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matvp91/indigo-player: Highly extensible, modern, JavaScript video player. Handles MPEG-Dash / HLS / MPEG-4 and is built on top of the HTML5 video element.
Highly extensible, modern, JavaScript video player. Handles MPEG-Dash / HLS / MPEG-4 and is built on top of the HTML5 video element. - matvp91/indigo-player
opensource  video  typescript  javascript  player 
6 days ago by braposo
nextapps-de/flexsearch: Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js
Next-Generation full text search library for Browser and Node.js - nextapps-de/flexsearch
javascript  indexing  search  fulltext  js  lib  searching 
13 days ago by braposo
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
An open-source book on JavaScript Design Patterns
book  design  javascript  patterns  js  free 
9 weeks ago by braposo
Should I Use JavaScript to Load My Web Fonts? | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Filament Group helps companies design and build super-fast responsive sites and web apps that are simple to use and accessible to everyone
javascript  webdesign  font  webfonts  loading  strategy 
9 weeks ago by braposo
Discover insights faster and communicate more effectively with interactive notebooks for data analysis, visualization, and exploration.
visualization  programming  data  interactive  notebook  javascript  d3  dataviz  js  tool 
10 weeks ago by braposo
Doka, A JavaScript Image Editor for your Website
An image editing experience like no other. Doka unlocks high-performance in-browser cropping, flipping, rotating, and resizing of images.
javascript  library  image  editor  online 
10 weeks ago by braposo
WPACK.IO - javascript & css tooling for WordPress themes & plugins
wpackio is a fine-tuned webpack/browser-sync configuration made specifically for WordPress Theme and Plugin Development.
wordpress  webpack  javascript  plugin  development 
12 weeks ago by braposo
ianstormtaylor/slate: A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors.
A completely customizable framework for building rich text editors. - ianstormtaylor/slate
javascript  github  editor  wysiwyg  react  js 
november 2018 by braposo
bendc/animateplus: A+ animation module for the modern web
A+ animation module for the modern web. Contribute to bendc/animateplus development by creating an account on GitHub.
animation  javascript  js  library 
august 2018 by braposo
Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today — Philip Walton
Thoughts on web development, open source, software architecture, and the future.
javascript  performance  webpack  es6  es2015  code  modules 
august 2018 by braposo
It has never been so easy to document your things
documentation  generator  development  components  react  javascript  markdown  styleguide 
august 2018 by braposo
Scrimba is a community of developers sharing knowledge through interactive coding screencasts.
video  education  programming  code  learning  tutorial  javascript  screencasts 
june 2018 by braposo
FilePond, Where files go to stretch their bits.
FilePond is a cross platform JavaScript File Upload and Transform plugin, easy to setup and beautifully animated.
javascript  upload  library  js  files  fileupload 
march 2018 by braposo
Rough.js is a light weight javascript library that lets you draw graphics with a hand-drawn, sketchy, appearance.
javascript  drawing  sketch  library  graphics  js  svg 
march 2018 by braposo
A light-weight, no-dependency, vanilla JavaScript library to drive the user's focus across the page
javascript  library  js  tour  onboarding 
march 2018 by braposo
KUTE.js | Javascript Animation Engine
KUTE.js is a minimal Javascript animation engine with outstanding performance and supporting 3D transforms, SVG Morph, draw SVG, SVG transform, cross-browser animation, scroll animation, CSS3 properties and many more.
animation  framework  javascript  engine  js  animations 
december 2017 by braposo
LogRocket | Logging and Session Replay for JavaScript Apps
LogRocket helps you understand problems affecting your users, so that you can get back to building great software.
analytics  debugging  logging  redux  react  javascript  debug 
december 2017 by braposo
The State Of JavaScript 2017
A short survey about current popular JavaScript technologies.
javascript  programming  state  coding  reports  survey  trends 
december 2017 by braposo
30 seconds of code
Curated collection of useful Javascript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
javascript  patterns  programming  collection  js  snippets  webdev 
december 2017 by braposo
Learn JavaScript by playing a platform game: Control a robot to collect coins, avoid obstacles and reach the flag at the end of the level.
javascript  games  js  learning  interactive  code  lessons 
december 2017 by braposo
denisraslov/react-spreadsheet-grid: Excel-like grid component for React with custom cell editors, performant scroll & resizable columns
react-spreadsheet-grid - Excel-like grid component for React with custom cell editors, performant scroll & resizable columns
javascript  react  reactjs  spreadsheet  tables  opensource 
november 2017 by braposo
Sanity – The fully customizable, headless CMS
Manage structured data collaboratively. Customizable React.js editing environment. Hosted datastore. Powerful query language. Headless done right.
api  javascript  cms  graphql  headless  management  content 
november 2017 by braposo
Frappe Charts
A simple, responsive, modern charts library for the web.
javascript  visualization  library  svg  charts  chart  js 
november 2017 by braposo
sonar, a linting tool for the web
sonar, a linting tool for the web focused on best practices and flexibility for the end user
javascript  opensource  tool  lint  webdev  bestpractices  analysis 
october 2017 by braposo
Push v1.0 | Javascript Notification Framework
The world's most versatile desktop notifications framework
javascript  library  push  js  notifications 
october 2017 by braposo
Revalidation | revalidation
Higher Order Component for Validating Forms in React
reactjs  forms  validation  js  javascript  hoc 
october 2017 by braposo
Connect: behind the front-end experience
We recently released a new and improved version of Connect, our suite of tools designed for platforms and marketplaces. Stripe’s design team works hard to create unique landing pages that tell a story for our major products. For this release, we designed Connect’s landing page to reflect its intricate, cutting-edge capabilities while keeping things light and simple on the surface.

In this blog post, we’ll describe how we used several next-generation web technologies to bring Con...
animation  javascript  css  stripe  frontend  grid  design  article 
october 2017 by braposo
Pts is a javascript library that enables you to compose and visualize points in spaces.
animation  javascript  visualization  library  points  canvas  drawing  js 
october 2017 by braposo
mapbox/react-simple-surveyor: Simple higher-order React component for measuring a component's available width.
react-simple-surveyor - Simple higher-order React component for measuring a component's available width.
javascript  library  reactjs  responsive  width 
october 2017 by braposo
Draggable JS – JavaScript drag and drop library
Draggable is a lightweight, responsive, modern drag and drop JavaScript library – the ideal choice for adding slick native-feeling drag and drop behaviour to your web apps.
javascript  drag  library  draggable  draganddrop 
october 2017 by braposo
10 JavaScript concepts you need to know for interviews
From the community. Sharing ideas that makes us all better developers.
javascript  interview  js  questions  preparation  interviewing 
august 2017 by braposo
Wallaby - Integrated Continuous Test Runner for JavaScript
Smart and fast integrated continuous test runner for JavaScript, TypeScript, CoffeeScript. It enables continuous testing, TDD and BDD with instant feedback and code coverage in your code editor.
javascript  testing  tool  js  code 
august 2017 by braposo
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