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Who Will Save These Dying Italian Towns? - The New York Times
Near-empty villages try to hold on to an endangered way of life
— and some of the country’s most important artisanal traditions.
italy  villages  abandoned  dyingtowns  nytimes  tmagazine  artisans  tradition  heritage 
december 2017 by brendanmcfadden
A Picturesque Retreat in a Tiny Town in Puglia - The New York Times
When his Rome apartment grew too small for his collections, an American curator found a historic home — and layers of lost history.
art  artcollecting  artcollection  artcollector  nytimes  tmagazine  curator  peterbensonmiller  puglia  italy  interiordesign  homes 
november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
The Majestic Marble Quarries of Northern Italy - The New York Times
Fueled by insatiable demand in the gulf states, the Italian marble trade is booming. A look at how the stone is wrenched from the earth.
nytimes  nytimesmag  marble  italy  marblequarry  quarry  quarries 
september 2017 by brendanmcfadden
An Adriatic Feast on the Italian Coast - The New York Times
For those pitiable souls suffering from a lifelong aversion to seafood, I propose Italy’s Adriatic coast as the place to get over it. Many times over the past two decades, I’ve navigated the trek from Venice to Trieste, two of Europe’s most bewitching cities. It was along this arc that I came to appreciate how Italy’s core culinary principle — a reliance on the freshest of ingredients — extends to the sea. Anyone who thinks that anchovies (alici) taste fishy, or that calamari is palatable only if it’s fried, or that the only worthwhile fish on an Italian menu is sea bass (branzino), needs to feast on Adriatic cuisine for a proper disabusing.
travel  food  italianfood  italy  adriaticcoast  seafood 
june 2017 by brendanmcfadden

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