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A Picturesque Retreat in a Tiny Town in Puglia - The New York Times
When his Rome apartment grew too small for his collections, an American curator found a historic home — and layers of lost history.
art  artcollecting  artcollection  artcollector  nytimes  tmagazine  curator  peterbensonmiller  puglia  italy  interiordesign  homes 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
What It’s Like to Live With Art That Doesn’t Love You Back - The New York Times
At a time when art is as commodified as oil, a few collectors have chosen to buy works that are messy, perishable and threaten to take over their lives.
art  artcollection  artcollecting  artcollector  nytimes  tmagazine 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden

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