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How To Do Hallucinogens Without Freaking Out
The first time I ever ate mushrooms I did just about everything wrong. I ate mine about two or three hours after everyone else. It was dark. We watched Full Metal Jacket.
drugs  psychedelic  psychology 
april 2017 by bradbarrish
The Case for Eating Weed at Work
It's like a cup of coffee, but marijuana.
drugs  work 
march 2017 by bradbarrish
LSD study reveals why acid trips last so long
Research is first to demonstrate precisely how the compound lysergic acid diethylamide attaches to serotonin receptors in the brain
drugs  research 
january 2017 by bradbarrish
Meet the entrepreneurs flying to Peru for $10,000 ayahuasca retreats.
culture  drugs  therapy  psychology  psychedelic 
july 2016 by bradbarrish
A new ADHD drug is so easy to take, it's stirring alarms
Adzenys, an extended-release amphetamine, was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in January for patients 6 years and older. It comes in six dose strengths. The Dallas company behind the drug, Neos Therapeutics, began ramping up commercial efforts this week in order to get “ahead of back-to-school season,” CEO Vipin Garg said. “We’re launching now at full speed.”
parenting  drugs  medicine  trends 
may 2016 by bradbarrish
Magic Mushroom Drug Lifts Depression in Human Trial
Psilocybin shows higher remission rate than SSRI drugs in U.K. study
drugs  science  research  depression 
may 2016 by bradbarrish
The trippy past and scientific future of psychedelics
After The Man freaked out back in the 60s, LSD and other psychedelics were banned and criminalized. But slowly, scientists are e
drugs  history  science  psychedelic 
may 2016 by bradbarrish
Strong Link Found Between Dementia, Common Anticholinergic Drugs
There is a strong and possibly irreversible link between Alzheimer’s disease and many commonly used medications for insomnia, allergies, and depression, according to a large recent JAMA Internal Medicine study.
drugs  health  research 
march 2016 by bradbarrish
The Psychiatrists Prescribing LSD And Ecstasy - Digg
Notoriously illegal and synonymous with hedonism, LSD and ecstasy started life as aids to psychotherapy. Sam Wong meets the band of psychiatrists who are looking to reclaim them for medicine again.At
psychiatry  psychedelic  therapy  drugs 
february 2016 by bradbarrish
Less Is More: Discover Medical Cannabis Micro-Dosing
At its most basic, micro-dosing involves ingesting a much smaller quantity of cannabis then you might expect. For some, micro-dosing might require a lot of self-control at first, but physicians and patients alike have indeed claimed fewer side effects and better results with drastically lower doses of cannabis.
drugs  health  cannabis 
january 2016 by bradbarrish
How LSD Microdosing Became the Hot New Business Trip
Let's call him "Ken." Ken is 25, has a master's degree from Stanford and works for a tech startup in San Francisco, doing a little bit of everything: hardware and software design, sales and business
trends  drugs  2015 
november 2015 by bradbarrish
Remedy Plan: Cancer Containment Therapy
Developing the first non-toxic drugs that make cancer harmless.
cancer  technology  drugs  future  crowdfunding 
november 2015 by bradbarrish
An addiction psychiatrist just destroyed the idea that weed is a gateway drug
An addiction psychiatrist has said smoking marijuana does not necessarily cause addiction to other drugs later in life, contradicting the common theory it is a 'gateway drug'. Dr Kevin…
drugs  psychology 
october 2015 by bradbarrish
Watch: Psilocybin Made Me Grateful To Be Alive
In this video, cinematographer and photographer Eddie Marritz speaks about his battle with cancer and how a dose of psilocybin helped him appreciate how much there is to be grateful for in life. The…
death  cancer  psychedelic  drugs  psychology  therapy 
september 2015 by bradbarrish
There was a span of a little more than a decade in the 20th Century when scientists thought that mind-altering drugs like LSD might be the key to treating psychiatric illnesses. These efforts ground…
psychology  science  neuroscience  drugs 
september 2015 by bradbarrish
Runners, High: Some Notes on a Stoned 5K at the 420 Games
A Marijuana Olympics sounds like a hackish joke. But the 420 Games are a real thing that really happened in San Francisco. They were more normal than anything else.
running  drugs  exercise  sports 
august 2015 by bradbarrish
How Psilocybin Improves Your Brain
New research is helping us understand how psilocybin mushrooms work their magic.
drugs  psychedelic  psychology  neuroscience  brain  research 
july 2015 by bradbarrish
How Ecstasy, Aspirin, and LSD Look Under the Microscope
From aspirin to ecstasy, Maurice Mikkers cracks open the insides of popular prescription and recreational drugs.
drugs  art 
july 2015 by bradbarrish
LSD neural net
Blog of Jonas Degrave. Read about my (side) projects.
drugs  ai  neuralnetwork 
june 2015 by bradbarrish
The Trip Treatment
Research into psychedelics may hold a key to coping with anxiety, addiction, and existential dread. Michael Pollan on psilocybin.
drugs  psychology  medicine  addiction 
february 2015 by bradbarrish
Inside the ‘DarkMarket’ Prototype, a Silk Road the FBI Can Never Seize
Get in-depth coverage of current and future trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics, and culture at
culture  drugs  internet 
april 2014 by bradbarrish
How Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are rushing to cash in on cannabis.
drugs  technology  trends  money 
april 2014 by bradbarrish
Upscale Mar Vista isn't rolling with pot shop
The Highland Park Patient Collective has been praised by Yelp reviewers for its sample room where patients can try their meds, its PlayStation 3 and stockpile of games and its cheap outdoor kush that's good for rolling blunts.
losangeles  drugs  politics 
october 2013 by bradbarrish
Jessica Dimmock :: Photography
Some of the most disturbing photographs I've seen in a long time. Fuck.
photography  drugs  culture  art  portfolio 
december 2007 by bradbarrish
Features : Radar Online : Can't Bust This
Like drugs? An ex-narcotics agent reveals the secrets to staying one step ahead of the law
advice  drugs  howto  law  reference  interviews 
july 2007 by bradbarrish New York City and Tri-State News from WABC-TV
There's a CD out on the market that apparently gives the listener the feeling of getting high -- high like on drugs.
music  drugs  wtf  humor  news  science 
may 2007 by bradbarrish
Researchers surprised to find no link between marijuana, lung cancer / Study's findings apply even to heavy pot smokers
The largest study of its kind has unexpectedly concluded that smoking marijuana, even regularly and heavily, does not lead to lung cancer.
cancer  drugs  health  medicine  research  science  news 
february 2007 by bradbarrish
Cheap, safe drug kills most cancers - health - 17 January 2007 - New Scientist
It sounds almost too good to be true: a cheap and simple drug that kills almost all cancers by switching off their “immortality”. The drug, dichloroacetate (DCA), has already been used for years to treat rare metabolic disorders and so is known to be
cancer  health  medicine  science  drugs 
january 2007 by bradbarrish
Get ready for 24-hour living - health - 18 February 2006 - New Scientist
Modafinil is just the first of a wave of new lifestyle drugs that promise to do for sleep what the contraceptive pill did for sex - unshackle it from nature.
science  health  drugs  medical  sleep  news 
december 2006 by bradbarrish
NPR : The Dog Who Loved to Suck on Toads
A dog may be man's best friend. But one dog, Lady, decided she needed more friends -- and she found plenty in the knot of toads living at the local pond.
audio  drugs  humor  npr  weird 
october 2006 by bradbarrish
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