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The Visionaries Behind the Memorable Worlds of Film - The New York Times
Transcendent production design isn’t just about getting surfaces right, any more than great acting is just memorizing words. It’s about translating writers’ and directors’ intentions into a crystallized universe that’s both visceral and rich with meaning, telling parts of the story that even the best actors can’t. Think of the weirdly realistic theme park design in ‘‘Jurassic Park,’’ and what its fossilized columns and thatched roofs convey about not just the character who created it but also about the human obsession with reproducing nature. That isn’t Steven Spielberg’s symbolism; it’s the invention of designer Rick Carter, who just finished his 10th movie as a production designer with the director. ‘‘Rick helps me better understand the subtext of the stories I’m telling,’’ Spielberg says. ‘‘I’ll say to him, ‘just make it look really cool,’ and he’ll say to me, ‘What if we’re the only two people who know why it’s going to come out this cool?’ ’’
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november 2017 by brendanmcfadden
K.K. Barrett's Model Sets
K.K. Barrett's visionary process in creating Karen O's psycho-opera, Stop The Virgens.
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february 2016 by brendanmcfadden

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