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Dennis Banks, American Indian Civil Rights Leader, Dies at 80 - The New York Times
Dennis J. Banks, the militant Chippewa who founded the American Indian Movement in 1968 and led often-violent insurrections to protest the treatment of Native Americans and the nation’s history of injustices against its indigenous peoples, died on Sunday night at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He was 80
dennisbanks  nativeamericans  activism  protest  obituary 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
America Is Struggling to Sort Out Where ‘Violence’ Begins and Ends - The New York Times
When did our national discourse become so consumed with the state of our national discourse? Rarely has so much public dialogue been dedicated to arguing over what can’t be said, who can’t say it and just how they shouldn’t put it. It has always been politically profitable to frame your opponents’ rhetoric as irrational, cruel, even dangerous. But our now-­constant public skirmishes over speech have moved to another level entirely: These days, the closer you can situate your opponents’ words to actual violence, the better.
amandahess  nytimes  nytimesmag  violence  activism  protest  antifa  altright 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Seahawks’ Michael Bennett is an activist disguised as a football player — The Undefeated
The silence of the most visible NFL players on issues of racism and police brutality has been deafening to Bennett.

Contrast that with the NBA: Last July, after the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile by police, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul stood in front of a packed audience at The ESPYS and told America that our society is broken.

“That was a power play,” Bennett says.

“I think the biggest problem in the NFL is that we have to be able to get the biggest people involved in the issues. Every day a white quarterback throws the ball to a black receiver, but when it comes to Black Lives Matter issues, they won’t step up and be like, ‘There is an issue.’ Could you imagine if Tom Brady was to say what happened to Philando Castile was a tragedy? How would that change America if Aaron Rodgers was to say, ‘Black lives do matter’?”
espn  theundefeated  sports  football  michaelbennett  activism  socialjustice  civilrights  nfl 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Is It Possible to Resist Deportation in Trump’s America? - The New York Times
Living under draconian state laws, Arizona activists honed an effective strategy for keeping undocumented immigrants in the country. Can the same tools still work today?
nytimes  nytimesmag  marcelavaldes  deportation  immigration  arizona  activists  activism  undocumentedimmigrants 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Twilight of a Difficult Man: Larry Kramer and the Birth of AIDS Activism - The New York Times
Larry Kramer — writer, advocate, “loudmouth” — helped define AIDS activism and gay life. He ruffled some feathers along the way.
larrykramer  aids  gayrights  activism  aidactivism  civilrights  actup 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden
When Santa Monica Was Still Oshkosh By the Sea
In 1973, Real Estate and Business Interests Ran the City. My Fellow Activists and I Helped Change That.
neighborhoods  california  losangeles  activism  community  santamonica 
june 2013 by brendanmcfadden

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