM is a tiny portable virtual machine that allows BEAM code to run on microcontrollers with less than 500KB of RAM such as the ESP32.
elixir  IoT  embedded  tutorial 
november 2018
This single-page web app can edit itself – Textile – Medium
The official IPFS Javascript library has undergone several major updates recently that make it even better for building decentralized web-apps and DWeb sites. With the advent of IPNS support in js-ipfs, app developers can now support ‘mutable’ IPFS content and near real-time updates. This means we can start to build interactions with DWeb technologies that provide the same (or better!) experience that users have come to expect from most Web2 technologies! As you probably already know, a positive Dweb user experience is a big part of our focus at Textile, so any time we see an opportunity to test out new tools that can help us make this happen, we get excited.
ipfs  tutorial  javascript  webdev  dweb 
november 2018
GitHub - Larsklopstra/code-extension-installer: Install a list of VS Code extensions via Node.js
Are you tired of manually installing your friend's new cool extensions? Ask him/her to type code --list-extensions in the terminal, copy the list, paste it in extensions.txt and proceed to run npm start inside the CodeExtensionInstaller directory.
javascript  node.js  visualstudiocode  vsc 
november 2018
How to setup Bluetooth on a Raspberry Pi 3 - CNET
The Raspberry Pi 3 comes with Bluetooth 4.1, but it doesn't work out of the box. Here's how to get Bluetooth up and running on the latest Raspberry Pi.
bluetooth  raspberrypi  tutorial 
november 2018
Knex.js - A SQL Query Builder for Javascript
Knex.js is a "batteries included" SQL query builder for Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, SQLite3, Oracle, and Amazon Redshift designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use. It features both traditional node style callbacks as well as a promise interface for cleaner async flow control, a stream interface, full featured query and schema builders, transaction support (with savepoints), connection pooling and standardized responses between different query clients and dialects.
javascript  database  sql 
november 2018
Mything the point: The AI renaissance is simply expensive hardware and PR thrown at an old idea • The Register
Comment For the last few years the media has been awash with hyperbole about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies. It could be said that never, in the field of computer science, have so many ridiculous things been said by so many people in possession of so little relevant expertise. For anyone engaged in cutting-edge hardware in the 1980s, this is puzzling.
november 2018
Elixir: The power of truly distributed systems – Unbabel R&D – Medium
Most tech startups’ lifecycles start with a dark age. There you are, grasping about for product-market fit, not worrying too much about the future. You might not actually find one.
elixir  tutorial 
october 2018
Effective Docker HealthChecks For Node.js – Patrick Lee Scott – Medium
When I first started writing healthcheck’s for Node.js, they were pretty naive. They also followed the commonly suggested wisdom of the internet. Just install curl and hit your API!
javascript  docker  tutorial 
october 2018
Sketching digital audio algorithms with the musical playability of standalone hardware.
audio  diy  dsp  hardware  synthesis 
october 2018
CSS Layout cookbook - CSS: Cascading Style Sheets | MDN
The CSS layout cookbook aims to bring together recipes for common layout patterns, things you might need to implement in your own sites. In addition to providing code you can use as a starting point in your projects, these recipes highlight the different ways layout specifications can be used, and the choices you can make as a developer.
css  layout 
october 2018
Run Your Node Projects with Docker – ITNEXT
I recently got an old Node project that needs to be updated. It’s an AngularJS + Ionic 1 project. There are a ton of issues that happened even when I just want to install the packages.
So what I did is to put entire project inside a Docker container that uses an older version of Node which is 6. For your project, you can use Node 8 or Node 10.
docker  nodejs  tutorial 
october 2018
10 Easy Instant Pot Recipes You Should Make This Fall
I love fall but as the days get colder and shorter, I find myself more tired. Here are some quick and healthy recipes to try when you rather spend more time in bed than cooking.
cooking  instantpot  recipe 
october 2018
OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine) is a powerful tool for working with messy data: cleaning it; transforming it from one format into another; and extending it with web services and external data.
data  opensource  tools 
october 2018
GitHub - lk-geimfari/awesomo: An extensive list of interesting open source projects written in С, C++, Clojure, Lisp, Elixir, Erlang, Elm, Golang, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, OCaml, Python, R, Ruby, Rust, Scala etc.
An extensive list of interesting open source projects written in С, C++, Clojure, Lisp, Elixir, Erlang, Elm, Golang, Haskell, JavaScript, Lua, OCaml, Python, R, Ruby, Rust, Scala etc.
directory  opensource  programming  reference  webdev 
october 2018
Getting Started with LoRa -
LoRa is a Long-Range radio technology developed by Semtech. Here is a definition from Semtech's LoRa FAQ:
raspberrypi  lora  tutorial 
october 2018
IPFS: The Distributed Web – zk Capital Publications – Medium
In our recent comprehensive analysis, we discuss Interplanetary File System (IPFS). This article summarizes the reasons that excite us about IPFS. We also pinpoint some areas that require future enhancements and development in order for IPFS to achieve mainstream adoption. The complete analysis can be accessed HERE. Once you click this link, Congratulations, you are already using IPFS!
ipfs  p2p 
september 2018
How Libcorrect Corrects Errors, Part I · Quiet Project
Libcorrect is a BSD-licensed library for forward error correction. What this means is that it can be given a payload of data and apply specially chosen redundancy. The payload and redundancy are transmitted together and then sent along a medium that might add errors. Once received, the entire structure is decoded into the original payload. The redundancy allows libcorrect to decode the payload as long as the added errors do not exceed some limit. Because it is BSD-licensed, libcorrect can be used for personal and commercial applications.
cs  error  protocol  communication 
september 2018
dat:// site tho • Hannu Hartikainen
I came across the Dat Project yesterday. In short it’s BitTorrent-based web with version history—yes, I admit my description sounds like one of those uber-for-larvae startups. But I quickly tried dat out and it seems very useful for filesharing and has potential for content publishing.
dat  p2p 
september 2018
Introduction to WebSockets. Creating a Node.js server and using WebSocket API in the browser - - Marcin Wanago Blog
WebSocket is a protocol that makes two-way communication in real-time between the user and the server possible. A common use cases are chats and online multiplayer games. Today we cover implementing it both on frontend and backend. Let’s go!
javascript  websockets  tutorial 
september 2018
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