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RunningAHEAD - Topic: Plantar Warts . . . remove or not
posted: 7/20/2012 at 3:27 PM
I have - after 10 months of treatment - finally gotten rid of the warts on my 4th grader's foot. She had a sizeable cluster and I ignored them until she started picking at them (and leaving bloody tracks through the house).

We went to our family doctor for 11 (yes, 11!) freezing treatments before we finally threw in the towel and went to a dermatologist. The dermatologist did another freezing treatment and also pointed out that you can do over-the-counter treatments in between sessions. I wish I had known that last fall because it only took a few weeks to get rid of them.

What the dermatologist recommended were Curad Mediplast** patches covered by duct tape (we used waterproof first-aid tape). The Dr. said to leave it on continuously (change every 48hrs), but we went with two days on/one day off. That not only gave the surrounding area time to heal, but giving the skin time to recover let me see where the remaining warts were.

Whether you decide to treat them or not it is up to you. The dermatologist said they will go away on their own, but can take 5 years. Based on my experience with my daughter, I'd try the patches before going in for a freezing. She had good size cluster (12+) for well over a year and she did complain about her feet hurting for a day or two after the treatments. She much prefers the bandaids on her feet, but then again she's not much of a runner so I'm not how irritating they would be.

**Mediplast is a medicated patch that is stronger (40% salicylic acid) than what you can buy OTC. Our pharmacy sold individual sheets for $2.50, no prescription needed. We got rid of 8-10 warts and only used 2/3 of a sheet over 4 weeks - a little goes a long way as you cut it to cover the individual warts.
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